River Bends

Utica, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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mike walker    August 21 at 9:44am

Left a black big bead avair out there somewhere last night.prolly btwn 20 and 25.1998 texas stamp on it.oh the humanity

STEPHEN TIORAN   August 26 at 2:58pm

Will keep an eye out for it during match play on Sunday buddy.

Darren Harper   August 27 at 6:24pm

Been lookin every day and min please someone help him find this disc! Thanks.

Jeff Bauman    August 14 at 10:13am

Found a very very nice disc yday on hole 9. Describe it and take it back home.

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Miles smilez Campbell   August 14 at 2:14pm

or a Orange electron atom

2 J   August 14 at 2:18pm

was it an orange buzzz 10 year

Jeff Bauman   August 14 at 2:38pm

Yep 2J!

Dan Bienkowski    August 12 at 9:05pm

They were out there mowing today. Course is very playable. Thx to all those who have helped get it to where it is.

Skyler stoker   August 12 at 9:47pm

I was out there early this morning and it's in great shape. Not too many bugs either. Don't know why I haven't been out there more!

steve nolff   August 13 at 8:24am

Another thank you to "they"!!! With the new redesign of Riverbends breaking in nicely, this is a great play!!

Wayne 'Weezy' Jodway WPD    August 8 at 11:47am

Lost a red firebird with a purple Wolfpack stamp on 18. Could be anywhere from 17 to hole 27. I have no clue honestly


John Minicuci    August 6 at 4:59pm

Last week Mike Walker and I cut the tree up that fell across tee pad 14 and the two downed trees on hole 12. If you know of things that need done on the course, let us know. Motor City Cain Gang! https://www.facebook.com/MotorCityChainGang?ref=hl

Tyler alfano   August 7 at 7:44am

I thought the down tree on14 was was sweet nice low ceiling haha thanks for the maintenance to have our courses in good shape. Appreciate it fellas!

John Minicuci    August 6 at 4:58pm

Big Kudos to Mathew Stivers for replanting basket 18 at River Bends. Kevin Egnatoski provided assistance on a hot sunny afternoon. The basket will eventually have to be dug up and solidified next time we work out there but for now, basket 18 does not need the tree bark for support any longer!


Derek Tzay    August 4 at 11:05pm

Lost an orange opto line vision on what is now 16. I threw in rhbh dead straight to the right of the basket, thinking it would hyzer out, but never did


Miles smilez Campbell    July 27 at 6:56pm

Another long shot but friend lost a heat that he just bought that day on Sunday. White circle center and tie dye. I'm sure he's willing to give cash and or plastic. I've lost aboot five myself in two months and all but one had my phone number on them. I hope karma gets you off the course if you haven't tried returning because i always give money or plastic for returned discs. Effing people

Mike Wood   July 27 at 10:19pm

A lot of these casuals that play and find discs don't even know there is a dis golf scene to find out who's discs they are. Maybe you should advertise this at the courses on the boards or something. All I can think of??? If your gonna play a course like bends you shouldn't even throw ... more

Mike Wood   July 27 at 10:23pm

Sorry, misread this before I started typing. Just realized you said most had your phone # on them. Your right effing people!!!

Miles smilez Campbell   August 3 at 2:06pm

grrrr still looking

Scott Smith    July 24 at 10:06pm

Lost a red 2011 sparkle am nuke on the downhill stair case hole...I think it's 27 now..??? I love the new lay out..good job

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Scott Smith   August 2 at 11:26am

didn't find anyud83dude2d

Mike Neldrett   August 17 at 7:59pm

nuke returned tonight. nice reward disc given, th

Mike Neldrett   August 17 at 7:59pm

anks scott!

Jeff Bauman    July 21 at 11:11pm

Lost a pink TL3 on the right side of the fairway of hole 12. Tried to hit the gap and kicked left early. Maybe 100' off the tee box.

Jeff Bauman   July 22 at 12:22am

left side not the right

mike walker   July 23 at 9:38am

i can look for it tonite.

Jeff Bauman   July 23 at 2:31pm

I got it. Only a true friend would offer to go into that. Thanks Mikey!

donny v    July 17 at 9:35am

http://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Mill_Creek_Classic_2015 90+ degrees this Saturday? Bugs, tall grass and river too nasty at Riverbends? Not to worry, we have plenty of shade, mowed grass and clean "shallow" water at Mill Creek! We have a cool place in our clubhouse to hang with fridges for your cold ones and your food. Real restrooms with running water too! You can even dip your feet into the nice, clean and shallow Mill Creek on hole 18 http://www.discgolfscene.com/me ... more

steve nolff   July 17 at 9:40am

This course is indeed a sunny, hot day dream. Tons of shade and a river to chase your disc in. Heading to Worlds, sorry to miss the chance to tame this beast. Good luck, Donny.

donny v   July 17 at 10:17am

Thanks Steve, good luck at Worlds! Pretty much everyone is over on the west side of MI this week.

Tyler alfano    July 16 at 12:43pm

Lost a yellow with red dye 11x teebird to the right on 26. Didn't make it threw the tunnel and lost eyes on it. Name and number on disc big reward for return

Miles smilez Campbell   July 16 at 7:01pm

you find a purple inertia skull dye by chance there?

Tyler alfano   July 17 at 7:49am

I did not

Miles smilez Campbell    July 16 at 12:29pm

long shot but lost a green mvp neutron wave on 27. Went far right around big tree somewhere. No ink. Multiple disc reward. Also lost purple mvp inertia with skull dyed on it On 26 not sure where. Name and number on that.


Kevin Dyer    July 5 at 10:03pm

Blue Crank annied out on 10. Number on back $


Bart Kowalewski    July 5 at 2:05pm

Hole 20 I think big hyzer shot. Went behind the basket into the river. Pink destroyer with name on it big reward


donny v    June 11 at 11:22am

Only one tourney here this summer? Riverbends was host to world's back in the day! Well there's plenty of events up the road at Mill Creek Disc Golf Course. 2015 Kenockee Cup at Mill Creek this Saturday JUNE 13 ~ MVP Circuit Challenge JULY 4th ~ Discraft Ace Race SEPT 6, and a bunch more tourneys and leagues in between! Who's got the skills to take on my course? Kenockee Cup ~ http://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Kenockee_Cup_2015 MVP Circuit Challenge ~ http://www.d ... more


Ron Armstrong    June 4 at 10:30pm

left a JBIRD dx roc on hole 11 with a big jbird atamp on it. hit the tree on the right and disappeared it does NOT have my name or # on it. reward if returned.... PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!


Wayne 'Weezy' Jodway WPD    June 1 at 9:10am

If anyone finds my first run boss on hole one and is willing to return it, I'd appreciate it and hook you up.

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Mike Neldrett   June 2 at 9:33pm

Very wet. I will not return until Friday

Mike Bunnell   June 2 at 10:44pm


Wayne 'Weezy' Jodway WPD   June 4 at 9:12pm

Lost it to the right :(

jeff McIntyre    May 27 at 7:41am

Lost a 175g orange star destroyer with an amateur open stamp on hole 16. The wind took my disc and hyzered somewhere by the thorn bushes on the left Side of the hole. Reward if found.