Stony Creek Metropark

Shelby Township, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Skyler stoker    14 hours ago

Lost a purple star destroyer on 16 on Friday. Has $ 59861 on the flight plate. Would give a disc or two for its return or an ass whoopin if I see you with it in your bag :)


Breon Coleman    15 hours ago

Got a decent amount of plastic that I'm trying to get rid of let me know. All kinds of different stuff!

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Skyler stoker   14 hours ago

I would also like to know if you have destroyers or anything discmania

John Minicuci   13 hours ago

Looking for an 11x KC Pro Aviar stock stamp with the Flying Saucer Alien.

Michael McGinnis   10 hours ago

Do you have any strainers?

Evan Little    1 day ago

Lost a yellow saint pro on hole ten. Name and number on the back, Reward for its return


Ben Taylor    1 day ago

Any new word on the new holes being finished? walked what i believe was the layout, looks like it'll be fun!

Branden Fulton   17 hours ago

mid August is what i heard them being complete

John Minicuci   13 hours ago

There is no promised date nor can one be given. We have had a good run lately with the weather. The cement contractor did pour cement inside Stony at another location that was part of the bid along with the tee pads for the back 9 of Stony South but it was too wet in specific areas. When a long stre ... more

jeff McIntyre    4 days ago

Lost a 175g red star destroyer on hole 26. Almost thought it cleared the trees on the right but got sucked down into the area of no return. Reward if found:)


Henry Theodoroff    6 days ago

left an orange esp meteor to the right of 24, reward

Henry Theodoroff   6 days ago

not in water just pin high right side

Garrett Emenheiser    6 days ago

lost a team stony thunderbird on 14 took the inside route and was suppose to end up nice but was no where to be found name and number not on it reward if found.

Skyler stoker   6 days ago

Color? Easier to keep an eye out if we know.

Garrett Emenheiser   6 days ago

yep sorry forgot its white with a team stony stamp. should've been fairway but idk where its at.

Breon Coleman    6 days ago

Apparently dropped a yellow M4 somewhere out here. Mid range. Reward if found


Jeremy Ward    June 26 at 4:37pm

I have an old blue christian sandstrom valk on the left of long hole 1's basket. I also lost a blue star wraith to the right off of hole 2's short pad. Reward for both of them


Jeff Bauman    June 26 at 12:22am

Lost a yellow blizzard boss on the left side of 27 near the new tee box over there. Should be right at the opening to 27's fairway they cut there closer to the basket.


Jeremy Ward    June 25 at 7:32pm

Joe service hit me up 5865520443 i found your green disc. If anyone knows him too let me know

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Miles Campbell   June 27 at 11:25am

I've tried finding that that guy. is it a cryztal buzzz

Jeremy Ward   June 27 at 11:41am


Miles Campbell   June 27 at 11:22pm

have fun with it unless you find him

Dominik W    June 25 at 9:08am

Lost an ESP PINK Meteor - Hole 2 - right side stuff, before the hill. Reward!


Miles Campbell    June 25 at 8:26am

Lost red prodigy d2 first run on 26. Hit one of the tall trees to right and fell. Also yellow star wraith on 2 left side. This course ways yellow wraiths be careful lol

Miles Campbell   June 25 at 8:27am

course eats"

Raymond Blain    June 24 at 9:32pm

Lost a white Dx Gator on hole 23. Left of the basket in the swamp. Disc is old and worked in. Reward if found. Also a limited edition Crystal Venom at the back of the swamp on 24.

Rick L   June 25 at 8:25am

Summon the swamp thing!

Raymond Blain   June 26 at 10:08am


Garrett Emenheiser    June 24 at 6:16pm

my buddy lost a disc on 20 on right side of fairway. forgot what kind of disc it was but it had a design of captain america sheild on the top. reward if returned. name and number is not on it.


Aidan R    June 24 at 1:38pm

Also left an orange leopard behind last night, between holes 10 and 18. . . Should have been right out in the open. . Did anyone see it?

Miles Campbell   June 25 at 10:20am

baby blue? sMileZ

Miles Campbell   June 25 at 10:21am

oops meant to put that below

Aidan R    June 24 at 1:37pm

Found a prodigy D4 on hole 19. Tell me the color and id be happy to swap numbers and return it.

Miles Campbell   June 25 at 10:20am

baby blue?

Joshua Ballinger    June 24 at 1:23pm

lost a esp red force on 19. Threw a hyzer and i thought it got over the bush on the right and was going to be in the fairway. reward if found.


Bart Kowalewski    June 23 at 6:19pm

Lost a blue blizzard boss on 26. Threw a big hyzer over everything and thought I was going to be in the middle of the fairway by the basket. Count find it. My guess is left side of the fairway. 3/4 of the way u0. Names on the front. Reward if returned


Brian Schoening    June 23 at 12:18pm

Lost a red S-Line PD on hole 26. Should be at the beginning of the tree line rough to the right about 30ish feet past bridge. Reward for it's safe return!


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