Punderson State Park

Newbury, Ohio     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Larry Bright Jr.    May 17 at 11:14am

lost a few in the drink on hole 15 during the RWB Marathon on 5/16:

purple star starfire - should be very close to the shore right at the turn...had a thumber pick up and roll :/

orange MVP impulse - should be near the shore by the brush by the OLD long pin position

purple MVP inertia - this one's way out there. i'm sure i'll never see it again lol

all are inked with my name and number. disc rewards upon return.


Larry Bright Jr.    May 14 at 7:48pm

We are now at officially less than one month until registration closes for the Trilogy Challenge at Sims Park on 6/13/15!! Don't wait and miss out!! There's gonna be some cool side games and prizes this year, in addition to a really cool players pack that is more than worth the $30 entry fee!! If you don't want to pay via Paypal, shoot me a message and we'll work something out. I'll be at most of the local events in the next month (Pundy RWB, The Beauty, Shoot the Breeze ... more


eric " Sharky " boyd    May 11 at 10:33pm

If you're playing in the RWB Marathon , on Saturday May 16th , remember to bring all food and beverages with you . There is only a short break between rounds . Like , long enough to go to your car and refill your liquids and such . I should also mention
that this is a 1st time event for Punderson , so all tweaks have yet to be ironed out . Just have fun !!

Ryan "Tex" Kimbro   May 11 at 11:18pm

The Sum-bodies will take names.

Trevor Murphy   May 12 at 8:12am

^^what he said

Alan Tabaj    May 10 at 7:29pm

Im gonna be able to make the red white and blue next week. Im looking for a partner. Who wants to play?

Kevin Sinko   May 11 at 5:49pm

My buddy is looking for a partner. Hes pretty good. Jerrod Jacobs. should be on my friends list.

Jerrod Jacobs   May 11 at 6:36pm

Jerrod here. Let me know if you're still looking.

Alan Tabaj   May 12 at 6:24am

I am looking! I think sign up ends soon. lets try to confirm today. ill send you a message hereof.

duane koczan    May 9 at 6:53pm

Course is looking great guys!!!! Thanks for all your hard work.

eric " Sharky " boyd   May 9 at 7:50pm

Thanks Duane !! It's certainly a team effort . Good to see you at Pundy !

Bob Becker   May 9 at 9:52pm

good to see you

eric " Sharky " boyd    May 8 at 10:16pm

1 week left to sign up for the " Punderson Red , White and Blue Marathon " . It's sure to be quite a challenge !! 3 rounds of DG on one of the best courses in Ohio . Be sure to bring everything that you might need , as it will be a Marathon !! Like ALL day !!
10:00am ( sharp ) Tee-off


Cup Cake    May 7 at 4:46pm

Looking for Pun's IV Prize Donations! We'll take just about ANYTHING (in good condition)! If you know anyone who owns a business or anything and they'd be willing to donate a gift certificate or something we would really appreciate it! Food, Tattoos, Concert Tickets, Hand Made Items.... ANYTHING!!!


Ben Lattea    May 5 at 2:23pm

Left a star Valkerie between holes 7 and 12 it has a white Boba fett stencil on it so if you see it call me. Please and thank you!


eric " Sharky " boyd    April 27 at 11:06pm

I'm looking for a partner to play with , for the Punderson Red , White and Blue Marathon on May 16th . My original partner can't make it . Adv. level or open

Any Takers ? Anyone ?

Larry Bright Jr.   April 28 at 4:37pm

Mykill may need a partner...he's rarely on here though. I'll ask him for you.

Rick Gzesh    April 25 at 10:45am

Look out, Rick G from Sims is coming down today for Saturday Scrambles! Hope to make the Wuss round as well for a good warm up.


Bob Becker    April 17 at 5:55pm

Saturday Scrambles at 2pm...random draw. WUSS round at 12:30 singles 9 holes

Alan Tabaj   April 17 at 8:07pm

is the scrambles 9 or 18?

Larry Bright Jr.    April 14 at 8:01pm

The Trilogy Challenge at Sims Park has been updated with a date change to June 27th, 2015!! Check out the event page for updates and more details about the players packs and prizes!! Registration is now open!!



Trevor Murphy    April 13 at 11:38am

Hey Folks,

We are currently looking for some volunteers that would like to help us install a 9 Hole Disc Golf Course in Sharpsville/Hermitage PA. (9inthePines). We are set to install our DGA Mach V Posts THIS Wednesday April 15th as well as some clearing of additional spaces for fairways. The GPS Address is 2442 Kelly Road Hermitage, PA 16148-7308
We will be meeting at 8am at

Trevor Murphy - (724)815-3535
Email: [email redacted]
Or feel free to leave a comment.



Larry Bright Jr.    April 12 at 9:39am

registration for the Vibram Birdie Bash at Sims Park on 4/19/13 closes at noon on 4/13/15!! don't miss out!! no extra player packs will be on hand, so make sure you get your spot!!!



Rob Yaddi    April 5 at 10:23pm

Lost my chamois around holes 10, 11, or 12 probably!! Keep an eye out for it, thanks!


Larry Bright Jr.    March 28 at 5:37pm

There is only 1 week left to sign up for the Vibram Birdie Bash at Sims Park on 4/19/15!!! This event is pre-registration only, and not additional player packs will be available the day of the event. Don't miss out!! $30 gets you your 2 discs, a mini, a tee, and a couple stickers. And don't forget a great time!! Registration link can be found here:



Ryan Lynch    February 18 at 3:15pm

Frozen Fingers is this weekend right? So normal League play is suspended for this weekend?

Andy Morrison   February 18 at 7:24pm

Yes Frozen Fingers (at Punderson) is this weekend. It is on Sunday. Saturday leagues will be unaffected by this, so play will go on.

Larry Bright Jr.    February 11 at 6:22am

registration is officially open for the vibram birdie bash as sims on 4/19/15!! this event is prepay only, as you need to choose your discs and shirt size. registration is only open through 4/13/15, so don't miss out!! this year, they have a birdie bash championship that each event winner qualifies for. this event is up in kalamazoo, and will be played the weekend before the AM Worlds on a course that will be used for that tourney!! $30 gets you your discs and some other cools stuff. check out birdiebash.com for more info!!


David Tilson    February 9 at 7:09pm

Lost a pink Glide out there somewhere saturday.Not sure if wrote my name on it or not,it may have larry brights name on it

Larry Bright Jr.   February 9 at 7:47pm

if i get a call i'll let you know.

Cup Cake    January 27 at 4:09pm

If you haven't updated your review of the course in a while please do so! :) I noticed some were still from before all the tee pads were finished and the fairways were widened a bit.