Foz Miller  › Disc Golf League Association   October 22, 2010 at 11:41am

Well based on the feedback of those who entered their availability
Scott White
Joe Anttila
Jake Wood
Mosier 2
Brandon butler
Chris Gee
Mark A Roberts
g lane"

Looks like Friday at 5:30 is the best day for our meeting.
Others are welcome to participate but based on the feedback this is the meeting date/time.

After another meeting at the Corner Brewery this week it was determined that this may not be the best - distraction free -environment. I suggest that we meet at my house near 94 & MI Ave (only a couple miles away and easy hwy access) and we will do a online meeting as well for anyone who wants to monitor the discussion and provide feedback.

If you'd like to attend in person - Friday Oct 29th (a week from today) at 5:30 - shoot me a message and I'll get you directions. If you'd like to participate online let me know as well. I'd like to determine the best method. I can stream video/audio on my side but what is the best method - skype, netmeeting... I will have DGS open and post some summaries of topics as we go in the DGLA talk section (Here).

It's your Point Series make sure your ideas and input help evolve it into your dream of the future of Disc Golf Leagues and get some insight to why different decisions are made. Hope to hear from you soon.