Foz Miller  › Disc Golf League Association   October 26, 2010 at 12:10pm

Reminder - Friday at 5:30 we will be discussing the direction of the Michigan Cooperative Point Series for Winter and next Summer. If you want to discuss in person a few will meet at my house - please let me know if you plan on attending in person. Otherwise we will be here - in the DGLA "Disc Golf League Association" Talk section and if anyone wants to do a video/audio meeting let me know we can skype or netmeeting or something else. Otherwise I will post periodic summaries of the meeting and discuss other posts to this Talk section.

If you can not attend and have ideas or topics you can post them here so everyone can think about them and post back.

Key Objectives for this Friday:

Collect feedback on the Summer 2010 PS - what went right and what could be improved?
Collect other ideas for improving Leagues and Disc Golf in Michigan

To help with planning at the up coming MDGO meeting we need to plan as much as possible for what events we would like and on what dates would be desired to have them so that cooperatively a Michigan Disc Golf schedule can be pulled together to help us all plan and prepare for 2011 disc golf in Michigan.

Discuss key aspects of the Winter and Summer PS:

Start and End dates - general feedback was it was to long.
Is a Finale Event desired?
If so how should the Finale be changed?
Ideas to increase the fun and participation
Cut offs Date before any Finale - a small break is desired before the Finale, know you position, Staff prep for event, Size, Location - course(s)?
Improvements to registration for the Finale - more notice, more options

Explore some of the suggestions already made - Semi-Final events, Regional semi-Final events, Berths to the Finale, "League Pools".

League Pools = leagues can optionally build a pool of money (like an Ace pool) that is added to the Finale but only those players that qualified for a league's pool is competing for these additional funds. Helps drive up payouts, increases incentive to play other leagues to qualify for their league pool and added incentive to attend Finale.

That is already a lot to cover but if time and desire permits then we could explore other ideas, dreams or comments related to the growth and improvement of Disc Golf. I am interested in what Disc Golf Course activities or projects people are thinking about. From course improvements to new courses in Michigan. Does anyone need help with a project? Where and what type of help? I would like to explore collecting and connecting the projects with those who want to help and other resources that are needed. From signs, surveying, cement, to sources for trash cans. What ideas, resources and business are there to help with such projects? How to successfully present a plan to a local government to get a course approved. What sources are there for baskets? Is there a bigger plan than just another 18 or 24 hole course in a park? What would make the best disc golf complex in the state or the world? Shouldn't that be in Michigan and not some other state?

As we head into Winter - If anyone could help find a underutilized building that we could explore for an In Door putting course that would be HOT! We could probably make the owner some money - it's worth a few minutes to explore. Almost any building could be used.

Well love to see anyone who has time this Friday online or in person or comments before or after - It's your Point Series and you can help make the future of Disc Golf in Michigan greater than it is today. Even a little contribution can help make amazing things happen. Peace