MSDGA Thursday doubles league @ Alcantra DGC

Doubles league April - September 2014 Wasilla, AK

Ace Pool total is

as of September 12

This league has ended.

No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.

About this League

Doubles league - 64 all-time players - 33 active players
$6.00 player fee each session
TYPE: Random draw doubles league.

TIME: Signups start at 6:15pm and end at 7:00. If you arrive after 7 once you will be warned, and all successive times this season you will be charged a $3 late fee. Tee off time will be 7:15-7:30.

FEES: The entry fees are $6 for members and $8 for non members.

ACE FUND: There will be a $1 ace fund per player taken out of the entry fee.

PAYOUT: $4 of entry fee will go towards cash payout.

League News

Greg Rouse   1 day ago

9/18 league. Important!

So like I said before, tomorrow is our final regular season league. Please remind everyone you know who plays via text or phone call that it's bring your own partner and that I need their cash by 6:30! See you there!


Greg Rouse   6 days ago

Final regular season dubs! BYOP!

So, here's the news for the dubs of 9/19- it will be the final league for points, it will start at 6:30, and it's bring your own partner! The other thing I had in mind is doing 2 "divisions"- a general division and a co-ed- guys, bring your lady friends and if we have 4 pairs or more of co-ed we'll do a separate payout for you. Please find your partners soon and post them as a comment. Let's make this one awesome! And as a reminder, we will continue dubs after this week until the final, (9/27) and it will be $5 at 7:00 and probably partial glow with 100% payout.

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Jeremy Boyd   4 days ago

cuz it's my birthday brotha

Aaron Merideth   4 days ago

To bad me an Kevin are going to beat you on your birthday! Sign us up Greg!

Jeremy Boyd   3 days ago

bah, he's an Alcantra has-been...: )

Greg Rouse   September 11 at 7:02pm

9/11 league

Reminder! Show up early tonight- I want everyone bought in by 6:30 if possible. Call/text your friends and remind them!


Greg Rouse   September 5 at 2:51am

League schedule

So I will be putting on up to two more of these for points but here's the kicker- I have to move back the time. I need your money by 6:30 now. I can give a little bit of leeway (cough cough, you city dwellers) but what is going to be very important is that you obey and enforce pace of play. 2 minutes to pick a lie and 30 seconds to throw- period! I'm going to have to find a solution for 6-packs, too. There's a tie for first right now that needs to be broken so I can give first second and third their prize. See you all next week- be prompt!


Greg Rouse   September 4 at 4:33pm

Double points once again!

This will be our final double points night! I have some big announcements, as well, and probably a CTP or two. See you there!

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Aaron Merideth   September 4 at 5:44pm

As long as there is no rain,I'll be getting Thoes points

Greg Rouse   September 4 at 9:27pm

Brian's out. He can blame the seachickens for that.

Greg Rouse   September 4 at 9:28pm

And let me add that prizes go to the top 3 point holders at the end of the season!

Greg Rouse   September 3 at 4:36pm

League schedule

So some important news here. I have updated the league schedule because of the light situation. Looks like we'll only have light for 3-4 more leagues. I may have to either bump back the start time for a couple, too, but that remains to be seen. I'm going to find a Saturday or Sunday for finals soon, which will be an event that starts in the morning. I'm the meantime, if we have a couple weeks to wait, we'll either do glow for points or just a couple weeks of glow for cash only to hold is over until the finals. I'll ask around and decide soon. Lights will be available from the club soon.


Greg Rouse   August 28 at 8:17pm

8/28 update

Come on out to dubs tonight! The ace fund will probably be around 140 tonight! I've got a couple CTPs as well. And as a reminder to you nonmembers- it's awesome to cash on an ace, but twice as awesome when you get full payout!


Greg Rouse   August 14 at 4:40am

8/14 dubs

I've decided that I want to play some of the new holes for league this Thursday. If I don't have enough baskets (I have several) to play the full 18 then my plan is to skip hole 1, 2, 8, 9 and instead start on new hole 6 and play new 6, 7, 8, 9, and then old 3-7 to complete 9. Since these are sequential holes on the new layout it will run quite smoothly. I'll make a final decision when I know how many baskets will be available and what the general consensus it. See you there!


Greg Rouse   August 9 at 2:30am

Work days!

Work day tomorrow and Sunday, 9am- 6pm. I'll bring the cold beer. You bring the polesaws, string trimmers chainsaws, brush cutters and 50:1 fuel. Most important to bring are the muscley arms and work gloves. Possible cash round on the 18. See you there!

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Adam Klein   August 12 at 1:52pm

ok....working round the house this morning....will head out after noon.

Adam Klein   August 12 at 3:04pm

text me your number, using old phone studio do not have it in contacts

Greg Rouse   August 12 at 3:06pm

907.315.2343. Just give me a heads up. Thanks!

Greg Rouse   August 7 at 4:05am

Double points!

So, since we've never done it before, I figured we'd do our first double points night tomorrow night. I think it'll assure a good turnout, and if I decide that there will be a "cut" to be made for the season finale tournament, it'll give those of you who are on the border a chance to make a good jump. Or give the ones who are in first the chance to be first-er... Ha ha

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Aaron Merideth   August 7 at 4:04pm

we had double points on April 24

Greg Rouse   August 7 at 6:42pm

We always do it for season opener. You know what I meant.

Aaron Merideth   August 7 at 8:36pm

I know

Greg Rouse   July 31 at 8:54am

Ace fund rollover

So, the ace fund has gone 4 weeks without being hit. Tonight (7/31) will be your last opportunity to collect on the $51 + whatever tonight's buy-ins provide (so somewhere around 65+, conservatively.) If it is not hit it will reset starting with whatever comes in tonight. It's out there waiting for you! Hope to see you out there.

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Greg Rouse   July 31 at 6:02pm

I'm just doing what we did last year but we don't have to.

Aaron Merideth   July 31 at 6:06pm

but why split just let it keep going

Tre Jones   July 31 at 6:32pm

i have CTP prizes for tonight for 2 CTPs. greg if you have something we can add to it.

Greg Rouse   July 23 at 4:24pm

Alcantra Open Work Days

So I've decided on some incentivization for coming out for work days. If you come out for a work day, you'll be entered in a raffle for a couple prizes the day of the tournament. What I think I'll do is this- aside from a tangible prize or two to be drawn, I'll keep track of your work days and, if drawn, I'll match them with doubles league buy-ins up to 3. So if you put in 3 days on the course and I draw your name, you'll be prepaid for the next 3 weeks of dubs. And the more people that come out ... more


Greg Rouse   July 3 at 4:52am

6-3 Dubs

Supposed to be absolutely gorgeous tomorrow night. I also have installed 2 new pin locations in the past week and we will be using them. Look forward to seeing you all out there- and bring friends! Hoping to have a record-setting league attendance tomorrow. I'm looking at you too, Anchorage...

Greg Rouse   July 3 at 4:57am

And as a reminder- I want to do roll call at 7 pm sharp. Be prompt, please. I know you all have jobs but ask someone to buy you in if you're going to be late (I would say 7:10 is the very latest you can arrive and still play, but if you haven't had someone buy you in anything after 7 will incur a wa ... more

Greg Rouse   June 18 at 3:52am

6/3 scores

I posted the scores as well as I could understand them from what Tre handed me. If anything looks off, please contact him. Once again, I wasn't there, I have no idea what happened. Also bother him to post your league aces.

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Jeremy Boyd   June 18 at 12:13pm

Lou Dogg and I got the W

Jeremy Boyd   June 18 at 12:21pm

they're there, and you mean 6/5

Aaron Merideth   June 19 at 2:41am

Now I see it