River Bends

Utica, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Dwayne Kay    March 11 at 5:45pm

Anyone find either of these?

1) hot pink FLX Challenger

2) Lt orange/peach Pro Boss

name and number inside rim, but may be faded.

...reward if returned.

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Chris Leo   March 12 at 12:07pm

Jake, I thought so as well but it wasn't there when we were packing up to head home. I asked John on Monday.

Dwayne Kay   March 12 at 9:28pm

Great, some one finds it and turns it in, and someone else takes it?

Dwayne Kay   March 12 at 10:42pm

Minicuci said he never saw it...

Skyler stoker    March 10 at 8:43pm

Lost a yellow tensor on hole two today has a rasta monster emblem on it no name

Bryan Murphy   March 11 at 12:30am

Ur profile pic is exactly wat I picture u looking like as ur saying no ink on it lol

Jacob Turner    March 10 at 3:08pm

lost pink F5 on fairway of 4 no ink reward if returned


Skyler stoker    March 10 at 2:09pm

anybody trying to throw around 3:30-4 I am planning on heading out there shoot me a text 517-945-8121


David Wilmoth    March 10 at 8:51am

Lost a orange Z nuke on hole 1 left side. Hyzer spiked in the snow and couldnt find it! Please return if found!

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David Wilmoth   March 10 at 7:28pm

it was a good 275 300

mike walker   March 10 at 8:04pm

didnt c it

David Wilmoth   March 11 at 9:58am

Thanks for looking. hopefully i get it back

RJ Lacelle    March 8 at 3:15pm

Lost my orange predator on I have no idea what hole. Still not used to the new layout so we were kinda of jumping through what we remembered from the old... All my info is on it!


David Wilmoth    March 8 at 2:13pm

Lost a orange champ.boss off one to the right found the swipe but couldnt find the disc. Name and number on it. If anyone finds it.ill be here tomorrow for the mudfest.


Ben Bobowski    March 7 at 7:30pm

Lost a yellow star teerex on I think new hole 11. It's on the left side, past the middle tree. I think it went into the small mound of branches. Reward if found! Thanks


Nate Buban    March 6 at 5:25pm

Anyone looking to toss tomorrow morning? Thinking about 18 holes. Text, pm or call.

David Wilmoth   March 7 at 8:55am

Im shootin tomorrow morning. Redmond might show up too.

Jay B INSANITY DGC    January 18 at 7:02pm

lowry, caponi, walker, fretz, oller....you all might want to get in touch with me, number is on my page

Shaun Adkins   January 18 at 7:33pm

the Oller xcal is mine. thank you.

Jay B INSANITY DGC   January 18 at 7:37pm

no prob, ill bring it on monday with caponi and fretzszsz

William "Wilcone" Fretz    January 18 at 5:38pm

Lost two. M4 and a Valerie both in the river. M4 off old 15. Help

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William "Wilcone" Fretz   January 19 at 11:22am

it was a bad day :(

William "Wilcone" Fretz   January 19 at 12:08pm

You are the man Jay.

mike walker   January 19 at 12:16pm

good fisherman too

Skyler stoker    January 14 at 6:17am

Let's try to spread the word to play off to the side of the pad if it is covered in snow and you don't have a way to clean the pads. It will make it a lot easier for the many of us that clean the pads as there will be no icy footprints present. I apologize for the way my last post read.

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Skyler stoker   January 14 at 12:13pm

This is originally how I meant it haha I understand most of us on here are serious about our game and I vented my frustration towards the people not in that group

John Minicuci   January 14 at 7:26pm

Another good tip is stay away from some crazy person named Mike Walker. He will lead you astray!

mike walker   January 14 at 8:48pm


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Shaun Adkins    December 29 at 5:40pm

Krystal lost a blue starlite roadrunner in the river by old 15 then proceeded to throw Brent Moreno's retriever next to it

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Daemon Stahlin   December 30 at 8:26pm

lol at size 4 ballet shoes

mike walker   December 31 at 11:08am

i thought u would like that.

Kirk Haggadone   December 31 at 2:28pm

I laughed a little outloud

Skyler stoker    December 22 at 9:55am

New to the area need some folks to play with! Contact me on here or text/call 517-945-8121

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Skyler stoker   December 22 at 4:31pm

Was out there today still trying to find the flow of the course. Cleared off quite a few pads.

John Minicuci   December 22 at 8:45pm

Holes 5, 6, and 18 are not roughed in yet. Everything else is in place. http://www.discgolfscene.com/coursepictures/56163_l.jpg

Skyler stoker   December 22 at 9:06pm

I just get lost around 19 because all the pads after 9 were covered in snow haha

Jeff Bauman    December 11 at 11:26am

Lost a blue Roc 3 hole 9 I believe. My name is on it.


John Hamel    December 6 at 9:22am

if anyone wants to play the bends today give me a call 2489315113

Jeff Bauman   December 6 at 9:38am

Im gonna be right there in the area today at 1230. Im gonna try to make it up.

Brad Fuelling    December 4 at 5:58pm

So I've found close to 20 discs out here in the last 3 months some with names that I've tried to contact and some with out. If you have lost any get in contact with me and i well see if i have it and would gladly return it

David Wilmoth   December 5 at 8:35pm

i lost a faded orange bar stamp crush.

Ben Bobowski    November 18 at 11:18am

So is river bends finished now? Strong winds from last night could have hindered the process. And will there be a course map there?

John Minicuci   November 18 at 12:41pm

No. Bends is not finished. We did get to install basket 9. There are plenty of tasks yet to be completed. Too many to list here. Since the drunk ran over our sign, there is no place to post a map. I have ideas but time and cost are always an issue... If you want a map to look at, click here: http://www.discgolfscene.com/coursepictures/56163_l.jpg

John Minicuci   November 18 at 12:42pm

The map can be found under the pictures of Hole 1.

Ben Bobowski   November 18 at 7:51pm

Oh bummer, ok thanks John! Keep it up

John Minicuci    November 17 at 12:32pm

I know the weather this afternoon does not look promising but a couple of us will be at River Bends following the Lions game (around 4:30 ish) installing 2 baskets. We could use a few more backs along the way. Holes are already dug. Mixing cement and dropping them in the ground so it should not take all that long...