Reed Park

North Star, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Zack "Chief" Allen    5 days ago

Have a White Trilogy Challenge Sampo with initials ZA on rim on the right on 15. Lost in the ditch between 15 and 14. Please hit me up if found.

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Zack "Chief" Allen   5 days ago

Reed eats discs this time of year ud83dude03 Thanks Chad

Philip lyon   3 days ago

found it!

Zack "Chief" Allen   2 days ago


Nate Upton    August 19 at 10:08am

2015 The Vines Trilogy Challenge this Saturday. This year's discs are awesome, and Saturday is looking perfect t weather-wise. Three discs and some other fun added stuff. Additional CTPs also, all for only $30.

Jerimiah M.   7 days ago

How does one register?

Nate Upton   6 days ago

you can just show up, or register on here. it's listed in the tournaments

Zack "Chief" Allen   6 days ago

After pre register there will be 14 players pack first come first served starting at 10am.

Zack "Chief" Allen    August 18 at 8:43pm

Got a Blue Grey Gold Line Flow in the water off 18. Only about 10 feet out almost parallel to the basket a little towards the bridge but disappeared when tried to retrieve. If found please let me know.


Philip lyon    August 18 at 8:09pm

Lost another Monday.. Purple colt somewhere behind 8's basket............

Josh Taylor   August 19 at 12:49am

You lost a Monday?...And there was a purple horse behind 8's basket?...

Nate Upton   August 19 at 9:53am

damn XDs

Philip lyon   August 20 at 8:27am

just another manic Monday

Zack "Chief" Allen    August 13 at 8:13pm

Lost a VIP Sorcerer Pink with Pink stamp deep left on 11. Hit me up if found please.


Philip lyon    July 29 at 6:39pm

Lost a tan meteor behind 10 basket/11 left side of fairway, and a red valk on 15 left side in the rough. Reward if found!!!

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Mike Kemp   July 29 at 9:04pm

Stop that!

Simon Porritt   July 29 at 10:26pm

we returned that meteor from deerfield at least once, how many lives that thing got? :D

Brent Fisher   July 29 at 11:29pm


Cody Gardenhouse    July 29 at 12:27am

Lost a yellow tracker on hole 13 I believe. Cash reward if returned


Daryl Davis    July 4 at 7:08pm

anybody lose a flash on hole 2?

Zack "Chief" Allen   July 4 at 11:24pm

My buddy did. Dyed Ying-Yang.

Daryl Davis   July 5 at 12:03pm

that would be the one

Daryl Davis   July 5 at 12:13pm

give me a shout at 616-935-5393 and we'll figure it out

Zachary Parks    July 3 at 7:33pm

Lost a yellow buzz with a tree stamp on it off to the right just passed the rocks on hole 13.


Zachary Parks    June 30 at 4:02pm

Lost a green and black atlas off to the right on hole one.

Chad Marecek   July 1 at 6:15pm

Found it

Philip lyon    June 25 at 9:18am

Lost a red Valk on 11, left side in the thick stuff,

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Philip lyon   June 26 at 5:43am

thanks man, i appreciate it!

Zack "Chief" Allen   June 26 at 7:05pm

Found it

Philip lyon   June 27 at 4:08pm

sweeeet! ill be at reed Monday around 430

Jordan Bond    June 21 at 11:52am

Found an orange surge yesterday with a bird drawn on it with the name Alyssa. If anyone knows who's it is let them know to get ahold of me on here


Keith Aten    June 2 at 6:48am

Anyone interested in spotting for this weekends Disc Girls Gone Wild please LMK 4 spotters would be great. Sat we will have the current World Champion and European Champion playing.

Nate Upton   June 2 at 10:44am

hit up those CCR guys, ill be at 9 on Sleepy all weekend

Nate Upton    May 26 at 10:11am

I lost a purple metal flake tern yesterday on the right side of hole 6, I will buy a new disc for the person that returns it, it has centimental value. My name and # should be on it. Also, there is a tye dye Surge on 7 that my friend lost on the right side of 7.

Mr CLEAN   May 26 at 6:25pm

OUCH... bro hope you get your baby back

Nate Upton   May 27 at 7:07pm

Me too, that's my go-to distance driver.

Nate Upton    May 25 at 8:29am

Are doubles still going on tonight? Hit me up if you're going.

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Nate Upton   May 25 at 10:49am

I think he's in Saginaw, Daryl

Nathan Eurick   May 25 at 11:43am

Yea I am from Saginaw of course

Daryl Davis   May 25 at 2:55pm

A bit far for me sorry man

Keith Aten    March 26 at 7:42am

League Restarting March 30 @ 6:00


Zack "Chief" Allen    March 19 at 8:49pm

I pput a GL Mint Green Flow with Green stamp and Pink VIP Boatman on the ice on 18 Wednesday and being 195 lbs I did not want to travel on the ice risking going thru. Today they are gone?? These are my go to discs and would love to get them back if possible.


Nate Upton    February 7 at 4:16pm

I lost a yellow Flash last night on hole 18. It was a pretty good shot, it's near the basket. The disc has centimental value, reward for its return.

Zack "Chief" Allen   March 12 at 12:01am

found it :) will look for the Tbird tomorrow

Nate Upton   March 12 at 8:27am

you playing today man?

Daryl Davis    December 20 at 9:53pm

anyone down for a round sunday around 11 Ill be there

Nate Upton   December 21 at 8:39am

I'll be there Daryl.

Daryl Davis   December 21 at 9:28am


Paul Bunko    December 19 at 8:42am

Now that the grass is down maybe someone found my lost white Buzzz SS on 6 off to the left in September. I noticed someone from Holt called my house a few weeks ago but did not leave a message, maybe they found the disc and don't use The Scene. Thanks.
Reward if found and returned.


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