Wild Haven Disc Golf Resort

Manton, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Josh Henry    April 3 at 10:18am

Lost a blue katana and motor city open clear crystal z challenger knee deep snow still but great course

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Nick Letts   April 3 at 11:09am

Ill keep an eye out for them too. If we could get rid of some more of this damn snow I'd be out there everyday.

Michael Wildner   April 5 at 11:27am

I *might* be out there trudging around on Sunday...hopefully if I get all my homework done tonight, and maybe a little more snow will melt by then too.

Josh Henry   April 6 at 11:09am

yea i was gonna go look for my putter today

Parkour aka spiderman    February 10 at 11:46am

I have a blank annual pass I won at states if anyone wants to buy pm me

Parkour aka spiderman   April 3 at 1:26pm

Awesome I still got it

Josh Henry   April 3 at 1:28pm

what u want for it trade discs or cash

Michael Wildner    July 23 at 1:36am

This course is still under construction. Holes 1,2, 8, and 9 can be played as a mini loop, and holes 10-12 and 14-18 are open. Work needs to be done on 13 and 3-7. I will post here when the all holes are open. I had more equipment malfunctions in the week before the grand opening than I could handle. Chainsaw, weed whacker, and brush hog all broke down in the same day!! Almost killed my riding mower trying to do what I could. The holes that are open have both short and long tees marked with flag ... more

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greg wingard   July 23 at 6:21pm

i played the course and for my skill level i thought the course was quite challenging and long. but i had a great time and can appreciate all the time and hard work that went into it. i cant wait to see this course when it is complete as i will be continuing to spend my time and money enjoying the ... more

Zachary Vaughn   July 23 at 11:18pm

Cal, I would give an A+ for every course if I were grading the efforts of the individuals that got the course in. And then there are two ways to rate a course, basing the grade against all courses or rating the course based on designer limitations. I prefer to use both when thinking about a course rating. All that aside, I'm sure Wild's course is better than an F-.

Cal Benke- Team Tilley's   July 24 at 8:20am

It's a good idea. Rate against other courses and designer limitations.Even a few words helps to clarify their positioon. Thanks Zach, see you this weekend.

Mike Stump - OldStump    June 19 at 10:02am

Map shows a route to northeast of Tippy Dam.. address shows Manton.. where are you?

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Mike Stump - OldStump   June 19 at 3:26pm

Oldstump is on my discs.. trying to think of what I've lost at kenwood but lack of memory gets in the way. Would love to take a walk-around some time soon if it's ok..

Michael Wildner   June 28 at 6:56pm

Hi Mike - I got your disc out of my garage, its an orange 168g Star Kite. By all means, feel free to go out and get a look at the place. A lot more mowing yet to be done, but you'll be able to make out the fairways of a couple of holes. I just put the first 4 baskets in today. I'll be having some f ... more

Mike Stump - OldStump   July 2 at 10:50am

lost that 2 summers ago.. thanks.. took a walkaround yesterday.. I'm guessing 2-3 (& maybe 4) run along the road? looks like some clearing to do but sick hole finishing uphill

Nick Letts    May 8, 2013 at 8:05am

Does this course exist? I live in Manton and if there is a course here I'd like to get involved. Please contact me. Thank you.