Matthew Forney  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   June 17, 2011 at 9:33pm

I am disgusted in all parties on this board right now. I will even include ashamed to be a part of the ADGA...

I have been working constantly to save the courses that are in this town (AKA the ones that are free). The over useage of drugs and alcohol at out public parks is driving the general public to hate us (as in us that is all disc golfers). In addition, the throwing of discs down the walking trails and through pedestrian tunnels is causing a hazard. Just because you carry a bag does not separate you from the recreational disc golfers. A division in our organization or even community will only allow the parks and the public to destroy our sport in Anchorage. If it can happen in Anchorage, it can happen all over the state. No good is coming out of these wall posts. If you have the time to type these messages that are four, five, and more paragraph posts, please let me know. I have plenty of things and projects that people can help out with that are constructive not destructive. Moving forward, there are a number of things that I need support on.

1. We need to move all the items out of John's trailer before June 22. If you can help out with either storage or muscle to help with this, I would appreciate it as I am out of town.

2. We need more presence at Westchester encouraging people to share the park, not throw discs through the tunnels, and to keep people from crossing the highway.

3. Kincaid park needs alot of work to get it ready for States.

4. There are containers behind Brian G's house that need to be relocated.

If I were new to this state and was excited about getting involved with disc golf in Alaska, I would turn and run - Participating in no league events, playing casually, and showing up to PDGA functions only. I actually don't want to be associated with the club now after reading this and I am the president. Your actions and words carry further than your beliefs and opinions; remember you represent the ADGA. Thank you for your attention. Please call me or write to me directly if you have an issue. Do not post it in a passive aggressive fashion on this board.

Matt Forney
Alaska Disc Golf Association