CCR Summer Singles League 2014

Singles league April - September 2014 Michigan

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Wednesday, August 20 @ 6:00pm


Aug 13, 2014 · Top scores
Fitzgerald Park
New Layout, 18 holes
-10 48
Mitch Winters
-7 51
Matt Toy
-5 53
Malcolm Kletke
-7 51
Josh Siwek
-6 52
Dave Kippen
-6 52
Matt Rinker
-6 52
Cal Kristofferson
-8 50
Geoff Shaw
-4 54
Larry Dalimonte
-3 55
James Estelle
-6 52
Chris Booker
-5 53
Ryan Sweet
-2 56
Craig Zerbe
+15 73
Crystal Rendina
Overall standings
1Matt Toy163
2Mitch Winters162
3Malcolm Kletke125
1Matt Rinker423
2Cal Kristofferson416
2Josh Siwek416
1James Estelle456
2Tyler Gilbert439
3Alex Karr366
1Chris Booker631
2Tom Tederington551
3Ryan Sweet532
1Crystal Rendina46
2Michelle Hamilton30
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Leaderboard updated 8/13/14

About this League

Singles league - 73 all-time players - 67 active players
$35.00 one-time player fee for this league
$1.00 ace pool
Welcome to the 2014 CCR Singles League! This will be a 20 week season, starting at Fitzgerald Park April 23rd. I will be there by 4:45 pm to start signing up players and collecting league dues. $35 for non-CCR members, $30 for current CCR members. *Every player who signs up for the 20 week season will receive a Summer League DryFit shirt and a Custom CCR Stamped Disc* We offer 5 divisions for players to enter based on a player's particular skill level/gender- Elite, Advanced, Interm ...
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League News

Matt Rinker   18 hours ago

League shirts

Little mess up with the shirt order. Business made cotton instead of dryfit. This means he had to reorder dryfit shirts. They will be in this Thursday night. So if I see you on the course or anywhere, I'll have them with me to give out.

I do have the discs to give out tmrw!!

Matt Rinker   17 hours ago

I will bring them out to the picnic on Saturday, if anyone wld like to get there's then

Matt Rinker   3 days ago

State Berth winners

Reminder to berth winners for the Discraft Michigan State Championships. The deadline to register your berth is Fri Aug 22. Next Fri. If you do not register it by then you may have to play the LCQ on Fri Aug 29.

And this week we are at Grand Woods. we will be playing 21 holes


Matt Rinker   August 11 at 12:41pm

This week at Fitz...

This week at Fitz I will be handing out State Berths to those who I know will get one. There are some races that are too close to call, so I may have to see how the scores come in to determine a few... if you don't have a Berth to States, please let me know on Wednesday.

Max Saxton   August 11 at 2:53pm

When will the league shirts and plastic be in?

Matt Rinker   August 11 at 3:07pm

Everything has been ordered. Shirts shl be by next Wednesday and plastic shld be by then as well. Kinda out of my hands. Plastic was ordered 4 weeks ago, might not be til the following week. Sorry for the delay.

Matt Rinker   July 26 at 9:20pm

This week at Burchfield

We are playing Renegades Trail, ccr open shorts this week.

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Michael Wagner   July 29 at 1:18pm

i seen a chair on the table of 15 last week at leagues

Michael Wagner   July 29 at 1:19pm

14 im sorry

Kris Kares   July 31 at 4:00pm

Yeah that was prolly it cause we started and ended around there

Matt Rinker   July 22 at 8:47pm

This week at grand woods

While the water is still a little hi, we will not be playing 5&6 for league. We will play the 3 alternate holes after 7, making for a 19 hole layout.

I will also have ccr open metal flake tee birds for sale. $15 to club members, $20 for non club members. All proceeds go to the ccr open.

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Joshua Siwek   July 23 at 4:00pm

I can say tonight IS in fact a real league round.

Matt Rinker   July 23 at 4:15pm

Yes it's a real night. And no one is playing any version of 5 tonight.

Alex Grimes   July 23 at 4:39pm

matt you suck

Matt Rinker   July 14 at 5:00pm

This week at Burchfield

This week we will be playing Rivers Edge.


Matt Rinker   June 24 at 10:36am

League berths.

After the August 13th round. I will hand out berths to states to those who are sitting in first and second place in their division. I will be using the spreadsheet Chris Booker has been posting, which by then should include 3 drops. You have til the 22nd of August to register for states.

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Kenneth Eckhoff   June 25 at 8:50am

ya i took 2nd in both ten weeks last year and barely got mine lol but still went lol

Chris Booker   June 25 at 12:15pm

At least you got your early this year. No more worries.

Michael Wagner   June 25 at 1:49pm

Ive came in 1st through the first half twice or second lol but yes even signed up on a list but yes I will catch up an get that birth :) watch me go lol see ya tonight

Matt Rinker   June 22 at 11:58am

Scores posted, points to come

I've posted your scores from Burchfield... I will post scores tonight when i get home from the Burchfield Open


Matt Rinker   June 17 at 10:24am

Layout this week at burchfield

We will be playing the short ccr open/burchfield open renegades trail layout this week. You can find the layout on either tournament page.


Matt Rinker   June 15 at 11:36pm

Fitz scores

Fitz points are up

Here is a link to your ratings

If you are missing from the rated portion, let me know, please.

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Max Saxton   June 16 at 12:43pm

Thank you

Craig Zerbe   June 16 at 1:01pm

I'm missing from the rated portion

Matt Rinker   June 16 at 1:22pm

K, I'll add you as well

Matt Rinker   June 13 at 4:45am

Fitz league round.

Fitz scores

I've uploaded all the scores.... please take a look and make sure your score is there if you played... I might be missing a card or two (i know we did have some DNFs due to rain and people being chicken). I will post points in a few days.

Also, please either write your last name or initial on your scorecard. There is more than one Mike, Nate, Matt, and so forth in the league... I sometimes have to guess or try to remember who I thought you shot with when posting....

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Matt Rinker   June 15 at 6:36am

Glenn. Were you basing your scores in par 54 or 58?

Matt Rinker   June 15 at 11:25pm

Glenn, I'm going off what you have written on the card. I only have half your scores, I assumes the card was too wet to continue writing. You guys wrote, Mike +13, DJ +18 Bryan +24 Glenn +14. So looks like Mikes is the only on incorrect

Glenn Wilson   June 16 at 11:38am


Matt Rinker   June 1 at 12:29pm

June 4th at burchfield

Just reminder that this week marks the first of ten PDGA sanctioned rounds! If you'd like ratings please bring $10 to league this Wednesday or pay me if you see me sooner.

Also, thus Wednesdays layout will be Rivers Edge. Bring your bug spray.


Matt Rinker   May 28 at 3:19pm

Bye week grill out tonight

Just to remind everyone. Tonight is a bye week. We are still getting together for a grill out at Grand Woods starting at about 5 and will follow that up with a casual round of singles or doubles.

Matt Rinker   May 28 at 3:25pm

Club will provide burgers dogs and chips. BYOB

Matt Rinker   May 12 at 3:07pm

Two other things

I will have a sheet of paper out for everyone to vote on a disc mold, so please take a couple seconds before you tee off this week or next week.

And... Sanctioned rounds start June 4th. You may begin to pay the $10 at anytime.


Matt Rinker   May 12 at 2:19pm

Wednesday Singles, Charlotte

Just a reminder, this week we are at Lincoln Park in Charlotte for the 2disc challenge. This means you are only allowed to carry and use 2 discs for the entire round. If you lose a disc, you are down to only one. So choose wisely!

We will be playing all 24 holes... tee off is at 6 pm, please be on time!


Matt Rinker   May 5 at 11:10am

This weeks layout. Renegades trail

League layout

1- Sh-L

2- Sh-L

3- Sh-Sh

4- L-Sh

5- L-Sh

6- Sh-Sh

7- Sh-L

8- Sh-Sh

9- L-Sh

10- Sh-Sh

11- L-Sh

12- Sh-Sh

13- Sh-L

14- Sh-L

15- Sh-L

16- Sh-Sh

17- Sh-Sh

18- Sh-L


Matt Rinker   April 28 at 2:19pm

Grand Woods layout for April 30

Wednesday Singles Layout

Ok, this Wednesday we are at Grand Woods. With 5 and 6 still flooded, we will be skipping those two holes. We will play two alternate holes after hole 7. They are marked with paint right now, with painted arrows directing you where to go. When the rain passes today, I will have them flagged. You will be playing a shorter Hole A and F.