John Sturtevant  › Getaway Sports Disc Golf Club   August 9, 2010 at 12:35pm


There is now no limit to the number of participants. We would still like you to contact me so we can put you down on a list so we have an idea of a number to expect. Also after some consideration, there is also no charge. We do however ask for a small $2.00 donation if you are able, if not don't worry.

Putting will only be one shot covered, the day can pretty much also have any other shot covered, just depends on the group that shows up.

Discs will be for sale from Getaway sports.

After the clinic we will have some type round, singles,best shot doubles, just depends on the number of people that attend so the new details:

Clinic with Mark Ellis

Date: Aug 21st

Location: Irving Park, Battle Creek, MI

Start time: 10a (could run 2 hours maybe more, maybe less)

Charge: None, asking for $2.00 donation if possible.

Participant cap: none, the more the merrier

Discs for sale: by Getaway Sports

After clinic: 1 round of type to be determined

after round: we all head to Arcadia's brewing for a drink and bite to eat and talk.