River Bends

Utica, Michigan     1 course · 27 holes     Driving directions
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Aaron DA HAWK Birdsall    October 31 at 8:57am

Planning on playin a round here around one what's the course's condition at the moment

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Aaron DA HAWK Birdsall   October 31 at 10:30am


Neil Lobocki   October 31 at 12:58pm

Have a good round. Ace that one over the water.

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski WPD   October 31 at 1:24pm

Hole 13 is the over the river hole, and ace the next one too.

Tyler alfano    October 27 at 3:26pm

Had a good day at the bends today! Managed to leave behind a red RIP BOZO tourney stamped in the left crap on hole 10 was a big hyzer cut before corner big tree.. Also hole 15 couldn't find my dyed pfn Orc to the left of basket. Both have no name and no number newer discs to the bag

Tyler alfano   October 28 at 6:07am

Anybody out at Leauges find anything?

Ron Jacobs    October 27 at 9:07am

Lost a yellow SS wizard with the Disc Golf Store stamp on it. Kicked right on 11 went thru the trees into the thorns and vines. She gone. Name and number on it.

Breon Coleman   November 22 at 9:55am

Traded a guy for a disc you described send me your # I'll send you a picture. Could be a coincidence. Let me know

Ron Jacobs   November 22 at 12:50pm

586 536 2008

Matt Jones    October 26 at 12:58pm

Hey guys... I was in the Detorit area visting friends this past weekend and I decided to hit up River Bends for a round. Great course! A lot of fun shots! Unfortunately, I lost a neon green blizzard Destroyer on #19 to the right of the basket in the long, trampled down reed grass. Name and # are on it. It must've gotten stuck down in that stuff somewhere. I'd really appreciate it back if it's found. My friends live in Grosse Pointe Woods right off of 94 and 8 Mile on Beaufait Dr. Maybe a meet up could be arranged and they could get it back to me. Thanks!


Tyler alfano    October 25 at 10:28pm

Anybody looking to shoot tmrw morning? 9ish tee time. Let me know!

Benny G.   October 25 at 11:06pm


Tyler alfano   October 26 at 3:37am

Il hit ya up dawg.

Nate Brown   October 27 at 6:56am

see ya there

Louis Caponi WPD    October 24 at 6:31pm

Found a disc on hole 25 near the bucket, ink on it but no number let me know what kind/color,
/ink and I'll get it back to ya

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Miles smilez Campbell   October 26 at 11:44am

purple inertia dyed?

Brad Fuelling   October 31 at 7:54pm

what about a red boss?

Ryan Kelly   November 17 at 2:08am

champ eagle yellow/green

mike walker    October 24 at 1:52pm

22 is open again


Ben Calhoun    October 24 at 8:59am

Course going to be playable this morning anyone know after the rain? Trying to be there 10:30

Jeff Bauman   October 24 at 9:36am

Hard to say. Most avoid bends after the rain. It's playing better than ever right now tho. Nice and cut too.

Ben Calhoun   October 24 at 1:12pm

Thanks it was perfect not flooded in fairways at all just wet!

Ed Carpus    October 15 at 3:59pm

Heard that the roads in are a mess? Best to park at the shooting range/soccer field and play in from the river side? Also hoping to get out there around 5:30 if anyone's interested...

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Ed Carpus   October 15 at 4:47pm

So you can still get into the main parking lot, you just need to come down 22 from the west?

John Minicuci   October 15 at 10:13pm

Yes. Take Ryan either south from 23 or north from Auburn and turn east onto 22 Mile. You can take 22 Mile right up until it ends after the entrance. Just be careful at the entrance, there is a nice dip in the road as soon as you enter the park or your car will hurt if you are going to fast.

Ed Carpus   October 16 at 9:41am

Thanks John! I managed to get to hole 12 before it was too dark to see, and I did walk hole 8(?) because I wasn't sure where I was going and didn't want to risk it. Seems like a great layout with some sweet new holes. Let's hope for a mild spring!

Joshua Ballinger    October 13 at 9:05am

What way is best to come at the park with all the construction

Jeff Bauman   October 13 at 9:17am

From Ryan road south of 23 is the only way. You playin today?

Joshua Ballinger   October 13 at 11:13am

Yeah in the leauge. Hopefully

Miles smilez Campbell    October 12 at 8:25am

Friend lost a grey mvp wave on 26 way right almost 17 tee. And also white gold line river way right on 27. Inked on both


HEEB B    October 10 at 5:36pm

Randy Noble PDGA #72231 I found your red fly-dye buzz ss on 13. Message me if you see this.

Tyler alfano   October 10 at 9:34pm

5864776123. Randy's number hit him up. He will be happy to get that one back

Ron Armstrong   October 11 at 8:22am


ilya newell    October 7 at 11:17am

Lost a red Inertia in the woods between 5 and 6. Id really like to get this one back. Email on bottom, reward if found.

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Miles smilez Campbell   October 8 at 12:17pm

only ones with no ink are the red fission photon and the Orange atom

Miles smilez Campbell   October 8 at 12:19pm

mostly just looking for the atoms, the pink white rim fireball Dragon stamp, and purple inertia with mohawk skull dye

ilya newell   October 8 at 8:17pm

Thats half a bag! I had no luck finding any today. Someone probably gripped them up

Jeff Hulet    October 7 at 10:41am

I found a disc in the brush across the river near the basket of the first river shot (13#) maybe. Describe it and I will meet you when I get the chance.

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Jeff Hulet   October 12 at 1:19pm


Brad Fuelling   October 31 at 1:14am

Starr doubles buzz?

Jeff Hulet   November 2 at 2:23pm


Miles smilez Campbell    October 3 at 4:04pm

Found four today at river shot in center. 2 claimed already. Called on one for a joel. Last one no ink dx firebird. Name color

Ryan Kelly   October 11 at 1:42am

champion eagle?

Miles smilez Campbell   October 11 at 8:50am

nope sorry

Jason Thumber Teachey    October 2 at 11:11pm

Lost a 2012 memorial championship nuke on hole 19 right side rough past the middle. Disc has 2 aces on it and looks like my prifile pic.. on back says stoney 20 n 13 w signatures no name or number but disc is very special to me so reward upon return. Thanks for anyone that looks!_!

Jeff Hulet   October 7 at 10:43am

Did you find/ get it back? I was out there, but only played the first 18# yesterday.

Jason Thumber Teachey   October 7 at 3:13pm

Nope still no luck :( Still hopeing thou!_!

Jason Riberas    September 28 at 9:13pm

Lost a sky blue star tern on hole 16 on the right side. Thought it was in the low part of the rough but might have got into the taller rough, or in the bushes or could've gotten buried in the rough. On a side note the course is looking great out there.

Jason Riberas   September 28 at 10:09pm

name and number is on the back

HEEB B    September 27 at 8:01am

Lost a magenta/purple/pink 2011 PDGA worlds champ Vulcan on the right side in the tall grass on hole 19 yesterday. The disc has HEEB written on the bottom with my #. Reward if found.

John Minicuci   September 27 at 9:40pm

You should be getting a phone call.

HEEB B   September 28 at 7:06am

Awesome! thanks so much John... I really like what you guys have done with the course. I'm addicted.

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski WPD   September 30 at 7:38pm

Heeb has been contactced will be getting his discs back

adam pank    September 26 at 3:43am

Lost a blue Westside warship off hole 12 tee pad somewhere off to the right between 30-70 feet from basket..


Jeff Bauman    September 24 at 10:28am

Left an oranges s line PD on the big river hole, 15. Then I lost a purple star boss on the next hole in the long grass on the right. My name is on both.

mike walker   September 24 at 12:21pm

you may want to stop playing there. you basically have lost your whole bag in like the last 2 months there

Snally gaster   September 24 at 8:59pm