Seymour Lake Park

Oxford, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Vince Herr    September 29 at 8:40pm

Flipped over a green D3 on hole 18, hugged around the tree off to the right and it got pitch black out while looking for it. Could be on #5, #6 #2 or in the tall grass on 18 past the tree. Have lots of plastic to give for its return, will give 2 for it of your choice.


Miles Campbell    September 29 at 12:34pm

Who is "swamp man"? I've found out recently he has multiple discs of mine marked smilez.

Vince Applegate   7 days ago

You are not the only one sadly by the time I got to him he claimed to have no knowledge

Kenneth rumble    September 28 at 7:13pm

Lost purple blizzard dominator right side hole 6 and also a blizzard day glow dominator in pond hole 2 couple mo. Back.. Thought i put my info. On them like the rest of my discs But idk

Jeff Hulet   September 29 at 1:38pm

If it warms I will look again. I did not find a any Dominators this year. :(

Kenneth rumble   September 29 at 5:58pm

Ya landed in middle so its 're ally a destroyer with a dominator stamp has ds on back wanna say was 158 in ink neon day glow yellow blue stamp. w/silver f2 factory second bar

Jeff Hulet    September 28 at 11:05am

I took a "Cold" dip in the big pond and found 2 discs. One has been claimed, but the other has Not. It has a "weight" sticker on it like a Disc Craft, but it is Not Disc Craft. ID it and I will return it to you. :)

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Miles Campbell   September 29 at 2:36pm

could give me a description of him?

Jeff Hulet   September 29 at 2:38pm

About 5'11 has brown hair and may have a "Shaggy" short beard. He drives a small car...don't remember model. It was about a month ago. :(

Miles Campbell   September 29 at 2:58pm

ok thank you Jeff

Zach Emery    September 14 at 12:16pm

Found a Mini Cooper key fob on hole 4 or 5. I couldn't find anyone looking for them so they are at the local sheriffs department. hope they find who the owner is!

Jeff Hulet   September 14 at 1:33pm

Wish you would have found my White DD Freedom on hole 9. :(

Jeff Hulet    September 9 at 7:17pm

I went in the pond and "swamp" of Seymour today. It was Mucky and visibility was less than 2 feet. I did find 3 discs in the pond. One could have been there for a while. The pond is way down from it's normal levels.

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Nathan Eurick   September 13 at 10:53pm

Star mamba or gstar Vulcan ?

Jeff Hulet   September 14 at 12:45am

Still have Not found any of those. I hope to look some more when we get a Warm spell in a few days.

Spencer Morris   September 14 at 12:25pm

pink star boss out of the swamp?

Jeff Hulet    August 29 at 2:13pm

I still have many discs that I have found at Fire Fighters and Seymour Lake park in it's pond. Provide the right description and I will return them to you! :)

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Jeff Hulet   September 2 at 8:11pm

I found another one in the small pond today.

Vince Herr   September 4 at 9:07pm

still looking for that pink tern

Jeff Hulet   September 5 at 2:41pm

I am not directing this at anyone specific, but Please put your Name and cell # on your discs! I have many that will not get back to their owners because they are not Marked. If I find one and you have spoke about it here, I will contact you, but a cell # would be much easier to work with. :( :(

donny v    August 26 at 3:26pm

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Matt London    August 23 at 9:08pm

A week late but found a generic mid range "golf disc" on face. Hole 11 left side. Probably a kids disc. Love to get it back to them.


Ed Stack    August 23 at 8:54am

Lost a green echo katana with my name and number on it. Lost it on the swamp side of hole two. Also found a crank on the swamp side no name or number. Tell me the color and stamp I will get it back to you!!!

Matt London   August 23 at 6:52pm

purple first run z plastic? I hope

Ed Stack   August 23 at 6:57pm

Sorry no it is not Matt!!

Jeff Hulet    August 22 at 5:36pm

Now I guess it is "My" turn. I lost a White Dynamic "Freedom" on hole #9. It went into the brush on the right side of "Fairway" about 20 yards from the basket. Myself and my partner looked for 15 minutes and could not find it. I would like it back and my cell # is on it. Thanks!


Vince Herr    August 17 at 11:00pm

Lost a new pink champ tern in the mini pond in front of #3. Reward for return!

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Jeff Hulet   August 21 at 2:15pm

I'm sorry. I will look again tomarrow and get back to you if I find.

Rick L   August 22 at 11:22am

Vince any chance of an off white Star T-Rex almost mint colered underneath

Jeff Hulet   August 22 at 5:16pm

I went there today and found the pond drained to 2/3 it's depth and a person already diving it with a breathing system. I asked him if I could look through what he found and found many discs with #'s on them. I asked if he called the people. He said " when people lose discs they are l ... more

Jacob Turner    August 15 at 3:53pm

Lost a pink heat with my signature on it would love a return. Reward

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Matt London   August 15 at 6:54pm

Gotcha. That blows.

Vince Applegate   August 15 at 8:32pm

I was there this evening and no pink heat laying in any fairways or baskets

Jacob Turner   August 15 at 11:04pm

Thanks man I knew it was a long shot

Matt London    August 14 at 6:56pm

Looking to get in two rounds tomorrow. One early one afternoon. Another early round Sunday. Anyone wanna join me?

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Matt London   August 15 at 8:59am

Probably 10, 10:30. Im running behind. had to clean up storm debris this morning.

Vince Applegate   August 15 at 9:32am

I'll be there 10:15-10:30, gonna bring some goggles, get ballsy and go for a chilly dive in that pond. See if I can get those discs out.

Matt London   August 15 at 11:35am

Good luck man! Let me know! Sorry I missed you. Catch up with you in the morning.

Matt London    August 13 at 8:14pm

Any fall tournaments planned?


Vince Applegate    August 13 at 3:39am

Lost my favorite bright pink MVP wave dual particle limited stamp in the pond on 2. Dead center. Has name and number on it will pay for return. Favorite driver and matching mate to my photon. Would love to see it returned.


Miles Campbell    August 11 at 6:48pm

Lost a champion blue red stamp wraith there last week. I think it was in the back somewhere


Zak L    August 11 at 4:05pm

Lost a tye dye Orc. Threw from 17 tee pad thought it landed a little infront of 18s tee pad. Must be in some thick stuff...horrible dye to try and find in rough...almost lost it once today decided it'd be a good idea to throw one more time lol..msg if found thanks

Jeff Hulet   August 19 at 7:26pm

Did it have any ID on it? I may have found it in the pond about 2-3 weeks ago.

Zak L   August 19 at 8:43pm

No id. It has some blue ink pen traced around bottom of disc...and it has a dye that is kinda the shape of a star and is red blue and yellow

David Tomlinson    August 8 at 8:34pm

I lost a orange z nuke today, in the ruff between hole 7 and hole 8 half way up 7 fairway. No info on it . Would like to get it back.


Miles Lawrence "MMDGC"    July 16 at 9:53pm

Are you a loyal Roc or Buzzz thrower? Than join the Murder Mitten DGC for The Birds and The Bees at Seymour Lake. Team Roc verses Team Buzzz in a 3 disc challenge.