Wingfoot Lake State Park

Mogadore, Ohio     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Mitch G    4 days ago

The Wingfoot Zeppelins your local Club has installed the solar basket lights on all the baskets for the year. These are there for everyone's enjoyment they where purchased with Club funds. All we ask is if you see people messing with them please explain why they are out there and that it was hard working individuals money that made this course light up at night for all to enjoy for free. We plan to install even more! Another reminder glow is Monday nights 8pm

Team Jenkins   3 days ago

I've seen them on other courses. They work great!

Mike Hammontree    April 12 at 11:42am

Is the full course open today? Has the driving range opened yet? Thanks!

Jay Kovach   April 12 at 2:05pm

Yes I will post when it changes.

Mike Hammontree   April 12 at 6:14pm

Thanks Jay

Jay Kovach    December 15 at 11:03am

Doubles event the 4 th of January look at the Wingfoot Zeppelins Club


Jay Kovach    September 10 at 6:10pm

Last concrete pour Saturday 10 am the truck shows up so be early we only got 9 tee pads left.


Jay Kovach    September 4 at 8:51am

This is what needs done before this Saturday when we pour: 2 long, 3 short, 6 short and long, 7 short and long, 8 long and 14 short need a little dug out and then leveled. I'm heading up after work today if anyone can help text me. Dirt needs filled in around around tee areas as well on the ones that are done. Only two weekends left to get the course concrete done and the course spruced up before the Flight of the Zeppelins pdga tournament the 21 St of this month.


Jay Kovach    September 1 at 9:13am

Work day at 10 today if anyone wants to help


Jay Kovach    August 23 at 2:57pm

Tomorrow pouring concrete at ten be early if you can help couple forms to set yet and some gravel to lay


Jay Kovach    August 7 at 11:41am

I need to know some things. Who can help out after work on the weekdays?Who knows how to finish concrete?Who is available only on the weekdays? Who can take off Wednesday the 21 St to help with the concrete pour?Who can help the following weekend? Please get a hold of me worth a way to contact you. Thanks also the ball golf driving range closes August 29 th for the year.


Jay Kovach    July 26 at 8:24am

Work day at the foot all weekend plus disc golf events free league Saturday 5 pm, Sunday 9 am Club tag round, Monday 830pm glow. August 3rd we are pouring concrete tees all day, show up anytime from 9 am on please.


Jay Kovach    July 9 at 11:14am

Sent from the Wingfoot Park department "The disc golf holes 12-15 are closed Friday-Sunday from 12pm to 7:30pm. This has been posted with signs from the beginning of the season. We do not allow people to play through during these hours of operation for Saftey reasons.

Mike stutney" please from now on email the Ohio State Park department on this matter emailing me has no effect on the parks decision Thanks


Jay Kovach    June 28 at 9:40pm

Will be at the foot tomorrow laying some things out for the approach game and cookout on Sunday and cleaning up 14 long now Wingfoot has two sets of tees long and short experience levels include but not limited to, novice beginner rec from short and intermediate advance level from the longs 9 am tomorrow morning Saturday clean up holler if you can help and want to get a round in also


Mitch G    June 11 at 2:58pm

left a glow buzz near the practice basket last night, had my email on it


Mitch G    May 3, 2013 at 12:43pm

A reminder that Wingfoot glow league starts on Monday Night. We will begin throwing at about 8:30!! 5 dollars gets you in, 1$ ACE fund, and we will have other prizes if we get a good turnout.


Jay Kovach    March 24, 2013 at 11:00pm

Workday /cleanup 9-930 wednesday


Mitch G    November 4, 2012 at 1:45pm

Lost a Light blue, baby/powder blue

Star Excalibur on 13, right of the basket somewhere, no ink on it, reward, thanks


Jay Kovach    February 15, 2011 at 11:16pm

Tournament the 20th of this month tee off at 9:30 look up the zeppelins on here in the clubs


Nick Marion    October 12, 2010 at 11:57am

Before doubles on the 16th, Jay and I are setting up a work detail to start cleaning up the course. Our primary goals will be to clean up lines off the tee and clean up greens. Tentative start time is 5:00, though that is subject to change depending on Parks and Rec. We will leave time between our work and the glow event to eat dinner. Please, let us know if you are able to come and help! Also, a few of us have been doing some work to get a club established at Wingfoot. We are hoping to have ... more