Nick Herst  › huckbillies   July 31, 2009 at 12:42am

thats defintely my plan and i think tis site will really help us out with the organizing

im also planning on taking maybe half the money earnd from league and using it to build a course

there are so many beautiful spots we could build there too

i also knw a welder i am going to try and get to build us the holes which would save us alot

if i have to raise all the money for the course i will, i am determined to get another course

and im glad to hear there are others

oh and right now im thinkn thursday for league nites, although with the dwindling daylight i might even try 2 league nites a week , one glow thur nite and one sat or sun in the afternoon

ill keep posting news as i know it

thanks for the support and