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Scott Wilson    9 hours ago

For all my disc golf friends. Please be on the lookout, for the basket from hole 13 from M. Broadway. Basket was stolen and we all know the only person that would do that is a disc golfer. Sadly it's people like this who give our sport a bad name. Since it is a disc golfer someone locally knows who did this.Please help catch this thief! The basket is an innova disc catcher, with added chains.

Fred Vocino   9 hours ago

There is always someone who knows about the theft. The dishonor of the theft spreads to them. Every day they remain silent adds to humiliation they must feel when they pretend to enjoy discgolf with those that have been insulted and harmed.

Curtis S   6 hours ago

Disc Golf Karma will find them...I imagine the guilt will pile on as they trees bend in the way of their throws and baskets spit their birdie/par saves out...shameful.

RIP HAMILTON   2 hours ago

Yes sir......

Donnie Tarver    3 days ago

found a disc.....gazelle....Shelly Brown


Pat Holtz    August 15 at 3:09pm

I added a red MVP Relay to the water hazard on 14 today. I have my name and phone number on the back if anyone ever finds it after diving in or raking it out. I tried, but no luck. It hit the branches overhead on the trees on the east side and dropped in maybe 20 feet from shore. Many thanks in advance! (fingers crossed......) :)

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Pat Holtz   August 17 at 8:47am

Awesome. Thanks. If someone finds it I'd be willing to come pick it up.

Pat Holtz   August 17 at 8:50am

And give you $10 for your trouble. :)

Pat Holtz   August 19 at 8:38am

That's the first disc I've ever lost, by the way (been playing since 2008). Hence the emotional attachment and reward.

Joleen Ryder    August 13 at 9:12am

Please help if you can.


Amanda M    August 12 at 9:04pm

Lost my bright green/yellow champion Teebird with a disc girls gone wild logo on it somewhere on hole 10. It's on the left side in the thick weeds maybe by the long of 8. Reward if found. Just got it and really starting to like it!


Joleen Ryder    August 10 at 7:55am

Please HELP me get to the State Championships. This is my first BIG tournament and i would really like to go, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Patterson   August 10 at 7:39pm

Is this spam?

Joleen Ryder   August 11 at 9:31am

No it's not spam, i dont know what you are getting it thou.

Joleen Ryder   August 11 at 9:31am


AJ Hogan    August 8 at 1:59pm

My friend threw his blue discraft stalker z from the tee pad on 16 into the pond on 14. No ink but really would love to have it back if it's found. Please let me know if you do.

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Josh Ryder   August 11 at 8:58pm

Was swimming there today didn't find it must be deep

AJ Hogan   August 11 at 9:17pm

Appreciate it

Josh Ryder   2 days ago

A guy found it today before I got there just a heads up

Joleen Ryder    August 7 at 1:41pm
Please help if you can. Much appreciated

Mike Patterson   August 10 at 7:38pm

I don't get this?


Mike Patterson    August 5 at 6:46pm

Found a wraith last time I was here couple weeks ago in the woods looking for my disc, the ink is about worn off if its anyones disc hit me up and let me know the plastic and color no numbers on it


Mitchell Wilson    August 5 at 5:46pm

Lost a Prometheus (wide blue driver) on 9 just left it there during league. If anyone has it will give reward


Lanny Potts    August 5 at 2:16pm

Just lost a yellowish Prodigy P3 - brand new, unmarked - would love to have it back. Took an extra putt and just left it. Lanny (w/the Golden Retrievers) 269-903-7297


Joleen Ryder    August 3 at 11:43am

Please help me get to State Championships. I have received my "Birth" to go to state and i need some help getting there.


Ken B    August 2 at 10:16pm

Lost a pink Sasquatch Open stamped DD Felon, possibly in the long pond on 14. Possibly in the surrounding bushes. Looked like a birdie, then was gone. Name and pdga on the disc. 10$ or plastic reward for recovery.


miles b    August 1 at 10:38am

Friend lost a yellow dx leapord on hole 16 in the pond to the right not very valuable but a disc he's had a lot of good rounds with

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miles b   August 1 at 12:10pm

No we just lost it no ink text at 5176175036 if it's found

Josh Ryder   August 11 at 9:01pm

The other guy that raked probably got it he's been selling them sorry bro

miles b   August 11 at 11:40pm

all good thanks for looking

Ryley Millar    July 31 at 7:40pm

Lost a pink elite z drone on 14 in the pond on the right side. Will trade for it back. Name and number should be on it. Didn't look to be too deep.


Rick Little    July 30 at 2:50pm

Threw an orange DX cobra through the bushes into the water on 17 info should be on the back, I would pay to get it shipped back if found. Thanks


Daniel Ledden    July 27 at 9:35pm

Lost a glide on hole 16 right hand side near the pond

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Josh Ryder   July 29 at 9:26am

Nvm yep I found it!

Daniel Ledden   July 30 at 8:33pm

Thanks man I'll be at league on Monday

Josh Ryder   July 31 at 9:34am

Sure thing wife and I tee off around 6

Josh Ryder    July 26 at 7:36am

Back to normality but if I find any out of towners disc I'll try to get ahold of you /got it back to u thanks for a great week one and all

Bill Rook   July 26 at 10:10am

Please keep your eye out for a white pre-Avery Star Destroyer. It has a purple stamp 170g. It has my name on the rim and the original owners name "Honkey" with number. I am greatly missing my go to driver!

Josh Ryder   July 27 at 8:26am

Will do

Oakie Kelley    July 25 at 8:25pm

Found a yellow pro katana with the name Peyton on it. Can't quite make out the phone number.


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