Seymour Lake Park

Oxford, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Ben Jackson    May 22 at 12:40pm

Dubs at 6, $5 in, $1 ace pool. I'll be there and the weather looks good


Ben Jackson    May 15 at 8:07am

dubs at 6 today

Shaun Adkins   May 15 at 1:47pm

I will be out there.

Tommy Mullin   May 15 at 3:06pm

Bonus afternoon off!!! I'm in

Worm Bothwell    May 13 at 2:00pm

Lost my yellow sleveless shirt somewhere out there. Not a big deal but it be cool to find it.


Ben Jackson    May 12 at 9:16am

Found a blizzard disc on right side of 8 (possible errant drive on 16). Describe it and I'll get it back to you


Ben Jackson    April 24 at 10:37am

Doubles at 6 today. $5 buy in $1 ace pool


David Walter a.k.a. Ranger Dave    April 16 at 12:36pm

This could be a possibility!


Ben Jackson    April 16 at 12:23pm

Who wants to start up Doubles next Thursday(24th) at 6pm

Mark Kassabian   April 16 at 12:26pm

im in

Miles Lawrence "MMDGC"    April 3 at 10:37pm

I have been out on the course over the past few weeks (at first clearing tee pads but now playing). All the pads are clean and the fairways are open. of course there are areas that dont get sun where there is still snow (hole 8, 9, 15) but for the most part its good to go. biggest problem is down branches and large sections of trees from the ice giants thrashing around. while on that topic the MMDGC will be getting that taken care of soon, i will post days when we will be out there cleaning up the course.


Jeremy B    March 30 at 10:51am

What is the snow situation here? Is it playable?

Shaun Adkins   March 30 at 11:30am

I bet it's a mess.

Miles Lawrence "MMDGC"   April 3 at 10:38pm

see above.

Josh Drouillard    March 13 at 3:46pm

Unfortunately, due to the drastic change with the weather, Murder Mitten DGC (collectively) has decided to cancel the Lions and Lambs Tournament. We may try to reschedule a similar event at a later date in time. Sorry for the inconvenience to all.


Miles Lawrence "MMDGC"    October 29 at 7:21pm

A new tee pad has been made for hole one. It is positioned to the back left of the current 6x6 pad that is there. It adds some extra footage and a different look at the hole. The best thing is its a full sized tee pad. A picture is under hole ones section.

Miles Lawrence "MMDGC"   October 29 at 7:24pm

A great time to check it out would be at our last week of leagues on Sunday November 3rd at 3pm or at Seymour Maddness on Saturday November 9th at 10am.

Miles Lawrence "MMDGC"    October 28 at 2:26pm

Join the Murder Mitten DGC at Seymour Lake for Seymour Maddness.

$20 entry fee, $2 ace pool, $2 CTP 100% payouts

Tee off @ 11am, 1 round of 30 holes

Random draw triples, 3 discs per person, No OB penalty strokes.

After the tournament there will be extra games and events for cash and plastic prizes.

Miles Lawrence "MMDGC"   October 28 at 2:30pm

Tournament is on Sunday November 10th.

Miles Lawrence "MMDGC"   October 28 at 4:09pm

The date and time of Seymour Maddness is being changed from Sunday November 10th @ 11am to Saturday November 9th @ 10am due to a schedule conflict. Everything else about the tournament will remain the same. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Nik LEhr    October 19 at 8:30pm

Reminder ..... TOMORROW _( SUNDAY )

Random Draw Doubles

Format will be 1 round of Original 18 holes @ Hollywoods DiscGolfCourse

Sunday October 20th

Register~ 9:30am-10:30am

Teeoff~@ 10:45ish

Entry Fee 20$

Info here ..

or -


Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD    October 16 at 11:18pm

Say something ...Join us at Brys Park in St Clair Shores this Saturday as we attempt to break the all time record for Ace Race attendance, 309 players!! Sign ups are currently at 342 players, so come be a part of history and help us get the record in Michigan where it belongs!! <-- Use the Talk Tab to sign up, and walk ups are welcome also!! Mark Ellis, John Minicuci and a 3rd instructor will be giving a skills clinic at 11am so be there at 10:30, see you then ... more


Alex H    September 30 at 8:39pm

Lost car keys on the course. No idea where. They're on a Ferris State lanyard. I'd appreciate anyone who keeps an eye out for them.

Mike "AXE" Smith   October 1 at 5:24pm

Alex I was out there today, I looked but had no luck! Have you gone to the grounds keepers building up front and asked?

Mike "AXE" Smith   October 1 at 5:30pm

Oxford Parks and rec ph # (248) 628-1720 I would call during normal busniess hrs. 9am-5pm

Alex H   October 1 at 8:57pm

Thanks a lot man, I'll give them a ring tomorrow.

Anthony Litts    September 29, 2013 at 11:51pm

Lost a red Star Boss in the big pond. "Koz" and my number are on the inside rim. Will pay a $5 finders fee for returning it or plastic.

Anthony Litts   September 29, 2013 at 11:51pm

was during the 2nd Annual Hucking Harvest.

Josh Drouillard    September 21, 2013 at 8:56am

Tomorrow, 09/22...The 2nd Annual Hucking Harvest Tournament will be at here Seymour, hosted by Murder Mitten DGC and Disc-or-Die. Tee off is at 12 noon - Registration starts at 11am. $30 entry fee. 100% payout! Divisions are AM 1- 4, Ladies and Juniors.


Miles Lawrence "MMDGC"    September 11, 2013 at 10:17pm

The Murder Mitten DGC has gone before the Oxford Township Council proposing our ideas for upgrades to the course. How should i put this but, be on the look out for a welcome sign with a course map, tee signs on every hole, and a donation box. Thanks to all the people who have helped make this possible.


Miles Lawrence "MMDGC"    August 30, 2013 at 9:01pm

I have been doing a lot of trimming up on the course for the past month or so and its looking great, so you should go check it out. Dont forget that the volunteer clean up day is Sunday September 15th at about 9am (time may change). All you will need to bring is a weed whipper and your own gas and string, maybe some branch loppers if you want to. We will supply food for those who show up. So please come out and help a course that is making a great come back.

Up In The Air Disc Golf   August 31, 2013 at 12:12pm

Course is looking awesome! Your doing great work out there sir, keep it up. We will rally some volunteers together that day and meet you guys out there.

Brian Goodmurphy   September 3, 2013 at 7:14pm

Seymour Lake is looking great. Thank you for your efforts. Is there any plan to get tee signs, maybe?

Miles Lawrence "MMDGC"   September 3, 2013 at 10:37pm

The Murder Mitten DGC is going infront of the township council to propose the idea of a welcome sign with message board, donation box, and tee signs on every hole. with all the work we have done and the support of the park superintendent things are looking good.