"Worst Lie July" 2014 Doubles League

Doubles league July - July 2014 Manhattan, KS
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

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Doubles league - 23 all-time players - 0 active players
No fee to play in this league
Doubles league with a twist. The following general guidelines have been established for the 5 weekly events in July, 2014. WEEK #1 & #2 (July 2nd & 9th): On each of the 18 fairways, ONLY the Worst Lie from the tee will be used. After that initial drive, each throw will be made by alternating team mates (only 1 throw per lie). The second person to throw on a fairway, after the worst drive, will be the person who's drive was not used. Teams then continue to alternate throwers i ...
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League News

Mark Kewley   July 30 at 11:27pm

Week 5: "Worst Lie July" Scores

The planned format for week 5 was going to be Worst Lie on every shot Tee-to-Pin. As a group, the players decided that they would like to play another format. It turned out to be two large groups playing best disc. With an odd number of players, one group had a Cali shot per hole to use as they saw fit.


Group #1 - 45

Mark Kewley

Mitchell Brenn

Chuck Noris

Seth Danford

David Meyer

Group #2 - 46

2$ Bill Pryor

Alan Fox

Rob Belyea

Shad Schafer


Mark Kewley   July 28 at 1:53pm

Week 4: "Worst Lie July" Scores

1 Jon Tveite Alan Fox 57 Won Playoff

2 Mark Kewley Rob Belyea 57

3 Johnathan Lenfestey Sean O'Bryan 62

4 Bill Pryor Justin Neeley 66

5 Kevin Schwartz Dustin Liddick 69

6 Nick Samuelson Bonnie Samuelson 81

This Wednesday the format will be Worst Lie for all shots from tee to the basket. Probably just using the holes 10 - 18.


Rick Petrie   July 17 at 12:09am

Week 3: "Worst Lie July" Scores

56 Alan Fox & Rick Petrie

57 Mitchell Brenn & Nick Seaton

61 Jon Tveite & Justin Neeley

62 William Norris & Mark Kewley

63 Rob Belyea & Seth Danford

72 Nick Samuelson & Kevin Schwarz

Note: The specific "Worst Lie" rules of play changed for this week and for next week. Those changes can be seen in this league's "About" area. Thus comparing these scores to the previous two weeks would be "comparing apples to oranges".


Rick Petrie   July 9 at 11:42pm

Week 2: "Worst Lie July" Scores

62 Jon Tveite & Justin Payne

64 Mark Kewley & Rob Belyea

64 Ryan Kelly & Jeremy LeCrone

66 Bill Pryor & #

66 Austin Cranston & Nick Samuelson

73 Johnathan Lenfestey & Rick Petrie

76 William Norris & Justin Neeley

82 Kevin Schwarz & Eric Weeden

# The one man team, Bill Pryor, was required to throw 2 drives per fairway.

Ties were broken by CTP process, then show in order above.

Bonnie Samuelson played part of the round casual style.


Rick Petrie   July 3 at 12:38am

Week 1: "Worst Lie July" Scores

63 Jon Tveite & Rick Petrie

64 Kevin (RevKev) Clark & William Mitchell

71 Bill Pryor & Justin Nealy

74 Kevin Schwarz & William Norris

75 Rob Belyea & Jeremy Brewer

78 Mark Kewley & Bryce VanAmeyden