Woodmansee Park

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Lily "Hammer" Lee    July 19 at 2:34pm

I just lost my bright pink x-out hatchet on hole 5 about an hour and a half ago. It hyzard hard about 40' in front of the basket and vanished. My name and number are on it if you find it.

Zac Teuscher   July 20 at 3:15pm

Think it cleared the fence? If not she's not here anymore. Sorry

Lily "Hammer" Lee    July 19 at 2:33pm

Found a no name/no number cheetah on hole 5. If you think it could be yours let me know: the stamp, the plastic type, and the color.


Perry Gyllenskog    July 18 at 6:23pm

Hey guys. Played woods today with some first timers. Loaned my light blue sorcerer which went into the blackberry bushes to the left of hole 7. We looked for quite a bit, but no luck. It's got my name and number. If anyone finds it, i'll be super stoked. Thanks.

Crystal Wiss   July 18 at 10:04pm

Hey! You and Melissa should come to pioneer and church tomorrow!!!

Perry Gyllenskog   July 26 at 11:29pm

Thank you to whoever found my disc and took it to tiger discs. Awesome to have it back.

Brittany Dunn    July 17 at 2:30pm

My brother lost his silver/grey Bolt disc on hole 5 last night. He hit the second middle tree and thinks it went left. If you see it, let me know. Thanks!


Brittany Dunn    July 13 at 12:29am

I know its a long shot, but I lost my yellow driver (Blizzard Champion Boss) on whole 6 in the far right in the blackberry bushes... It was a terrible throw, but I really like my driver.. If you happen to stumble upon it, message me. Thanks!

Zac Teuscher   July 13 at 12:31am

Far right? Past orange fence? I'll look in the morning

Doug "Stronghammer" Morgan   July 13 at 3:16am

no Zach she meant far Left in the trees and ivy. It really works well for her and she only has a few discs so if you found it, she would really appreciate it ;-)

Zac Teuscher   July 13 at 1:41pm

She's found! :-)

Brittany Dunn    July 10 at 1:47am

Thank you for the new signs and the bolt telling us what position the baskets are in. I love how the park has been spruced up and kept up better lately and makes me throw there more!


Rick Saffeels    July 9 at 2:28am

Maybe...just maybe someone found my Orange glow Pd2 with the rainbow Liquid Sunshine stamp. Let someone use it and it got left behind. Let me know I'll give a disc back In Return.

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Zac Teuscher   July 9 at 4:45am

Kayla might have some left. I got a LSO FD from them.. (which is in McCormick :-( )

Steven Winslow   July 9 at 6:05pm

There's also an LSO G* DS at McCormick ><, Kayla does have some PD2's left.

Rick Saffeels   July 9 at 7:32pm

Thanks for looking Zac :) and Steven, I would love to get an orange one or two in 175g let me know when I could pick them up!

Zac Teuscher    July 8 at 8:40pm

All of the baskets at Woodmansee Park Disc Golf Course are in the "A" position at the moment. How do we know?
The finishing touch on the new tee signs was installed today!
Yellow Bolt = Basket Location!
Seems simple with eh!


Says it's public... I'm trying :-(

Steve Moore   July 8 at 8:42pm

Seems to be working now, thanks for getting them installed to finish off the sign work

Steve Moore   July 8 at 8:48pm

Nice job getting basket markers installed to finish off the signs. Hope all enjoy and appreciate them. Zac and I are trying to get it all done on this lovely little course that will test all your short technical shots and even some big arm ones

Zach Hatefi    July 7 at 11:31am

I lost a red underworld on 16 as it was getting dark last night. It came off my hand early and went right into the blackberries... Anyways, my name should be on it, if you find happen upon it let me know! Thanks!

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Zach Hatefi   July 9 at 1:41pm


Zac Teuscher   July 9 at 4:30pm

Maybe go check it out. I cut down that patch of berries a lot. Found a blue Franklin but no red one

Zach Hatefi   July 10 at 6:51pm

Okay thanks!

Me M    July 3 at 8:12pm

**** you, Zac. Message me.

Tyler Franklin   July 3 at 8:42pm


Tyler Franklin    July 3 at 4:23pm

Left an orange disc on hole 7. If you find it ive got a nice reward for you.


Zac Teuscher    June 29 at 12:54pm

Well... apparently volunteering one's time, money and energy in to disc golf courses in Salem is frowned upon by the people that claim responsibility over said courses. Probably why Cascades Gateway Park looks the way it does... Due to "complaints" over the improvements I've helped oversee at Woodmansee I've been asked to stop my volunteer efforts. Sorry disc golfers... No more clean up of trash or debris! No extra trash cans installed and maintained on the cour ... more

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Doug "Stronghammer" Morgan   July 2 at 11:50pm

not to keep things going here but it seems to me Zac, that you should continue to improve the couse no matter what anyone says about it. As long as you have the ok from the parks dept. go for it. If anyone else wants to help, then great. If CCDG wants to do things to improve the course then great. I ... more

Steve Moore   July 3 at 12:15am

Thanks for the support Doug, I've been working with him on this project to bring the course back into shape it should be in. Just got the new signs in and still have more plans in the works. Hopefully we will have this all resolved once and for all in next week or so. We just want to handle ... more

Perry Gyllenskog   July 5 at 9:41pm

My two cents is similar to Dougs. The course looks great and your efforts are super appreciated by those that play at woods regularly. As long as your not breaking any city rules, screw whatever anyone negative is saying!

Zac Teuscher    June 28 at 1:17pm

We get it's hot out and we want you to hydrate yourselfs.
But Woodmansee City Park is not a trash can!
It does have trash cans though! Please use them!

If you drop it, we have to pick it up!

Went to play today and instead didn't the morning picking up 50 lbs of trash!

Steve Moore   June 28 at 1:26pm

Good job Zac and appreciated, to bad lots of folks have no respect for much of anything these days and this is one way it shows, trash

Jonathan Long    June 28 at 10:03am

Disc golf Yard Sale! Sunday 9 to 5 I know it's not a woods thing, but I didn't know where else to post this where it would get local exposure. I'll have 200-300 of my Discs out for sale. Most Will be between $10 and $15. Lots of new and used. Heavy on innova but lots of other stuff too. Address is 488 Phoenix ave se. Salem, or 97302... Directions are petty easy. If you're leaving woods, turn Right on Sunnyside, keep driving south for about 5-7 min then turn right ... more

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Jonathan Long   June 29 at 2:10am

Hey, thanks to the folks who came by today! Still have a ton of Discs for sale, so if you wanna get some Sweet Discs, just shoot me a text and we can meet up. 503.991.2667

Rick Saffeels   June 29 at 12:43pm

Man! wish I could've been there! Any orange discs left? :)

Zac Teuscher   June 29 at 1:47pm

Oh yeah Rick! And I got 8 nice, practically, new discs for a great deal!

Steve Moore    June 25 at 10:23pm

Well it was a good day at Woodmansee today as we got all the tee signs back in place and basket repaired same day service. This should be a link to some pictures Zac took today. Still got a finishing touch to do to signs and that will happen shortly, depending on weather and my schedule. I will also be looking for volunteers to help with next project of moving dirt and fixing up tee pad areas. Will need wheelbarrows, shovels, and volunteers. Work could be done at volunteers available time, ... more

trent hughes   June 26 at 1:29am

the new tee signs look sweet

Zac Teuscher    June 25 at 3:50pm

Basket is better and back in place!
Hoping to get tree signs in later this afternoon/evening..

Perry Gyllenskog   June 25 at 4:02pm

We played to 7's basket as a alternative and made for a couple fun holes. :)

Zac Teuscher    June 25 at 12:01pm

#9/18 basket had been removed and taken to be fixed...
Will have back asap


Rick Saffeels    June 25 at 12:53am

FOUND: new DX Cheetah on hole 6 right next to the basket unmarked (no name or number) let me know if you are missing one otherwise it will go to the disc golf class I teach at Salem Academy.


Mark McKeever    June 24 at 1:01pm

Wow just got an alert on my phone that there is a vegatation fire at woodmansee park. anyone there and knows where and how bad.

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Mark McKeever   June 24 at 2:45pm

the app is called pulsepoint on andriod

Mark McKeever   June 24 at 2:48pm

it is an app for fire and medical calls for salem fire and can be set for other citys and countys in oregon and around the country. theres multiply call settings.

Zac Teuscher   June 24 at 2:56pm

Nice thanks

Zac Teuscher    June 18 at 1:47pm

We removed all the tee signs this morning...
New (IMPROVED) tee signs should be up Saturday morning!
Steve, "The Old Master" we should be calling him, has a sweet surprise in store for the new signs!

Zac Teuscher   June 18 at 1:49pm

If you see anyone having issues getting around the course please help them

Steve Moore   June 18 at 2:02pm

The plan as of moment is to be ready to install Saturday, backup plan for Sunday. Either way should be in ready for next weeks play. Will also be looking for some helpers to move some dirt and wheelbarrows to do some work around pads. Let me know what works for you time wise and can get you set u ... more

Mr CLEAN   June 18 at 2:51pm