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Mr. Snap    4 days ago

New Tee Pad Trny Is Tonight at 530pm.....18 holes cali style....bring a new or very nice used disc for buy in....NO ONE LEAVES EMPTY HANDED....SEE YA ON THE GREEN!



Rud Adam    April 11 at 11:11am

I am so PROUD of our local disc golf community...It seemed like the perfect group of Dudes showed up to get the job done....Thank You!!!

We had guys from Sweet Home, Lebanon, Albany, and 1 Cat from Silverton :-)

What an Awesome Day. Enjoy!!!

ROGUE RIDER   April 11 at 11:41am

i must say that was an awesome turnout!!! 1st time ever ive seen more man power at a workparty than there was tools and work tobe done! great job guys and way to show waterloo some love...

ROGUE RIDER   April 11 at 11:42am

ps im from aumsville, not silverton...;~>

Mr. Snap   April 11 at 1:07pm

almost deep south...lol...thanks LEE u the man

Mr. Snap    April 11 at 10:55am


There is 15 brand new still wet tee pads at the loo....they will be ready for action this coming Tuesday night 4-15-14...so please be respectful of the concrete and stay off it untill then....the course is still open just stay off the pads...thanks for your cooperation....AND HUGE THANKS TO PACIFIC JACK BOOTS AND GEAR and the man himself ADAM RUDD for making this happen....finnaly the LOO HAS PADS!!!!

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Mr. Snap   April 12 at 3:55am

broke your knee on a standing flick hole?....we gotta get some rounds in Dallas...but true the pads are amazing...hope to see ya on the opener Tuesday

Dallas Trower   7 days ago

okay maybe its 14 then. the semi Downhill dogleg right blind flick/turnover hole. last triples I blew out my MCL on that teepad. I love waterloo tho.

Daneger Jones   7 days ago

waterloo was my one of my top five "needs pads courses". can't wait to check em out.

Mr. Snap    March 8 at 3:11pm

TEE PADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Starting this Thursday & Friday Mar13th & 14th....9am Adam Rudd from Pacific Jack Boots & Gear will be hosting work parties to get the new and old tee pad positions ready to pour!!! Please bring shovels and other hand tools if you have them and join in the fun....and be some of the first peeps to see, help make and of course throw! the new lines for holes with new tee pad locations. If all goes according to plan Waterloo will have 18 brand new concrete tee pads wi ... more

Kalib A.   March 8 at 5:34pm


Rud Adam   March 13 at 9:31pm

it was a good start for the first day, got new locations roughed in for tee pads 4, 7, 9, and 17....also got 16 dug out.

scotty don't- make putts    March 8 at 11:49am

Lost glow makio yesterday on hole twelve in the water in front of basket and to the left

ROGUE RIDER   March 8 at 1:40pm

lol... taint no "I" in teamwork ... or mako. we banging chains all dam day sunday? im free all day, meet at my house? @ taloali? then hit kiezer???

Mr. Snap   March 8 at 3:01pm

u must mean hole 11 eh...and your best bet is to man up and go under for that thing...those local kids watch that water level drop each day and snag the winter prizes every year

Mr. Snap    February 16 at 7:00pm

Ace Race Cancelled for Feb 22nd!

A few of us will still be out there saturday morning just incase peeps show up from the flyers...we will figure out some kind of layout to dodge the trees and water...and maybe throw a few bucks on it ;)....so if you still got the gots and dont mind geting wet...see ya on the green


Mr. Snap    February 8 at 11:40am

Snow Round Today!!!...1pm at the Loo!!!


Mr. Snap    January 28 at 5:46pm

First Waterloo Event of 2014 !!!



Mr. Snap   February 16 at 6:59pm

Event Cancelled!

Kalib A.    December 14 at 7:46pm

Lost green flick in the ditch of doom.


Dustin "Shaggy" Kerr    November 9 at 8:51pm

Lost a white Buzzz ESP (with a custom buzzz bee print) on hole 17 deep left tonight... (tryed to get one last hole in) too dark and couldn't find... if someone found it and called me it would be Much Appreciated ...


ROGUE RIDER    September 28 at 1:05am

bring your floaties kids, and don't worry im a strong swimmer so ill jump in and save you... but someone else will have to give you mouth to mouth.


Eulind Calorino    July 25 at 9:40pm

Lost a blue disc with c.o.d.g.c on it. If found text me 5416783114

http://www.discgolfscene.com/profile/29786   July 26 at 1:08am

lost during the hi-lo event?...what hole?...we keep an eye out for ya bud

Eulind Calorino   July 30 at 1:15am

not sure what hole but it was a front 9 and in the bushes to the left of the pad

Jesse "warrior" Wuori    March 13, 2013 at 11:44pm

GLOW at the Loo friday night. Nothin special just a casual round.


ROGUE RIDER    July 19, 2012 at 12:37am

ill be banging chains at the LOO @ 7am with couple of my homies if anybody likes the early rounds like i do...


ROGUE RIDER    June 21, 2012 at 10:14pm

anybody playin the LOO sunday ?


thai wells    January 29, 2012 at 9:29am

ya ya course matanece! hahaha


Jesse "warrior" Wuori    January 28, 2012 at 6:26pm

I found a blue dx valkyrie today on 16. no name. Whoever lost it get ahold of me and i will return. 541 401 3492


Harlzzz A    August 18, 2011 at 11:30pm

Trim party