MSDGA Thursday doubles league @ Alcantra DGC

Doubles league April - October 2014 Wasilla, AK

Ace Pool total is

as of July 25

Next league day

Thursday, August 7 @ 6:30pm
Wasilla, AK

About this League

Doubles league - 55 all-time players - 37 active players
$6.00 player fee each session
TYPE: Random draw doubles league.

TIME: Signups start at 6:15pm and end at 7:00. If you arrive after 7 once you will be warned, and all successive times this season you will be charged a $3 late fee. Tee off time will be 7:15-7:30.

FEES: The entry fees are $6 for members and $8 for non members.

ACE FUND: There will be a $1 ace fund per player taken out of the entry fee.

PAYOUT: $4 of entry fee will go towards cash payout.

League News

Greg Rouse   2 days ago

Ace fund rollover

So, the ace fund has gone 4 weeks without being hit. Tonight (7/31) will be your last opportunity to collect on the $51 + whatever tonight's buy-ins provide (so somewhere around 65+, conservatively.) If it is not hit it will reset starting with whatever comes in tonight. It's out there waiting for you! Hope to see you out there.

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Greg Rouse   1 day ago

I'm just doing what we did last year but we don't have to.

Aaron Merideth   1 day ago

but why split just let it keep going

Tre Jones   1 day ago

i have CTP prizes for tonight for 2 CTPs. greg if you have something we can add to it.

Greg Rouse   July 23 at 4:24pm

Alcantra Open Work Days

So I've decided on some incentivization for coming out for work days. If you come out for a work day, you'll be entered in a raffle for a couple prizes the day of the tournament. What I think I'll do is this- aside from a tangible prize or two to be drawn, I'll keep track of your work days and, if drawn, I'll match them with doubles league buy-ins up to 3. So if you put in 3 days on the course and I draw your name, you'll be prepaid for the next 3 weeks of dubs. And the more people that come out ... more


Greg Rouse   July 3 at 4:52am

6-3 Dubs

Supposed to be absolutely gorgeous tomorrow night. I also have installed 2 new pin locations in the past week and we will be using them. Look forward to seeing you all out there- and bring friends! Hoping to have a record-setting league attendance tomorrow. I'm looking at you too, Anchorage...

Greg Rouse   July 3 at 4:57am

And as a reminder- I want to do roll call at 7 pm sharp. Be prompt, please. I know you all have jobs but ask someone to buy you in if you're going to be late (I would say 7:10 is the very latest you can arrive and still play, but if you haven't had someone buy you in anything after 7 will incur a wa ... more

Greg Rouse   June 18 at 3:52am

6/3 scores

I posted the scores as well as I could understand them from what Tre handed me. If anything looks off, please contact him. Once again, I wasn't there, I have no idea what happened. Also bother him to post your league aces.

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Jeremy Boyd   June 18 at 12:13pm

Lou Dogg and I got the W

Jeremy Boyd   June 18 at 12:21pm

they're there, and you mean 6/5

Aaron Merideth   June 19 at 2:41am

Now I see it