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Steve Moore    February 6 at 7:26pm

Letter received from friends of trees about work at Woodmansee Hi Steve, I'm sorry it's taken me a few days to chime in here. The area we will be planting in does intersect the course near the northernmost footbridge in the park (though I'm not sure of the hole number/s 5/14? 6/15?). However, the work will not permanently affect any of the baskets or tees. That said, we will want to "close" these holes during the event. I will be posting signs next week to indic ... more

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Jim Costello   February 25 at 10:32am

I'll do my best to show up Saturday to help remove ivy. What time? Do I need to bring any tools?

Steve Moore   February 25 at 11:20am

Friends of Trees is partnering with the City of Salem to revitalize the stream banks along Pringle Creek as it winds through this beautifully wooded park. We will be adding additional Oregon white oaks and native shrubs to the areas recently won back from a Himalayan blackberry infestation. The No I ... more

Steve Moore   February 25 at 11:21am

Please arrive around 8:45am to be registered and assigned to a crew. The event will start promptly at 9:00am. We provide breakfast snacks and hot chocolate/coffeu200be, as well as gloves, tools and guidance. Please come dressed for the weather and wearing sturdy shoes and get ready to have fun!

Jim Costello    January 12 at 11:37am

Found an unmarked Roc3 on #9/18's fairway this last Saturday. I'll reluctantly return it to it's rightful owner if identified. I'll happily add it to my arsenal if not! :)

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Rick Saffeels   January 13 at 12:32am

Does anyone have Jim's number?

Jeff "MaxPsych" Heltsley   January 13 at 12:32am

Thats because Rick creates a lot of positive karma. Give and ye shall recieve.

Jim Costello   January 13 at 10:57am

We have a winner! Rick's getting his disc back, and here's the weirdest part: He may very well have found my Crank I lost many months ago, too!

Rick Saffeels    January 5 at 7:51pm

I found a Crank that might have been a off shot from hole 17 or 9's fairway. Message me the color and stamp so I can get it back to you :)

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Rick Saffeels   January 12 at 11:24pm

That would be hilarious if we found each other's disc on the same course a few days apart

Jim Costello   January 13 at 10:48am

Damn! That would be hi-larious! I'm trying to remember, because it was quite a while ago that I lost it. And I'd only had it for a couple weeks then. Pretty sure it's got blue stamping, metallic-style.

Mike Wilson    November 26 at 11:09pm

Haven't been out there since before the series of stormy weather in the last month or so. Woods took some hits. Tree down on 4 at top of the hill, 2 branches down on 9, and other small limbs down around the park. Plus they are doing a restoration along the creek. Needless to say Woods looks different right now.

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Steve Moore   November 26 at 11:34pm

probably won't get any quick answers due to holiday. If need be will attend next parks meeting in december

Mr CLEAN   November 27 at 1:58pm

i was wondering if the tree <cherrie tree> on 4 might survive if someone cut it like a few feet up from the exsposed root ball then dug out around the root ball and stood it up then reburied the root ball. think it will survive?

Mike Wilson   November 27 at 4:05pm

I don't know about that. I guess there is a chance. Also on 4 someone chopped the small tree that is a few feet from the basket, and now it's split. It won't survive much longer.

Steve Moore    November 16 at 8:37pm

Anybody want to meet up tomorrow, Monday the 17th, for a round at Woodmansee. Start time can be flexible on my end. give a holler and what time would work out for you.


Rick Saffeels    November 7 at 2:19am

First big tournament at Woodmansee since the Fall of 2012! Let's Roc and Roll! http://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Roc_and_Roll_Ice_Bowl_15


Bruce Applegate    October 11 at 12:28am

Any one that wants to I'll be at woodman see around 8 am sat. The 11th and always the more the marrier just show up or message me and let me know


Mr. Snap    October 1 at 1:04pm

Yo!....I lost my yellow star roadrunner on the last temp hole playing back to parking lot last night in the dark....would love to get some help from some of you locals now that its daylight....thanks in advance!

Daneger Jones   October 1 at 8:15pm

woodz has a bad return policy brother.

Steve Moore    September 19 at 9:25pm

So is there no one from CCDG willing to answer up to simple question being asked for the good of us all? What is, if there is one, the plan for repair and upkeep of which local courses, regarding fixing needed items, finishing what needs to be finished, and getting courses in shape for this winter coming fast? I do not understand why some much problem on this topic when it concerns all of us that play the sport. Time to work together and grow the group and get things done, not work againest each other as it seems to be now. Thank you.


Steve Moore    September 18 at 10:34pm

Anybody up for a morning round at Woodmanse tomorrow friday the 19th? Time somewhat flexible but thinking around 8 or 8:30 start no later then 9.

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Doug "Stronghammer" Morgan   September 18 at 11:31pm

sounds great Steve

Bruce Applegate   September 19 at 1:10am

I think I'll show up also if u guys don't mind

Doug "Stronghammer" Morgan   September 19 at 2:02am

fine with me Bruce

Steve Moore    September 16 at 4:08pm

I will not be able to attend Tuesday 2's tonight but would like someone to confirm if the tent camp is still set up behind hole 1 long position just across the creek and hole 2 basket area by creek. Also how is course looking since I quit my work there for time being. Any work done at all yet? Thank you and have a good evening all.

Steve Moore   September 18 at 3:01pm

Anybody able to update me on this or do I need to go by myself to check things out? Thanks

Steve Moore    September 13 at 7:22pm

As the days get shorter and fall and winter approches, I am putting out a call to CCDG and if they have any plans in place for the Woodmansee course as far as repairs and getting ready for winter weather. They should already be aware of needed items and general disc public should be aware if they have plans in place for the course. If not then I guess I will need to take charge again and see what can be done at this time. If so then will be happy for any and all assistance. Thank you and see what happens.
And yes I have tried to communicate with them with out much response.

Steve Moore   September 18 at 3:00pm

I guess since no response that means that things are not being taken care of the way they should.by the group that should handling things. I was specifically asked for my drawing files early this year which I gave to the club guessing it meant they would take care of signage and such. Still waiting ... more

Disc Monkey    September 1 at 3:39am

Stuck an Innova Leopard in a tree mid fairway to 9.
Easy to spot (wht). If you need an extra driver, knock it out and its yours!


Ricky Anderson    August 2 at 12:51am

Lost my lime green D3 today on hole 2. It went straight out from the pad and a little left. I think it ended up in some bushes but my friend and I could not find it. It has 2014 stamped on the front in purple and the (0) is a star. It does not have my name or number on it yet. If you find it please contact me on here. Thanks.


Jeff "MaxPsych" Heltsley    July 29 at 9:11am

A note for whoever is doing upkeep on Woodmansee baskets. The inner ring on 9th basket is broken loose and needs welding back in place. Noticed it yesterday (Monday 28 July) when I had my treatment group out on the course.
And a huge thank you to Steve and anyone else who has helped get Woods back into the current condition.

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THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   August 5 at 4:36pm

I may just use the power at the utility room. I have a key. Chains would not need to leave the park.

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   August 5 at 8:23pm

I can't make it out to Woodmansee tonight, too sore. Maybe tomorrow.

Mr CLEAN   September 11 at 3:01am

how aboot tomorrow?

Steve Moore    July 28 at 10:10pm

Still waiting for a response from Capital City Disc Golf as to if they are going to take full responsibility for the proper continual upkeep into the future of Woodmansee course. If not then I will continue my efforts to see it happens some how even though it should be their responsibility. I just want this issue resolved for the best of all and so we don't keep having the same issue keeping course in good shape like last few years. It needs to be done with cooperation and approval from ... more


Mark McKeever    July 19 at 9:25am

Update to my lost vibram unlace on hole 5, my name and number might be worn a bit but it was giving to me be my son as a gift and would really like it back so if found, please drop it off at Tiger discs.

Lucky .   July 19 at 10:07am

Im sure it will get returned. Nobody likes throwing a "pdga approved" stamped shoe sole. Lol.

Mark McKeever   July 19 at 10:45am

Nice one lucky, thanks for the morning laugh, were heading to wheatland this morning and it would make for a good mesquito swatter anyways.

Lucky .   July 19 at 11:56am

Ahh yes. I suppose that would be about the extent of its value. Lol.

Mark McKeever    July 18 at 5:35pm

I lost my green vibram unlace on hole 5 this morning, it went left past the tree in the middle of the fairway thats covered in ivy, searched for 2 hours with help with no luck even looked over the fence,I would love to get it back, my name and number is on it. thanks


Steve Moore    July 15 at 4:07pm

I won't be able to get there today for 2's but if someone could take a look at walkout post between 7 and 8 and see if still pulled out on ground for us. If so maybe it could get planted upright again if someone could take a shovel, otherwise if it could get picked up and held by somebody till it can get properly repaired. Thanks all and hope it is still there and have a good evening all.



Steve Moore    July 10 at 4:22pm

It has been sighted and reported to me that the walk out post between 7 & 8 is completely removed out of ground at this time. With this and tee sign repairs, acrylic and now couple of signs themselves, I was wondering if Capitol City was going to step up and get these repairs handled before post goes missing and just cause course maintenance needs to be done. I also do not appreciate whoever did all the tree and branch cutting on and around hole 6 basket and approach. This was not authori ... more

Steve Moore   July 13 at 12:18pm

No comments or response to this issue. Guess maybe that says it all and still concerned and wondering if Capital City is going to deal with this or not. Thank you.

Steve Moore   July 16 at 11:22pm

So no one has been able to look into this yet for me or am I the only one that cares about things like this anymore. Capital City, are you going to take and accept responsibity for this vourse or do I need to continue doing it myself? Thank you and a response would be nice.