Stony Creek Metropark

Shelby Township, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Jay B INSANITY DGC    2 days ago

GLOW SKINS TONIGHT! Teeing off at 7pm at firefighters...Come out and play some glow with us tonight, ace pool is at $323, playoff pot is $102, cash ctp and longest putt prizes too!


Anthony Litts    3 days ago

Found a disc in the tall grass. Between hold 8 and hole 13. Would have been past either basket. No name no number. Tell me what it is and I can get it back to you.

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Anthony Litts   2 days ago

Not an ace race disc.

Miles Campbell   2 days ago

maybe one of these three. yellow dyed skull wraith, orange dyed archon, or American flag print prodigy pa4

Anthony Litts   2 days ago

Sadly it is none of them. Has a standard stock stamp on it.

Shannon Campbell    October 15 at 8:31pm

Lost a pink champ Avenger SS with Sherwood stamp on left of 25. Name & number on disc


Brad Fuelling    October 15 at 5:13pm

Lost a yellow champ wraith on 26 off to the right some where before 20's fairway


Jimmy "Dyeing 2 Disc" Schocke    October 13 at 10:37pm

My buddy left an X Stratus on 7s tee pad. Hoping someone on here picked it up.


Robert Cacciapalle    October 13 at 9:16pm

Lost two yesterday.. Lost one on the water hole.. hit a tree on the left and bounce right.. it might have went just before the water, but I did not find it.. It is a Pink Impact with a old English D in the center. No name or number on it. Then I lost one at 27. Light Pink Blizzard Beast on the right side. It was more towards the top part of the hill. I looked for a while, but no luck.. I would like the beast back more than anything.


brian van loon    October 10 at 3:06pm

Left a tye dye wildcat on 9s teepad reward for return


Ryan Kelly    October 8 at 4:59am

Lost on 27

Blue Star AJ Destroyer, left of basket way past the fairway. Deep in tall grass in was getting dark at the end my round. This was probably a week or two ago.

Lost on 26

Pink DGA Torrent, left side of fairway cut in high and around just past the big tall pine tree looking out from the pad

Reward no ink on torrent new, blue star destroyer got in trade probably ink on rim


Jason Thumber Teachey    October 1 at 9:10pm

Left a white star valkerie I believe on hole 20 left side of pin bout 20ft from basket near hole 18s rough it's practically brand new w no ink on it. If you happen to find it please let me know. Reward for return!_! N thanks in advance :)


Jeff "Heyman" Schropp    September 25 at 8:06am

Lost a green/blue Blizzard Boss on #15. flipped it off the tee and should be on right side of fairway. name & # on it. Thanks.


Brandon"RedRum" Redmond    September 25 at 2:22am

Gonna try to get out here Friday, But there is an Opto Flow, bubblegum pink, on the right side of 16. Ran the outside of the brush line, never got up enough to get over. Was getting dark and just had to bail on it. Will reward, name and number on it


Douglas Fresh    September 24 at 4:19pm

Lost a blue DX Destroyer on 26, right side of fairway in the ****. If you find it, keep it.


Brent Sickel    September 24 at 12:53pm

Lost a Green Z Zombie on 18 off to the left. Name, Number and Ace Markings on it. Reward if found !!


Brian Schoening    September 23 at 6:43pm

Was having a cook out last night near the club house and my champion mcbeth roc3 was by the practice basket when someone picked it up... It's yellow with a purple stamp. BS on the bottom. Please let me know if you've seen this.


Anthony Litts    September 23 at 4:55pm

Brian that works the booth is selling discs that he finds on the course. He isn't trying to return them. Even though there are name and numbers on some of them.

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Anthony Litts   September 23 at 10:15pm

John M. stopped by and we had a talk. The 3 of us. Brian, John, and myself.

Miles Campbell   September 23 at 10:51pm

just out of curiosity have you seen the discs they have there? any of them say smilez if you did?

Anthony Litts   September 23 at 11:26pm

Not that I seen.

Tom Carpenter    September 22 at 7:23am

Partner at utnac lost a kiwi green mantis on hole 16 in the rough just past the big bush on the right. Should have been somewhere by the small pine tree but couldn't find it. Name and number on it, plastic for its return.


Jeff Bauman    September 20 at 2:33pm

Left a maroon blizzard boss out there during warm ups last night. REWARD!

steve sevonty   September 21 at 11:42pm

only a maroon leaves a disc during warmups

Jeff Bauman   September 22 at 8:18am

Agreed! Had a little too much goin on upstairs apparently. Still just an armature sport here in the D full of wankers who draw dicks all over the courses, kick over garbage cans and steal or bust everything that's not bolted down...and even then. Remember the tee signs at Seymoure Lake? Yay!

Miles Campbell    September 17 at 8:10pm

..lost two discs today. Titanium buzzz in the drink. Prodigy pa4 with American flag print on 8. $$$&20 bucks for pa4 return. Very special to me. Name and number on both. SmileZ

Miles Campbell   September 18 at 10:08am

silver ti buzzz, white pa4 with American flag text

Randall Kaszynski    September 14 at 9:26pm

LOST: Purple 'Dominator' blizzard champion Innova lost on the right side of hole 11 in the deep grass right before the huge fallen tree. PLEASE return the disc if you find it. Name and number on it. (248)953-1422. Randall K- really like to have it back. Reward if returned $$$


Henry Theodoroff    September 14 at 7:16pm

lost a yellow and black x wildcat on 15 and a tiedye champion wraith on 18 today. would love to have these back.