Thad Gunther  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   November 26, 2010 at 11:23pm

Since this is a discussion board...let us discuss.
I think that it is a great idea to have a "Best in Alaska" Championship Points Series. It is a great accomplishment, and should get some sort of award.

But if we are just looking at the question "Should the USDGC bid be paid out for this year’s series? "

What if it was the same criteria as last year, where the highest Alaskan Finisher at AK State Champ's was in line for the USDGC bid, ???

We would be having the same discussion right now?? just something to think about.

I think that we need to change the bid to the year of USDGC, the best Alaskan player 2 1/2 months before USDGC gets the bid. Whatever the criteria for selection is. The best player that year has first chance to attend. If they can't make it then #2 based on the criteria agreed.

It is unfortunate that the USDGC pro tourney is not going to be every year,
maybe AK will get an AM USDGC bid for the opposite years!!
If that is the case then I think it makes scene to go with a year of bid as well.

What do you think??