Foz Miller  › Disc Golf League Association   October 29, 2010 at 4:17pm

Key Objectives for this Friday:

Collect feedback on the Summer 2010 PS - what went right and what could be improved?
Collect other ideas for improving Leagues and Disc Golf in Michigan

Start and End dates - general feedback was it was to long.

Is a Finale Event desired?
If so how should the Finale be changed?
Ideas to increase the fun and participation

Cut offs Date before any Finale - a small break is desired before the Finale, know you position, Staff prep for event, Size, Location - course(s)?
Improvements to registration for the Finale - more notice, more options

Explore some of the suggestions already made
Semi-Final events or Regional semi-Final events
Berths to the Finale
"League Pools"

League Pools = leagues can optionally build a pool of money (like an Ace pool) that is added to the Finale but only those players that qualified for a league's pool is competing for these additional funds. Helps drive up payouts, increases incentive to play other leagues to qualify for their league pool and added incentive to attend Finale.

Course New or Improvement Projects list and Resources?

InDo - Indoor Disc Golf - any ideas?