Woodmansee Park

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Jonathan Long    June 28 at 10:03am

Disc golf Yard Sale! Sunday 9 to 5 I know it's not a woods thing, but I didn't know where else to post this where it would get local exposure. I'll have 200-300 of my Discs out for sale. Most Will be between $10 and $15. Lots of new and used. Heavy on innova but lots of other stuff too. Address is 488 Phoenix ave se. Salem, or 97302... Directions are petty easy. If you're leaving woods, turn Right on Sunnyside, keep driving south for about 5-7 min then turn right ... more

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Jonathan Long   June 29 at 2:10am

Hey, thanks to the folks who came by today! Still have a ton of Discs for sale, so if you wanna get some Sweet Discs, just shoot me a text and we can meet up. 503.991.2667

Rick Saffeels   June 29 at 12:43pm

Man! wish I could've been there! Any orange discs left? :)

Zac Teuscher   June 29 at 1:47pm

Oh yeah Rick! And I got 8 nice, practically, new discs for a great deal!

Steve Moore    June 25 at 10:23pm

Well it was a good day at Woodmansee today as we got all the tee signs back in place and basket repaired same day service. This should be a link to some pictures Zac took today. Still got a finishing touch to do to signs and that will happen shortly, depending on weather and my schedule. I will also be looking for volunteers to help with next project of moving dirt and fixing up tee pad areas. Will need wheelbarrows, shovels, and volunteers. Work could be done at volunteers available time, ... more

trent hughes   June 26 at 1:29am

the new tee signs look sweet

Zac Teuscher    June 25 at 3:50pm

Basket is better and back in place!
Hoping to get tree signs in later this afternoon/evening..

Perry Gyllenskog   June 25 at 4:02pm

We played to 7's basket as a alternative and made for a couple fun holes. :)

Zac Teuscher    June 25 at 12:01pm

#9/18 basket had been removed and taken to be fixed...
Will have back asap


Rick Saffeels    June 25 at 12:53am

FOUND: new DX Cheetah on hole 6 right next to the basket unmarked (no name or number) let me know if you are missing one otherwise it will go to the disc golf class I teach at Salem Academy.


Mark McKeever    June 24 at 1:01pm

Wow just got an alert on my phone that there is a vegatation fire at woodmansee park. anyone there and knows where and how bad.

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Mark McKeever   June 24 at 2:45pm

the app is called pulsepoint on andriod

Mark McKeever   June 24 at 2:48pm

it is an app for fire and medical calls for salem fire and can be set for other citys and countys in oregon and around the country. theres multiply call settings.

Zac Teuscher   June 24 at 2:56pm

Nice thanks

Zac Teuscher    June 18 at 1:47pm

We removed all the tee signs this morning...
New (IMPROVED) tee signs should be up Saturday morning!
Steve, "The Old Master" we should be calling him, has a sweet surprise in store for the new signs!

Zac Teuscher   June 18 at 1:49pm

If you see anyone having issues getting around the course please help them

Steve Moore   June 18 at 2:02pm

The plan as of moment is to be ready to install Saturday, backup plan for Sunday. Either way should be in ready for next weeks play. Will also be looking for some helpers to move some dirt and wheelbarrows to do some work around pads. Let me know what works for you time wise and can get you set u ... more

Mr CLEAN   June 18 at 2:51pm


trent hughes    June 17 at 12:32am

Lost a disc on hole 5 its a white warship 171g ink on it.. along the right side in the ivy

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trent hughes   June 17 at 1:01pm

after the basket was moved. id say about 50ft to 100ft.. i was taking the hyzer route through the trees on the right side.

Zac Teuscher   June 17 at 1:47pm

Wait you left handed? If not.. "what you talking about willis?". Lol I don't know this route

trent hughes   June 17 at 2:28pm

its the backdoor route man lol

Zac Teuscher    June 12 at 11:52pm

Any interest in a PDGA Sanctioned League here? Friday or Saturday start round anytime 4 to 6 pm.
ideas and/or thoughts?

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Jason "Rooster" Bruster   June 16 at 1:09am

PDGA sanctioned leagues accually hurt your rating if you play courses like Cascade or Woods...

Zac Teuscher   June 16 at 3:29am

Don't see how'd that be the case. Any events or leagues one does, and does well at, will only increase a rating if you beat others that play the same course. Which course doesn't make a difference. And Leagues give 1/2 the points of a c-tier event.

Zac Teuscher    June 12 at 10:46am

Are you near Woods this morning?
Come test the new hole location if you are

Jim Costello   June 12 at 11:41am

Be sure to let us know when the backfill work party's happening... and I hope it's not during regular work hours! I wanna pitch in!

Zac Teuscher   June 12 at 11:49pm

The dirt might have been delivered today. I'm going to check in the morning. If there it'll be next week starting tuesday most likely. Thank you for offering to help I'll keep everyone informed.

Zac Teuscher    June 8 at 2:35am

Have you noticed all the work being done at Woodmansee Park Disc Golf Course?
Check out the "Project List" and deadlines for upcoming maintenence and improvements at:
bit.ly/WoodsR :-)


Zac Teuscher    June 8 at 12:40am

There is a purple Wraith thrown off 18 into the big tree and/or bushes is the middle. If you find it I have the owner's info on me. Lmk


Mark McKeever    May 31 at 6:08pm

I believe i left a vibram there yesterday, white and purple has my name and number on it, please let me know if you see it.

Zac Teuscher   May 31 at 7:08pm

Where might she be?

Mark McKeever   June 1 at 10:15pm

I'm not sure. I cleaned my discs before I went and played didn't remember using that vibram but when I went again It wasn't in my bag. the only 2 holes I would use that disc at is 5 and 8.

Mark McKeever   June 1 at 10:18pm

Thanks Zac for responding, but disc has just turned up.

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS    May 28 at 8:54am

I found a Cell Phone at Woodmansee park near hole# 2 yesterday. Please call me to confirm it is your lost phone and to meet to return it. (971)701-7074


trent hughes    May 27 at 9:51pm

My buddie lost a green and white vibram lace today on hole 8. His name is Mark S. The disc should be some where in the thick on the left side of the fairway with all of those trees and brush. Thanks!

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Doug "Stronghammer" Morgan   May 28 at 2:20am

let me know if you find a flag pattern Katana I lost a couple days ago on hole 3

Zac Teuscher   May 28 at 7:02am

K I'll try and look today. approximate position?

Doug "Stronghammer" Morgan   May 28 at 2:49pm

over by the fallin log or a little left of it, thx Zac

Steve Moore    May 26 at 3:03pm

I hope all enjoy Woodmansee course as it is looking the best it has in a long time. Between hand mowing and weed wacking Zac and I have been able to get done last 5 days and this gem of a course is starting to shine bright again. Tee sign repair should be happening in next week or so. Thanks all and enjoy it.

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Mr CLEAN   May 26 at 6:23pm

and i wish they putt in a new sleeve for 8long...wich 6 could share the sleeve as well...

Steve Moore   May 26 at 6:57pm

I think we are talking about same location Lee, It will be basically between 6 long and 8 short about equal distance in the little clearing we have started to clear, final approval coming about some clearing for flight path. Anything being done is with approval as required, input from folks welcom ... more

Grape Ape   May 27 at 10:06am

Great work Steve and Zac!

Steve Moore    May 25 at 5:39pm

Got a few more hours out at Woodmansee this morning getting some more mowing and such done. Still got some more detail work to get done but overall would say 90% done, major areas cleaned up. Tee sign repair will be coming next and hopefully backfill for around tees happening at some point, waiting to hear back from parks department on that one. Come out and enjoy this gem of a course, good practice for all sorts of shots.

Zac Teuscher   May 25 at 6:05pm

amazing work Steve! thank you for everything!

Steve Moore    May 24 at 6:02pm

Just in from good 4 hour work on Woodmansee course. Holes 2 and 3 mowed down and looking pretty. Bring on your roller shots for hole 2 around corner to right, they will roll now without the tall grass. Will be trying to get back there tomorrow for some more mowing and such, anyone welcome probably be there by 10 again. Hope all enjoy as this gem of a course comes back to life, sign repair coming soon also. Steve

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   May 24 at 7:27pm

thank you steve! maybe i can head down there tomorrow. just got back from hornings.

Zac Teuscher   May 24 at 7:34pm

you're amazing Steve! thank you for everything!

Steve Moore    May 23 at 11:12pm

Current plan for tomorrow Sunday is to be at Woodmansee by 10:00 to do some more weed clearing and such. If anybody cares to join be happy to see you there. Will have some extra tools with me. Thanks


Zac Teuscher    May 23 at 4:30pm

Huge shout out to Jordan, Josh, Justin "ugh", and Cameron for coming and help work on the course today!
Justin shot the lowest score therfore everyone walked away with a gift certificate for a free disc at Tiger Discs!

Woodmansee DGC will be the jewel of the valley with this kind of support!
be another course work party in June! Stay tuned!

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   May 23 at 5:15pm

thank YOU good sir. you got a bright little boy, you should be proud.