Stony Creek Metropark

Shelby Township, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Michael Mertz    3 days ago

Lost a Daredevil disc polar bear putter on saturday, it is white with a red stamp, between holes 21-25. Not sure if i left it in a basket or fell out of my bag, please message me on here if found will give cash reward if returned. Thanks


Neil Duffey    4 days ago

lost a green champion monarch in the water, basket side of the pond hole. if you find it, rewards will be given, if you keep it, bad karma will ensue lol. name and number are in the inside rim. thanks gang. have fun out there.


Nick Richardson    6 days ago

Lost a GREEN WASP with a Duff Dyed Face Logo ( the logo ) within the last 2 weeks. It was either @ Stony or Firefighters. I would love to have it back, message me.

Neil Duffey   4 days ago

bummer nick, hope ya find me... it... well, you know.

Jay B INSANITY DGC    7 days ago

Lost a pink star katana on 26, hyzerd left quick off the tee, swear i looked everywhere, reward for return, name, number and an ace on it :(

g lane   7 days ago

all i read was hyzered a kitana.

Shaun Adkins   6 days ago

I didn't know they did that either.

Jay B INSANITY DGC   6 days ago

Yea this one does, shes a stabile ****

Jason Thumber Teachey    7 days ago

Lost a Big Z blue Crank on hole 12 today think a group picked it up anywho if anyone sees it I'd love to have it back :) no name or number on it so whatevs might just have to get another, Thanks


ian hicks    April 9 at 11:44am

the avenger ss esp is on the left i thought near the bushes, i do believe someone took it, but can not prove it.

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Jeff Bauman   April 11 at 9:44am

One 170 - 172 & four 173 - 174

Jason Thumber Teachey   April 11 at 10:07am

I have purple star valk 168g 9/10 or a custom dyed star macko 9/10 let me know what ya think or I have a lot of other stuff I just picked those two based on what's in ur bag :)

Jeff Bauman   April 11 at 11:01am

Ill be giving them away as prizes prolly so as long as they are new were good. Ill be at stony around 5 tonight. Also im placing an innova order tonight for our league members and players. $15 for gstar plastic interest you?.

ian hicks    April 7 at 7:48am

Found a black disc on hole 27, tell me what it is and its yours, no name or number on it.

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ian hicks   April 11 at 7:26am

i found it on saturday though.

Jennifer Lynn   April 11 at 10:52am

Ah, thought it might have been it. Probably still out there or got taken. Thanks anyway :)

ian hicks   April 11 at 11:44am

yep no problem there will be a lot of people out there tonight might want to head out there if you can

ian hicks    April 7 at 7:29am

Lost a pink avenger ss esp on hole 19 has my name and number on the back.


Steven Welch    April 6 at 7:30am

Any chance on a pink pro leopard? And a pink star tee bird?


Anthony Litts    April 5 at 7:56pm

Found a disc between hole 6 and hole 15. Let me know what it is and its yours. no name or number on disc. looks like it has been there over winter.

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Bart Kowalewski   April 8 at 7:58pm

Blizzard Boss?

Anthony Litts   April 8 at 11:33pm

not an underworld, or blizzard boss.

Anthony Litts   April 8 at 11:34pm

Hint: its cream yellow with a green stamp.

Padoob E    April 5 at 1:52pm

Anyone down for a round today. I'll be there around 3


Chris C.    April 2 at 3:11pm

Just got a phone call from King Stony, he found my Champ Archon earlier today. I'm having trouble finding his profile on here, so if He or anyone else can help hook us up it would be greatly appreciated.


Jeff Bauman   April 2 at 3:40pm

LOL That was me. I said "team" stony. Although king stony has a nice ring to it. I was saying I run the Friday night league there and Ill have in my car for you.

John Minicuci   April 2 at 9:37pm

King Stony, lol, in his mind!

Jeff Bauman   April 3 at 12:17am

I'm a king!

William "Wilcone" Fretz    March 20 at 6:11pm

My 2014 mccg bag tag #9 fell off my bag. Please contact me if you see anyone with it.


Neil Duffey    March 20 at 4:39pm

ace race in ira this year...


Jason Thumber Teachey    March 20 at 7:41am

I lost a 2012 memorial fundraiser dymax nuke on hole 16 awhile back 3 champion quality discs if returned it is my first ace disc no ink and holds very dear value to me!_! Thank you

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Skyler stoker   March 20 at 11:26am

Sean I also have a nuke OS on hole 5 I would LOVE to have back! Its yellow should be just to the left of the basket ~60'

Sean Mannooch   March 20 at 12:38pm

ok ill keep an eye out for you!

Jason Thumber Teachey   March 20 at 5:01pm

@Sean I'm thinking someone's got it just thought id mention it on here.. N thanks for the look out anyway!_!

Brian Hoppe    March 15 at 1:26pm

I lost a old run buzzz tooled bar stamp buzzz on one of the holes around 25. I think it was 25 but don't know this course super well. I lost it last season but just found this page. If anyone happened to have already found it or by chance is still out there and is found ill reward you. Thanks. 989 590 3398


Joshua Ballinger    March 5 at 6:45pm

Lost two discs on hole one... If your out there and find them I'll reward you Very well. Green z force and purple tie dye destroyer

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Joshua Ballinger   March 5 at 9:30pm

thought that your comment was related to my discs

Timmy Redman   March 5 at 9:42pm

no pretty sure they are still at Stoney

brent moreno   March 6 at 3:51am

yea I know it changed to rb

David Wilmoth    March 3 at 12:15pm

Im planning on going out saturday to check teepads. If not cleared ill shovel and salt pads for the Mudfest sunday!

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David Wilmoth   March 4 at 1:38pm

how bad are the pads at the bends?

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   March 5 at 12:18am

from what I understand much bad but do need shoveling

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   March 5 at 12:19am

*not that bad idk what the heck I was tyoing lol

M Stamper    February 24 at 11:43am

Played the first 18 on Saturday 2-22, and it was tough. Anywhere from 9 to 24 inches of snow in some places. Only the first tee pad was cleared. The snow was tough to trek through and was similar to being on a stair climber in some places, but the paths between holes were packed down and not that bad. The snow did make for some gnarly skip shots, and some that were completely embedded in snow and could not be seen only slice marks in the snow to show you where they were. I meant to go back to hole 1 and write "BEWARE" in the snow next to the tee pad.

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steve nolff   February 24 at 1:11pm

I am sure that M was not playing off of the actual tee pads, but to one side or the other. As to not continue to pack down the tee pads, furthing the ice issues.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   February 24 at 5:03pm

one can hope

Paul Bunko   February 25 at 9:17am

Bring your spud

Skyler stoker    January 25 at 6:07pm

Lost a yellow z nuke OS on hole 5 at league today. Should be ~30' from the basket. Wind covered the cut mark before we got to it. PLEASE return!