Rolling Hills County Park

Ypsilanti, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Kyle Vena    July 19 at 4:43pm

So many lost discs on this course does anyone actually ever get their discs back? Or do people just keep them instead of trying to return them?

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Nick Oliver   July 21 at 10:15am

I always call. Even if there is not a number I post. We all know that is not the norm.

"Mag1c" Mike Visger   July 21 at 12:05pm

no good people it is the norm but people that don't care now that's a different story

Nick Oliver   July 21 at 2:26pm

Right on.

Scott Hespen    July 19 at 4:03pm

Lost a disc on hole 3 today. Left side. Disc is red white and blue. Reward if returned.


Zack Cardenas    July 19 at 3:45pm

I lost a yellow star mamba on the right side of 14.


Nick Oliver    July 6 at 10:47pm

Found some old school Discraft plastic off the right side of #2. Tell me the disc and I will get it back to you if it sounds like your plastic.

Dave Lassen   July 7 at 9:43am

Jeff Freelands.... Old Elite X or Elite Z Reaper?Said he lost it there Sunday at Church.Saw him at Night Moose at Willow and I remember him saying something about it.

Nick Oliver   July 7 at 11:24am

No, not a Reaper. And this happened on Friday or before.

Dave Lassen   July 7 at 12:08pm


Kyle Vena    July 6 at 5:28pm

lost a blizzard wraith light blue right side into woods on hole 2, i barely went off the fairway and of course i couldnt find it due to everything being over grown and jungle like, quite frustrating since i live less than five miles away from this park and dread going here to play, let me know if anyone finds it. name and number is on the inside. last time going here till the fall/winter.


- Buckwheat    July 3 at 12:19pm

Are you allowed to bring Dogs out onto the Rolling Hills County Park Disc Golf Course? My family was planning on playing here today, so any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.

Chris Trumbull   July 3 at 3:00pm

yes, i saw a couple there today.

- Buckwheat   July 3 at 3:15pm

Awesome! Thanks a ton, much appreciated.

Kyle Decaussin    June 30 at 10:37pm

Lost champ beast hole 3 on right tye dye


"Mag1c" Mike Visger    June 28 at 12:23pm

Lost white with blue swirl mvp photon on 17 from longs on right side


Miles smilez Campbell    June 24 at 12:21am

Any news on the new course?

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Brendan Livingston   June 24 at 9:17am

They are rearranging the course?

Miles smilez Campbell   June 24 at 10:09am

so it still won't be done this year

"Mag1c" Mike Visger   June 24 at 2:02pm

Probably not its looking like the end of the year if anything. and yeah got to move the last couple homes to make it work with both disc golfers and mt bikers

Josh Timm    June 20 at 9:19pm

Found what looks like a car key on hole 15, if you can describe it I can definitely get that back to you.


Chris Trumbull    June 14 at 9:39am

Wife lost a Innova, Yellow, Blizz Champ Plastic Valcun yesterday. I don't believe it had ink but if it did, it was also very worn, hard to even read the manufacture stamp. Please contact us here if found.

Miles smilez Campbell   June 14 at 2:42pm

that's sucks man hope someone returns it. that's almost an irreplaceable disc

Matt O    June 8 at 7:20pm

So I'm in town and I plan on playing here tomorrow. Maybe around noon. If anyone wants to join, let me know


Jamie Morgan    June 8 at 4:58pm

Lost pink starlite mamba on left side of hole 4, somewhere in the bushes. Let me know if found! Thanks.


brandon hicks    June 5 at 4:08pm

I found a Blue DGA SP Line Aftershock on hole #6. Cant read the number. If its yours prove it by commenting the name on the disc.


Kyle Vena    May 24 at 4:02pm

My girlfriend also lost a lime green mvp on hole 2 right side into the woods.


Kyle Vena    May 23 at 7:27pm

Lost a black impulse mvp on hole 14, right side into woods if anyone finds it let me know thanks.


Brendan Livingston    May 22 at 8:33pm

Lost a disc on the left of 15's basket. It has my name and number on it. While looking I found an unmarked 172g boss with a stamp on it. If it's yours prove it by telling me the stamp and i'll return it to you.

Mike Jacobson   May 22 at 9:54pm

blue gstar factory second by chance?

Brendan Livingston   May 23 at 9:09pm

No sorry Mike, good luck finding yours. The disc I lost is a Southern Michigan Open Jimi Hendrix stamp Glow Beast.

Jeremy Foor    May 6 at 11:37am

How is the condition of the course? Has anybody played recently? Thanks!

Nick Oliver   May 6 at 12:33pm

Well it rained pretty good since my round a few days ago. That place tends to be muddy in spots, somewhat slick tees on the holes with more dirt around the pads. Typically better than the average course overall after some rain.

Nick Oliver   May 6 at 12:33pm

Oh, but when I went this weekend it was top notch.

"Mag1c" Mike Visger    April 24 at 3:00pm

Lost a 168 g red m.v.p with 2 ace's on back and a hand granade on top


Kyle Decaussin    April 5 at 9:21am

who killed the tree on 16? aka foz's route booooooooo shame on you