Tittabawassee Park

Freeland, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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jeff j    January 30 at 12:54am

anybody got any word on a d.g. course at bay city . bay city times had a story last year where they purchaced the land at marsh point (par 3 ball course closed years ago) and were thinking of putting a d.g. course .. would be a great location ...if you know anybody in bay city maybe we can put a bug in there ear to push for it... please pass the word

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Craig Prime   January 30 at 2:11pm

Lucas Goss would be the guy to talk to. He is pitching the idea, has an informal layout and I understand, the process is to proceed. There are some open questions and necessary solutions and my hopes are for concrete evidence of a plan before the summer is over. but who knows ?????

Craig Prime   January 30 at 2:13pm

Luke or Lucas, he's a member here or find him on FB. I try and keep an updated post also on FaceBook under Disc-Ciples Are Friend's of Disc Golf at Bay City State Recreation Area, check it out.

Eric Francis   January 31 at 12:11pm

I really hope it happens

k w    January 12 at 1:27pm

Is the course still have the baskets in? Or are they removed by now?

Craig Prime   January 12 at 1:43pm

the baskets stay in all year. Tee pads are often shoveled.

David Sepulvedo    January 3 at 12:44am

Lost a pink Mcpro Roc3 with my name/#/ace info on it on the left side of hole 10, would really like that back, reward if found!


Keith Aten    December 23 at 2:23pm

players at Freeland and the surrounding area, be on the lookout ! Someone has removed a set of chains on several of the baskets at Tittabawasee Trails. All of the missing single set of chains were missing from the backside of the baskets, so if you're not paying attention or coming in from the front, you may not even notice. Does anyone know of have heard about a local disc golfer making his own basket ?

Tyler Quinn   December 24 at 7:50pm

I noticed this one hole at Frankenmuth (i think 14, not sure) while playing the black ace tournament last weekend as well

Zack Schenkel    August 31 at 8:01pm

Lost an orange Star XCaliber in the trees between 8 and 9 today. If anyone finds it, I'd love to get it back, even if you want to sell it back.


dustin clegg    August 24 at 10:26pm

was also curious if anyone knew where the fundings are coming from to create and put in the new holes for the course and when there expected to be complete?

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dustin clegg   August 27 at 10:34pm

well thank the township and you guys for putting the money and effort in josh! ill be siked to see it all come together and complete. if possible let me know how the progress is or if you guys need a little extra help.

Joshua Seaver   August 28 at 6:42am

We do work out there on Saturdays between 10-5 come out any time we get lunch for those who help. This week we aren't doing it most of us will be at states

dustin clegg   August 31 at 12:35am

I see and yeah sure. I'd be glad to lend a hand one of these saturdays coming up. Free lunch is a bonus as well.

dustin clegg    August 24 at 10:23pm

buddy lost a orangish colored gstar destroyer on hole 9 also that says CASEMAN in all caps, I'm sure he'd give a reward of some sort to the finder, give me a call (989) 297-1670

dustin clegg   August 27 at 10:39pm

nevermind haha seen it being sold the next day at leagues

Moe Dixon    August 22 at 7:28am

September 15, 16, 17 the disc golf course will be closed due to an event for children "a walk through history" please dont be the guy that insists on playing while children are running through the woods. Thank you


Sean Halloran    August 16 at 11:14pm

Anyone know what's going on at the park this weekend and when it's over?

Moe Dixon   August 17 at 7:02am

a bunch of retards butt ****ing in the woods all weekend. they will be leaving this afternoon

Sean Halloran   August 17 at 9:56am

Yeah it's annoying having the first three holes basically unplayable. Thanks for the info.

Jake Matu    August 16 at 1:55pm

Lost a yellow star destroyer on hole 6 a little over a week ago, RWB label, 175g, no markings. Would like that disc back.


Zack Schenkel    August 16 at 12:56pm

Lost a green FLX Nuke in the reeds/trees to the left of 11 a couple weeks ago. If anyone found it, let me know and I'll buy it back.


David Harrington    August 14 at 7:15pm

Lost my favorite d3 air (yellow with red stripes) in the pile of logs in hole 11. If found please return for $


David Harrington    August 14 at 6:20pm

Lost a yellow f7 with UofM dye job to the right of 6. Would love it back please


Nick C    August 13 at 6:17pm

Lost a red Destroyer dx on hole 13 up near the hole. Name and number were in it. Would love to get it back.


Craig Prime    August 12 at 8:16am

3 lost discs in Freeland Saturday August 9th. John Bellsmith in ink, contact me and I'll put you in touch with John so you can return for reward. thanks


Sean Halloran    August 10 at 2:10am

Lost a green first run D2 on hole 12 to the left past the pathway from hole 4. Would love it back.


Josh Powell    August 7 at 7:42pm

Lots of work happening on the course...
Previously many trees were cut down around 18 1 & 2...
Hole 2 chains were out when I went through today (possibly moving to one side or the other judging by the marked trees?)...
Hole 13 chains are now on top of the hill to the left (DEATH PUTTTTT)...
Hole 15 chains were out when I went through today (possibly moving back a bit?)...
I was told 17 chains are also moving (probably back as well)...

Josh Powell   August 10 at 2:38pm

Update for those of you who haven't been out since the changes... The basket for 2 is now to the right on the path to 3, in a CAGE of trees also bringing the water into play for some stray discs... The basket on 15 is now another 60-80 feet back, hidden away on the right side; requires an accur ... more

David Harrington    July 28 at 7:30pm

Friend of mine lost a disc in the lake on a hole three. If anyone can retrieve it we would definitely like to have it back. Money reward.


jeff j    July 18 at 1:40pm

I mean hole 10 sorry


jeff j    July 18 at 1:38pm

lost a mvp vector on 9 right side before creek its white with a swirl no name or # will pay dearly with cash or plastic for return, disc is special for me , thanks Jeff


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