Reed Park

North Star, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Keith Aten    March 26 at 7:42am

League Restarting March 30 @ 6:00


Zack "Chief" Allen    March 19 at 8:49pm

I pput a GL Mint Green Flow with Green stamp and Pink VIP Boatman on the ice on 18 Wednesday and being 195 lbs I did not want to travel on the ice risking going thru. Today they are gone?? These are my go to discs and would love to get them back if possible.


Nate Upton    February 7 at 4:16pm

I lost a yellow Flash last night on hole 18. It was a pretty good shot, it's near the basket. The disc has centimental value, reward for its return.

Zack "Chief" Allen   March 12 at 12:01am

found it :) will look for the Tbird tomorrow

Nate Upton   March 12 at 8:27am

you playing today man?

Daryl Davis    December 20 at 9:53pm

anyone down for a round sunday around 11 Ill be there

Nate Upton   December 21 at 8:39am

I'll be there Daryl.

Daryl Davis   December 21 at 9:28am


Paul Bunko    December 19 at 8:42am

Now that the grass is down maybe someone found my lost white Buzzz SS on 6 off to the left in September. I noticed someone from Holt called my house a few weeks ago but did not leave a message, maybe they found the disc and don't use The Scene. Thanks.
Reward if found and returned.


Jerimiah M.    December 13 at 11:17am

Looking to play here around 11:30 -12:00 today. Will bring my camera. Might be nice to have a guide as I hear the rough has sharp teeth and a taste for plastic!

Chad Marecek   December 14 at 8:36am

I was out there. I didn't notice your post until afterwards. my buddy Zack and I would have loved to show you around. I'm going back out today.

Jerimiah M.   December 14 at 6:59pm

Might not get back up there until after Xmas. It's a 45 minute drive for me and I pass Sleepy Hollow on the way. I did see a couple of dads out with what appeared to be toddlers on 18. Was nice to see the next generation in training!

Jerimiah M.    November 5 at 3:53pm

Anyone have a current course map? DGCR appears to be out dated.

Nate Upton   November 5 at 4:33pm

Only one hole has changed, hole 11 is now 100 ft. farther and more to the right than it used to be.

Jerimiah M.   November 5 at 11:36pm

thank you

Alisha Grace    October 24 at 4:49pm

How are the bugs this time of year? I was hoping since it was getting colder, they wouldn't be too bad.

Craig Clingan   October 24 at 6:30pm

I played dubs there a couple of weeks ago and the bugs were gone...mosquitoes anyways.

Alisha Grace   October 25 at 4:03pm

Thanks Craig! Hoping to go play tomorrow sometime :)

Dan De Jong    October 24 at 12:44am

Lost a Red Prodigy D1 & Purple Champion Boss in between hole 6 & 7. Would love to hear if anyone found it. Give me a call (989) 560-6610. Thanks everyone!


Beth Grost    September 30 at 4:48pm

Found a yellow "Discraft Elite First Run XTRA" near Hole 7. It has a name, but the phone number doesn't have an area code. And there seems to be an e-mail address, but I really can't read it.
Let me know!


Beth Grost    September 19 at 7:25pm

HELP! I lost my favorite disc - a yellow Lat 64 Diamond on Hole 7! It hyzered on me and went left into the brush.
Reward if found! On the back is "BJG" with my number. Please call me!!
Thank you!

Philip lyon   September 19 at 8:27pm

i looked but no luck....

Beth Grost   September 21 at 2:47pm

Rats! Thank you for looking. I HOPE SOMEONE FINDS IT!!!!

Beth Grost   September 30 at 4:43pm

Hurray I found it today!

Ken Rippee    September 18 at 10:45am

A buddy and I were curious on if there's going to be another ace race out here this year?

Nate Upton   September 18 at 12:22pm

I haven't heard anything about an ace race yet, but it's early yet

Ken Rippee   September 18 at 10:36pm

alright. thanks

Keith Aten   September 19 at 7:25am

I have no plans to run one so.....Day Glo tho on Nov 8

Nate Upton    September 15 at 9:55pm

I lost a blue First Run Flash in the water on 18. It's one of my favorite discs, reward for its return.


Paul Bunko    September 14 at 7:36pm

Lost a white Buzzz SS on 6 today off to the left. Reward if found and returned.

Paul Bunko   November 10 at 4:48pm

I noticed someone from Holt called but I missed the call, maybe they found my disc.

Alisha Grace    August 15 at 3:58pm

How is the course looking these days? Last I was out it was very flooded. Was thinking of going this weekend, but don't wanna make the trip if it's still flooded.

Cory Hulbert   August 15 at 4:33pm

Course looks great, was just out today, but make sure to take bug spray.

Alisha Grace   August 15 at 5:23pm

Thank you

Daryl Davis   August 15 at 7:34pm

Same thing I was gonna say skeeters are ridiculous

Daryl Davis    August 7 at 11:52am

Anybody down for a round


Cory Hulbert    August 6 at 9:08pm

How are the Mosquitos? Still horrible?

Nate Upton   August 6 at 9:57pm

Beyond horrible, wear lots of Deet man

Robert Saunders   August 7 at 6:40am

I had some average strength spray and it worked ok for about 3 holes, after that it was game on fir the mosquitos. couldn't even enjiy playing.

Robert Saunders    August 1 at 7:55pm

Played here first time today.This is a super nice course but i couldn't even play w mosquitoes.


Cory Hulbert    July 25 at 6:26pm

I lost a orangesh red fle avenger ss with a rainbow stamp on hole 15 it went left but broke past the path. It should be near the trees. I wasn't able to see it come down.

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Cory Hulbert   July 26 at 8:16am

Yes it did I threw it side arm over top of then and it went straight and far with a little turn over coming back towards the green. Then it dropped and I couldn't see how far back it came. Thanks

Cory Hulbert   July 30 at 10:17pm

Disc was found. Thanks to everyone that tries to look for it!

Cory Hulbert   July 30 at 10:17pm


Jammer Gross    July 7 at 1:45pm

Doubles are cancelled tonight, July 8, due to flooded holes. Per Keith Aten.


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