2014 DFOK Doubles

Doubles league March - October 2014 Kansas

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as of September 10

Next league day

Tuesday, September 23 @ 5:35pm

About this League

Doubles league - 67 all-time players - 28 active players
$4.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool
DFOK Doubles will be at Tuttle except during the Country Music Stampede, and as announced by the League Administrator--Kevin "RevKev" Clark. Start time will vary from 5:15 to 5:45 depending on available daylight, but will most often be at 5:45. Doubles Partners will be randomly drawn each week. There will be a 100% cash payout each week. Points will accumulate throughout the season. Ace Fund will accumulate until someone hits a hole-in-one. At that time, $10 will be held back for each $50 currently in the Ace Fund.

League News

Kevin RevKev Clark   September 3 at 4:54pm

September 9th will be last 5:45 Start

Next Week, Sept. 9th, doubles league will begin at the normal 5:45 start time. After that, each league night will begin 5 minutes earlier until daylight savings comes to an end.... See the schedule...


Kevin RevKev Clark   July 23 at 4:26pm

Near Ace for Tveite

Jon had a beautiful drive on hole 11. The disc hits chains, comes to rest in the basket, we all cheer, and I kid you not, a Basket Troll picks up his disc and throws it over the side onto the grass! I saw it with my own eyes!


Kevin RevKev Clark   July 16 at 7:24pm

Norris Aces 15

Congrats to William Norris, scoring his FIRST HOLE-IN-ONE EVER on hole 15 for $137!

Alan Fox   July 16 at 10:22pm

woot woot

Kevin RevKev Clark   July 15 at 11:22am

League Returns to Tuttle

Doubles league will MOST DEFINITELY be at Tuttle tonight (July 15). Start time is 5:45.

JP McVey   July 15 at 6:35pm

I'm going to be 5-10 min late but I am on my way :(

Kevin RevKev Clark   June 22 at 5:45pm

Tuesday, June 24th League

Just a reminder that doubles league will be at FAIRMONT PARK once again this week. Start time is 4:45. Also, I will need someone else to run league this week because I will be out of town. See you all July 1st.

Mitchell Brenn   June 22 at 7:10pm


Mark Kewley   June 22 at 10:04pm

I guess that didn't make scense because he said 4:45 and he is RevKev. Try 5:45. Good catch Mitch.

Kevin RevKev Clark   May 29 at 12:42pm

"Cali" Rules

If you are the "Cali" player during doubles league (i.e. you are playing without partner), this is how it's done: 1. You get to re-throw one shot per hole, from the same lie, without penalty (drive, approach, or putt). 2. After you make your repeat throw, you may decide to keep your original shot, or your re-throw. You are NOT forced to keep the re-throw. 3. If you ACE on a re-thrown drive, the ace counts, both for your score and for winning the Ace Fund. 4. In a sudden death pl ... more


Kevin RevKev Clark   May 29 at 12:13pm


Because of the Country Stampede, Doubles League will be moved to FAIRMONT PARK for June 17 & 24, and July 1, even if baskets are up at Tuttle.

IF TUTTLE IS UNPLAYABLE on June 10 or July 8, Fairmont will be our backup course. Otherwise plan on meeting at Tuttle on those dates.


Kevin RevKev Clark   May 7 at 6:38pm

Kewley Aces 14

Congratulations to Mark Kewley, who Aced hole 14 at Tuttle during league last night! Mark takes home $153, which according to him puts him $3 ahead lifetime on the Ace Pool. Better hit another one in the next three weeks so you can stay ahead, Mark!


Kevin RevKev Clark   April 1 at 2:08pm

Payout Table

I have posted the doubles payout table under the "pictures" tab for this league.


Kevin RevKev Clark   March 12 at 3:14pm

Ace Fund

Last night we voted to roll over last year's remaining ace fund of $47 into this year's ace fund. With last night's addition, that puts us at $61 in the ace fund. Remember, we hold back $10 for each $50 in the fund if someone hits an ace.


Kevin RevKev Clark   March 12 at 3:02pm


I have been playing disc golf in all weather for 20 years, and that is the strongest sustained wind I have ever played in! I threw my 175 Boss righty-backhand on hole 17. Found it this morning 400 feet from the tee pad, 250 feet right of the pin in the south end of the parking lot near the boat ramp, more than halfway to the swim beach!

Mark Kewley   March 12 at 10:48pm

Kevin, you should try this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KgA84VgHNs OMG it's so overstable!

Kevin RevKev Clark   March 7 at 6:29pm


Thanks to Alan "Eagle Eye" Fox for spotting the error in my very first news entry of the year! Yes, Doubles League begins on the 11th, not the 4th.

Alan Fox   March 7 at 10:05pm

If only I had an Eagle Eye when I putt maybe I'd be a little better haha

Kevin RevKev Clark   March 6 at 4:46pm

2014 Doubles League begins this coming Tuesday, March 11th!

Tuttle Tuesdays resume this Tuesday, March 4th at 5:30pm.

$4.00 to play, $1.00 for Ace Fund--still a great bargain for an evening of playing the best sport in the world!

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Kevin RevKev Clark   March 7 at 6:31pm

So far no one has informed me of any conversations from last night's DFOK meeting that might lead to changes in doubles league...

Rick Petrie   March 7 at 10:27pm

I hope to get that transcribed tomorrow morning... (have been away from computer since the meeting).

Rick Petrie   March 8 at 11:59am

Turns out I won't get all the notes posted regarding Thursday's meeting until later (hopefully later this afternoon). Regarding the Doubles League, many possible changes (good & better) were proposed / discussed. It was then voted (by 4-0 vote) to revisit & finalize any proposed changes at our next scheduled meeting, which will be Thursday, March 27th.