Vicksburg Recreation Area

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Larry LaBond    2 days ago

K'Aces Summer League begins this Monday April 6th!!! Lots of prizes, huge ace pool, and a ton of fun!! You don't need to be good to have fun in league and to do well. Membership does not need to be paid in full to start!!

Nicholas Ruggles   1 day ago

What time?

Dave Davies   1 day ago

Get confirmation from Larry but I am pretty sure there is a window you have and can tee off anytime up until 6pm but must find at least one other person to play with to keep the scores honest.

Larry LaBond   9 hours ago

Check in is between 3-6pm. I usually do get there early though.

Erich Partee    March 15 at 6:28pm

Lost a purple inertia mvp on hole#8 on the left side about even or just past the bushes in the middle of the fairway. Has my email add inside on the flight plan [email redacted]. would love to have it back. Thanks.


Tate Handy    March 9 at 10:55am

Lost a yellow destroyer in the fairway on 1. Reward for it's return.


Ken B    March 8 at 7:20pm

*FOUND* Star Tern in the brush piles between 7 & 8 Fairwways. No name on it, so describe it and its yours.


Patrick Jouppi    March 3 at 11:55am

Lost a light green MVP Inertia off the left side of 12 just as it narrows to the bottle neck. It's probably gone 'til Spring, but there's definitely a reward for it.

Friend lost a beat-in red Champion Monarch on the left side of 10 in the deep snow near the Long Pad for #8.


Ken B    March 1 at 4:19pm

Lost a light purple gold line halo on 8 near the tree to the right of the basket. no name on it, due to it being brand new. reward for return.


Ken B    February 6 at 10:17pm

Hey does anyone know if the pads have been cleared since the big snow?

Erich Partee   February 6 at 10:33pm

I got 1-13 done Tuesday cleaned and salted

Ken B   February 8 at 4:15pm

thanks for that! went out today and 1-13 were still in good shape!

Ken B    January 16 at 9:01pm

Hey lost a tye dye champ firebird in the woods left of the basket on 1. Buried somewhere in the snow. reward for return. also short tees are clear and nice. thanks to everyone who made that happen!


Larry LaBond    January 1 at 3:42pm

We will be having an open meeting for the 2015 Am Worlds at the Family Center for the Arts on Sunday the 11th at 6pm. The address is 6136 South Westnedge, Portage, MI. It is in the backside of Southland Mall (behind Kohl's).

We need some more people stepping up to take on roles. We have some specific jobs that need to get done. There are a lot of things that we will hopefully be announcing in the next few weeks. Please come out and learn what you can do to be part of this awesome event!! We will have pizza and beverage too!


Joshua Deiters    December 7 at 10:41pm

lost orange Beast on hole 10 with my name and number on it. Reward with return or pick from my collection.


Ben Goodrow    October 22 at 2:38pm

Lost a Blue Pure on hole 3 in the water directly in line with the basket. It is about 8 feet off shore, but when I tried to retrieve it the water got murky and I could no longer see it. Name and number on the bottom. Reward of new disc from extras if returned. Thank you!


dan thompson    October 20 at 5:49am

lost my opto claymore on hole 3 in the water during glow dubs. also a blue and yellow spindyed bolt on 5. please return if found. initials and pdga# 67642 on rim. rewards and good karma if returned. i highly doubt anyone will be honest as I've never had a disc returned in my 6 years playing. but maybe someone can change that

Curtis S   October 20 at 7:59am

Good luck! I know of people who have both given back a lost disc and received their disc they does happen :-)

dan thompson   October 22 at 7:34am

right i know people who have gotten returns and given . i call discs if they have a number or post them with pictures on here and facebook pages. ive returned many. received none. lol the good karma will pay off soon. good thing its just plastic. totally replaceable.

Ken B    October 19 at 11:30am

Hey lost my glo buzzz os in the pond last night at glo dubs. It hit the robber tree directly across from the short tee and went in. 15$ reward plus any disc u want from my extras. It has a KB written on the inner rim.

Nicholas Ruggles   October 20 at 1:39am

That same tree/pond claimed my buzzz this week as well...

Larry LaBond    October 9 at 1:36pm

We will be having open meetings for the 2014 PDGA Amateur World Championships Presented by Bell's Brewery, Wednesday October 15th and Sunday October 19th both at 6:30pm at the Holiday Inn West in Kalamazoo, MI. We are looking for people that are interested in helping with course improvements, fundraising, and filling some coordinating positions and willing to run some of the individual activities that happen during the week. If you are really interested in helping out and taking on some responsibility for the Worlds, please attend either one of these meetings!!!


M Brockmyre    October 8 at 3:48pm

Swampthing was great! Looking forward to the next tourney there. G&Gs! don't forget the Temporary Insanity tournament in Benton Harbor on the 19th. The tourney page says that if 50 people attend, the cities will install a permanent course in Benton Harbor and St. Joseph! Sweet! Get the word out! Two new courses!


Lawrence Leonardi    September 27 at 5:07pm

Swampthing Challenege tomorrow! Registration 8am to 9am. Going to be a beautiful day on this beautiful course. Remember this is one of next years am worlds courses so it will be nice to play it in competition to get a feel for it if you are planning on going!

Dave Davies   September 27 at 9:14pm

Just finished up a round - course is in excellent condition at the moment. Tomorrow is going to be a great tournament and an awesome time to see all of the upgrades that have been made to the course!! Don't forget there is a donation box, they have put a lot of time and money into the course lately!!!

Lawrence Leonardi    September 3 at 10:31pm

Saturday Lost a white Gold line saint with red dye and shield stamp to left of short tee pad on hole 11 and somewhere between 15 and 18 my silver barstamp TI challenger was left behind has blueish and oranginh/red dye on top. Reward for return!


Dave Davies    July 30 at 11:23pm

Course looked phenomenal today, Amazing job on the cleanup and wood chips being laid out on the paths.Thanks to all of you who keep the course so well manicured.


Dave Davies    July 19 at 10:28pm

**** 30 days to claim discs I pulled out of the swampy nasty gross probably-infected-me-with-something scum pond behind the basket on hole 10 *** Long story - I bought a couple aviars for putting practice off a dude on craigslist today and wanted to test them out so I stopped at VIRA on the way home. All was going well with my new aviar and Orion LS until hole 10. I landed the Orion off the short tees at the top of the dirt patch just before the basket pocket... no worries, sink the putt for ... more

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Chef Kelly   July 20 at 2:41pm

How about a Orange Classic Roc. It has my number but it is an old number. It has "Coastal Plains Random Doubles" Stamp with the Cape Hatteras Light House on it. I hope this is one you pulled out of that slime. If it is thanks Bro your a real trooper. I was hopeing that swamp would Dry up a bit more first. Let me know my number is 2698320666 Chef Kelly

Dave Davies   July 20 at 6:09pm

lol yeah that was one of them, I sent a text to the number on the disc and called and left a message. I will give you a call sometime this week to get it back to you, just got back from vicksburg

Chef Kelly   July 21 at 8:21pm

Yo was trying to find you tonight at ViRA leagues. I work at Firekeepers in battle creek. If you would call or text me. We could meet up some place. Thanks Chef Kelly.

Jared DeVisser    July 14 at 8:40pm

Lost my Red 400s Pa2 putter in hole 14 pond today. Half way between am pad and opposite shore of the pond. Reward offered for its return. I know its unlikely due to the number of divers that keep disc but just throwing it out there.

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Jared DeVisser   July 16 at 6:56pm

yeah i remember that post on CL. All my discs have my name and number on them and i offer rewards for them. i confronted the divers last time they where in there and they lied out their asses about calling people. I think something needs to be done. I heard florida passed a law that it was stealing to with hold a disc with a name and number on it.

Jared DeVisser   July 16 at 6:57pm

Double D I have a hornet that I bought earlier this winter that is red if you are looking to trade or buy a new one. sorry I cant help with returning your discs. I have always tried to return discs with names on them. Even have a guy that i called for 3 months that finally got his back last fall! we played around and have been in touch ever since!

Dave Davies   July 16 at 10:09pm

no worries, I have long since replaced it. I am a master at getting people their discs back, its just silly. I once got a dude two discs back at doubles, I found one warming up then gave it to him, recognized the name and realized I had another one in my trunk from months before. I even returned a DX Shark last week, cracked me up that he came out to get it.

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