River Bends

Utica, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Chris Vanscoy    April 8 at 7:04am

Left a maroon color proto star boss on 27 on the right side has my name and old number on it .. reward if returned!!

Chris Vanscoy   April 8 at 8:04am

I kinda crushed it so it could have been on hole ten fairway

Chris Vanscoy   April 8 at 4:00pm

its actually a proto champ not star

Nate Brown    April 1 at 11:25am

Changed to stony at noon.


Nate Brown    April 1 at 10:20am

Noon tee off any and all welcome to join.


Miles Campbell    March 28 at 7:05pm

On the plus side it's not to bad out there. Playable for sure. Little muddy. Down side I lost a purple mvp inertia with a skull dye on it . I believe it's 20 or 21 back by the new bridge. It should be in that swampy area on the end to the right. Doubt it'll turn up even when it's dry but name and number are on it.

Danny Brooks   March 29 at 8:45pm

you were doomed to lose that disc...

paulie b    March 24 at 10:20am

Stony was dry a few days ago. How's bends looking

Nate Brown   March 24 at 11:16am

standing water some spots. but overall very play able conditions.

paulie b   March 24 at 12:21pm

Thank you buddy. Will be throwing there today.

Ashlee Jurski    March 21 at 8:47am

How's the course flooding looking?

brent moreno   March 21 at 9:26am

course isn't to bad got standing water in some places but not bad at all

mike walker    March 18 at 2:50pm

Anyone been to bends lately?

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donny v   March 18 at 3:14pm

We were there Friday afternoon. Water everywhere but not a problem if you don't mind wearing rain boots while playing. Not sure if the river is flooding like Mill Creek has been since Friday night. Clinton River was about 2 feet from cresting over the banks when we were there.

William "Wilcone" Fretz   March 18 at 5:31pm

Just left. It's not bad. Muddy and wet in spots

mike walker   March 19 at 8:53am

cool.i may check it out friday after work.

donny v    March 13 at 11:22am

How's Riverbends looking?
Water everywhere yet?
I see a lot of snow has melted by my work in the shelby twp area but don't know how bad the Bends is.
Hoping to get there by 5pm to get a few holes in. Haven't been out there in over 2 yrs and wanted to check out the new layout before it gets real bad out there.

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donny v   March 13 at 12:28pm

Thanks for the quick reply Jeff! I see all this green grass down here by my work and was hoping the course wouldn't be too bad. Is it at least worth playing if we bring our rain boots or should we try stony or Addison instead?

Jay B   March 13 at 12:56pm

I was out there this morning, ground was kinda frozen solid but warm weather and sun today thats probably going to be thawed by 5

Jeff Bauman   March 13 at 1:23pm

Rain boots yes! And I heard Addy is pretty bad still but I havent seen it.

Jay B    March 12 at 7:52am

Now that the snow is melting im still hoping someone will find and return my pink star xcal and green champ krait, reward of plastic and karma for return

mike walker   March 12 at 9:46am

u must have forgotten i texted u about the krait.ill have it sat for u.

William "Wilcone" Fretz    February 26 at 6:56pm

Lost a pink icon cannon on the the hole after the old river hole. In some deep snow and I still got a green outlaw on 6 short 100ft of the basket on the right. Thanks has my initials and pdga number on both.


William "Wilcone" Fretz    February 18 at 5:20pm

Also shoveled 1-11 today

Skyler stoker   February 18 at 7:22pm

I hit them all today but the new snow has them covered again haha

William "Wilcone" Fretz   February 18 at 7:29pm


Jay B    February 18 at 5:19pm

I'm not that familiar with the holes out there but I lost a pink star Excal and a green champ krait out there saturday

Jay B   February 18 at 6:25pm

Dont think either had my info on them, just hopin karma has my back this time for all the discs i return

John Minicuci   February 18 at 6:58pm

I lost 3 on Sat as well Jay. Went back Sun with a Hockey Stick. The snow had turned into ice it was so cold. I chopped my way into getting 2 of them back. Still have an ESP Flx Surge SS (orange) on hole 22, old 17 reverse.

mike walker   February 19 at 9:39am

bends got 2 of mine also.gonna be a dream come true for some casual that gets there first after some serious melting.

William "Wilcone" Fretz    February 18 at 1:23pm

Lost a green outlaw on hole 6. Right side 100 short of basket


John Hamel    February 6 at 7:58pm

shoveled pads 1 thru 9,17,18 & 27 with mike, dan & josh

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Dan Bienkowski   February 7 at 8:13am

it will be a long rd. imagine doing high knees for a few hours

mike walker   February 7 at 8:33am

pads 19-26 still have to be hit

Brendan Livingston   February 7 at 11:11am

Thanks gentleman!

mike walker    February 5 at 3:23pm

was able to get pads 10-16 last night.

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mike walker   February 5 at 5:46pm

may go back up tomorrow and hit a few more after work if anyone feels ambitious

John Hamel   February 5 at 6:03pm

I will be there about 445

Dan Bienkowski   February 5 at 11:07pm

i may join

Miles Campbell    January 19 at 2:07pm

Found a disc. It is an innova atlas. Name the colors and weight

Anthony Litts   January 22 at 3:46pm

Is it a Nightmare Before Christmas/ white rim/ day glow yellow center? From a Goldenrod tournament.

Miles Campbell   January 22 at 5:40pm

no found the guy already. but it's up for grabs now. when I see you I'll throw you it for being such a nice guy and holding my lace

William "Wilcone" Fretz    January 2 at 7:27pm

Lost Yellow "angry Squirrel" destroyer. Has my pdga # on it. In the river on hole 15. Think casuals got it but its worth a try..


Scott 'bernie' Burnham    December 29 at 4:20pm

Lost a blue air havoc on hole 27. Think 169. On left side hit a branch and redirected somewhere. I lost sight of it. Checked water and up. No idea where it went. Reward for finder

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Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   December 30 at 2:43am

I asked Dub about it, he said he wasn't at Bends that day. We are however playing there today, Tuesday, at noon. I'll remember to look again for you

Ron Armstrong   December 31 at 5:52pm

my name is ron armstrong!!!! its my superman disc pdga #70311 my main thrower. ill reward for a return???

Brendan Livingston   January 1 at 5:22pm

Hey Ron, I sent you a message, I've got your disc.

Brendan Livingston    December 29 at 2:22pm

Headed out here today, hopefully the ground is starting to freeze up a bit.


Dwayne Kay    December 6 at 8:48pm

Anybody know what condition this course is in? Thinking about heading out there, Sunday, but heard the course was torn up because of work the park is doing. Can anyone confirm of refute that?

Skyler stoker   December 6 at 9:22pm

The course is completely unscathed there just happens to be gravel roads through it now. 3-7 are being worked on now but I doubt they are working tomorrow.

Dwayne Kay   December 6 at 10:20pm


Skyler stoker   December 6 at 10:33pm

I was thinking about hitting it up as well tomorrow around noon