Peter Shiver  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   June 16, 2011 at 8:33pm

John, it wasn't a matter of accomplishing anything malicious. Observations were made and you attacked them with a "holier than now" attitude and it is off-putting. The other off-putting comments were you guilt tripping people that weren't there to help. Yeah, maybe more should’ve come up to help, but people have lives as well and/or kids, etc.

How do you feel justified in doing that? Do you think that motivates people to want to help or work with you? Think about it dude, can you REALLY not see that? Do you feel so convicted that you're blind to the image you project? It isn't inviting in the least bit.

I felt attacked and then you even had the gumption to patronize Dale and me. Were you accomplishing anything constructive by these comments? It seems like you indirectly/directly called us out. You brought this front on yourself... We defended ourselves and then you have your friend/cousin come vouch for you and then patronize us. He only has one side of the story, so how can any of Brandon's comments be taken but with a grain of salt?

Who is this Thad guy that keeps sending me private messages? It appears he is one of your confidants as well that is blasting me with messages. He seems to want to know stuff that I think he already knows and is trying to be all covert. The word is that you don't have a high opinion of him and talked a lot of **** about him. Now he seems to be your buddy, you either buried the hatchet or you haven't told him all the terrible things. If it is the latter, then you've been using him or used him quite a bit to do your bidding. That is pretty fuct if you ask me. At the same time it does seem to fit your MO. I’m sorry you’re blind Thad, you seem lost. Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for, but it isn’t with John unless you’re just like him as well.

I’m really not sure what else to say as I never intended on any of this to happen. This snowballed from nothing it seems, especially after going back and looking at the time line and comments posted. It seems that is has been blown out of proportion, but then again, so does the history in this entire thread. There are common players amongst all of that as well….history repeating itself…maybe…

I’m a new player from Kentucky trying to play some disc golf, meet some Alaskan folk and all this happens. I’m not going to believe that this will be an indication of what is to come from others. I’m disgusted to be quite honest. I’ve never been to place that involved disc golf and had some much BS going on like this. All the other places I’ve been that involved disc golf was way fun, this is not.