Stony Creek Metropark

Shelby Township, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Jeff Bauman    22 hours ago

Left a maroon blizzard boss out there during warm ups last night. REWARD!


Miles Campbell    4 days ago

..lost two discs today. Titanium buzzz in the drink. Prodigy pa4 with American flag print on 8. $$$&20 bucks for pa4 return. Very special to me. Name and number on both. SmileZ

Miles Campbell   3 days ago

silver ti buzzz, white pa4 with American flag text

Randall Kaszynski    7 days ago

LOST: Purple 'Dominator' blizzard champion Innova lost on the right side of hole 11 in the deep grass right before the huge fallen tree. PLEASE return the disc if you find it. Name and number on it. (248)953-1422. Randall K- really like to have it back. Reward if returned $$$


Henry Theodoroff    7 days ago

lost a yellow and black x wildcat on 15 and a tiedye champion wraith on 18 today. would love to have these back.


Jeff Bauman    September 13 at 8:59am

Left a white star destroyer w 2014 stone cold stamp on green of hole 2 last night. Anyone pick that up last night?


Bart Kowalewski    September 12 at 11:50pm

Lost my yellow Blizzard Boss to the right of 1. Went into the tall tree where the forest begins on the right side of the fairway. REWARD.


Jonathan Sand    September 11 at 6:46pm

Found a disc on hole 17. Red disc. I heard the name of it and knew someone lost it. It has been found. Message me.

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Shannon Campbell   September 13 at 7:44pm

blizzard wraith?

Miles Campbell   September 13 at 11:55pm

star wraith?

Jonathan Sand   September 14 at 12:32am


Ryan Koeppen    September 9 at 4:17pm

Lost another Ace disc of mine in the swamp on 23. Hyzered high and left of the pin. Yellow and red Superman dyed champ aviar. Would really love this back. Went in myself today but couldn't find it. Will reward if returned. Thanks.


Jon Mazzara    September 9 at 10:01am

Lost a Died Blizzard Destroyer on hole two 300ft on teepad to the right brush, also lost a Yellow / Green Bolt on hole 3 on the left side right before the trees in front of the pin. Both favored discs of mine will give plastic for safe return!


Jason Thumber Teachey    September 9 at 8:57am

Lost a 2014 ace race disc in between 10-11 near down tree it's reddish pink n has faded JT on inner rim 174 penned on lip if u find it n wanna return it you'd b awesome!_! Thanks y'all!

Randall Kaszynski   September 9 at 2:20pm

Jason- which disc model is it? Did it have a nick name other than JT penned in it?

Jason Thumber Teachey   September 9 at 3:57pm

No Randall just JT as those are my initials and the disc dosent have a model yet it's a prototype 2014 ace race disc.

Randall Kaszynski    September 7 at 7:37am

FOUND a Red Boss Blizzard Champion in the tall grass on 'the right of 10/right of 11" Name of "Wheezy" on the inside with a PDGA number. Please give me a call if you lost this - (248) 953-1422

Martin"Beanz" Gonzales   September 7 at 7:54am

thats my buddy ill let him know you found it

John Minicuci   September 7 at 8:50pm

Wayne Jodway 62403

Randall Kaszynski    September 7 at 7:35am

Lost a Purple Dominator Blizzard Champion on the right side of Hole 11 just before the huge fallen tree in the tall grass. Name and number are on it and would LOVE to have it back. $$$ Reward and Blessings in return. (248) 953-1422


Henry Theodoroff    September 6 at 9:42pm

buddy of mine lost a purple star foxbat on 20 today, if you find it let me know


Bart Kowalewski    September 5 at 7:06pm

Lost blue blizzard boss on 26. Hard hyzer cut to the left. Reward


David Aron    September 4 at 10:29am

Lost a Green Blizzard Pig on hole # 13 - forgot to pick it up and remembered 2 holes later, went back but it was gone . would be awesome to get it back.. $reward$


Bruce McCallister    September 2 at 10:38am

Lost a red star tern on hole 15. No ink (name or number on disc), reward if found. Thank you.


Mike Schlimgen    September 2 at 8:03am

My son lost his Glide on hole #20 last night (9-1-2014) on the left side in the thick brush about 100 feet from the tee. I think it has his name and number on it, however, if someone finds it, please text me at 248-918-3003. It is green and red tie-die color. Thanks!


Miles Campbell    August 31 at 6:23pm

Lost a yellow wraith dyed with skull. Name and number on bottom.

Anthony Litts   August 31 at 6:47pm

What hole?

Miles Campbell   September 2 at 8:44am

far left on 16 I believe. one where you shoot right and in between two tree stumps.

Ryan P    August 31 at 12:56pm

Anyone wanna join for a round in 20??


Ryan P    August 31 at 10:56am

Lost my white star destroyer in the bush to the right of the fairway on 19 the disc is old and used. Stamp is faded but id love to have it if anyone finds it