Vicksburg Recreation Area

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Benjamin Overbeek    2 days ago

On Saturday, May 30th I'm running a tournament at Oshtemo at 10:00. It's the Vibram Birdie Bash! Sign up here on the scene before noon on MONDAY! For $30, you get to pick two discs, a tshirt, win cool prizes, and maybe get invited to the Vibram World Championships at Coldbrook in July! Also, please be aware that this IS a tournament, so plan accordingly if you will be playing a casual round.


Ryley Millar    2 days ago

Also lost a white dx whippet on hole 12. It's in the brush to the right of the pin. Name and number on back. Will trade for it back.


Ryley Millar    2 days ago

Lost a salmon colored westside Viking on hole 11 in the brush to the right after you get past the archway from the pro tee. Name and number on the back. Will trade a disc to get it back!


Dave Davies    2 days ago

Lost: Yellow Pearly Beast, no ink - almost completely faded stamp. Pretty sure I lost this on hole 10 during dubs last night. Nice disc reward if returned.


Dave Davies    7 days ago

Left my pink panda mini during dubs last friday, wouldnt mind having it back if someone found it.


Jared Dow    May 10 at 12:14pm

Lost a white Destroyer in the pond. Very close to the edge towards 17s pad. Tee'd off on 14, hit the branches on the left and it shot all the way to the right. I couldn't see it. Would love to get it back.

Dave Davies   May 10 at 3:27pm

If its the one I told you about and I gave it to someone who kept it instead of turning it in to Larry I apologize. Thinking back I don't think he was part of the tournament but I was heading to my hole and saw him walking towards the parking lot so asked him to turn it in. It was white with a photo-looking stamp on it. I found it in the bushes near the road on 18.

Jared Dow   May 10 at 8:23pm

So sketchy. Someone grabbed it out of the water and then threw it on 18.

Jared Dow   May 10 at 8:24pm

Then it got yoinked again lol

Fred Vocino    May 4 at 10:50pm

Taking a look at the pics, in prep for worlds. Are the red stakes at the front of the tees still there? Falling vampires want to know.

Dave Davies   May 4 at 10:53pm

They were discarded when they put the permanent tee signs up. I found one in the garbage on 14 which is my nemesis hole so I took it as a symbol of fortitude. It is now somewhere in my basement.

Fred Vocino   May 4 at 10:57pm

Funny...get a pic with the stake driven through that putter that failed to "stick".

Tom Bos    April 20 at 10:46am

Left a red fleck Escape on hole 6 close to the basket... would love it back as it was pretty much brand new. Thanks!


Tom Bos    April 8 at 9:08pm

Left an Axiom Mini out on the course this evening. It's white w/ an orange ring & the axiom logo on the face. I think I left it on hole 2 close the pin, but not totally sure. Thanks guys! Let me know.


Larry LaBond    March 30 at 2:46pm

K'Aces Summer League begins this Monday April 6th!!! Lots of prizes, huge ace pool, and a ton of fun!! You don't need to be good to have fun in league and to do well. Membership does not need to be paid in full to start!!

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Dave Davies   March 31 at 4:55pm

Get confirmation from Larry but I am pretty sure there is a window you have and can tee off anytime up until 6pm but must find at least one other person to play with to keep the scores honest.

Larry LaBond   April 1 at 2:58pm

Check in is between 3-6pm. I usually do get there early though.

Nicholas Ruggles   April 8 at 11:33pm

ok sounds good.

Erich Partee    March 15 at 6:28pm

Lost a purple inertia mvp on hole#8 on the left side about even or just past the bushes in the middle of the fairway. Has my email add inside on the flight plan [email redacted]. would love to have it back. Thanks.


Tate Handy    March 9 at 10:55am

Lost a yellow destroyer in the fairway on 1. Reward for it's return.


Ken B    March 8 at 7:20pm

*FOUND* Star Tern in the brush piles between 7 & 8 Fairwways. No name on it, so describe it and its yours.


Patrick Jouppi    March 3 at 11:55am

Lost a light green MVP Inertia off the left side of 12 just as it narrows to the bottle neck. It's probably gone 'til Spring, but there's definitely a reward for it.

Friend lost a beat-in red Champion Monarch on the left side of 10 in the deep snow near the Long Pad for #8.


Ken B    March 1 at 4:19pm

Lost a light purple gold line halo on 8 near the tree to the right of the basket. no name on it, due to it being brand new. reward for return.


Ken B    February 6 at 10:17pm

Hey does anyone know if the pads have been cleared since the big snow?

Erich Partee   February 6 at 10:33pm

I got 1-13 done Tuesday cleaned and salted

Ken B   February 8 at 4:15pm

thanks for that! went out today and 1-13 were still in good shape!

Ken B    January 16 at 9:01pm

Hey lost a tye dye champ firebird in the woods left of the basket on 1. Buried somewhere in the snow. reward for return. also short tees are clear and nice. thanks to everyone who made that happen!


Larry LaBond    January 1 at 3:42pm

We will be having an open meeting for the 2015 Am Worlds at the Family Center for the Arts on Sunday the 11th at 6pm. The address is 6136 South Westnedge, Portage, MI. It is in the backside of Southland Mall (behind Kohl's).

We need some more people stepping up to take on roles. We have some specific jobs that need to get done. There are a lot of things that we will hopefully be announcing in the next few weeks. Please come out and learn what you can do to be part of this awesome event!! We will have pizza and beverage too!


Joshua Deiters    December 7 at 10:41pm

lost orange Beast on hole 10 with my name and number on it. Reward with return or pick from my collection.


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