Sage Creek

Memphis, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Rebecca G    3 hours ago

So just putting this out there. Don't know why people that haven't played sage creek rate it bad? The layout of sage creek with 12 baskets and 24 holes is amazing and everyone that HAS played it agrees. Every hole, every shot is different!. Some people don't even notice that they already played to the same basket a few holes before. Upkeep is amazing. Instead of rating it bad you should have asked to come out. You have all missed out on playing an amazing course on beautiful property. We rea ... more

Neil Duffey   8 minutes ago

don't let the tool bags hurt you! those of us who have played the course, KNOW how awesome it, as well as you and sean are! one of the most diverse courses I've played.

donny v    13 hours ago

The new course pics look great! I gotta get over there to play soon

Rebecca G   9 hours ago

Thanks Donny!

Neil Duffey    July 1 at 9:47pm

this tourney is creeping up! 19 days! cashless pre-reg welcomed!


Rebecca G    June 20 at 4:24pm

Anyone want to come out for a round at sage creek Sunday June 22nd? Like to get 10 or so people out. Have half start at hole #1 and half at #10 and see if we end up running into each other. Plus have a chance to beat Barts course record of +4 on the new 24 hole course

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Rebecca G   June 21 at 2:33pm

you coming jeff?

Jeff Bauman   June 21 at 9:36pm

Id love to but prolly not.

John Holland   June 24 at 1:36am

Wish I had seen this a few days ago, had that day off lol

Neil Duffey    June 12 at 12:14am

new fundraiser league starting at ira on wed nights... starts on the 25th of this month! check it out! help to improve and grow this newer course! this is your chance to have a direct impact on growing the sport! thanks gang. hope to see you there.


Mike W    May 29 at 5:50pm

Hey there I live in Memphis and new to the game. If you're looking to open the course to a local noob, I definitely would be interested


Rebecca G    April 30 at 5:10pm

Sage Creek is now complete with 24 holes! :) Only 3 'outsiders' have played the completed course and current top score is +8. Who wants to come out and beat that?

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donny v   May 1 at 8:06am

great job guys! count me in :)

Bart Kowalewski   May 2 at 1:13am

Im coming home this weekend! I can come up to help with the course and play.

John Holland   May 2 at 11:52pm

I am down one of these days!! Though am in Ohio till tomorrow evening, then come home and start getting things ready for the next trip, close 2 days at work and then go to Boston for a week lol. SOON THOUGH!!

mike walker    October 10, 2012 at 8:20pm

Sweet looking course.