Prince Gallitzin State Park

Patton, Pennsylvania     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions

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Prince Gallitzin State ParkFees:unspecifiedFree to playApprove · Reject
Regular tees 2xLayout par:58126Approve · Reject

Approve · Reject    revision id#11518 by Jerod Benefield   December 31, 1969 at 7:00pm

Main courseCourse description:With 9 new holes added in the summer of 2014, this is a premier (par 63) 18-hole course in central PA. This course requires huckers to air out every throw in their arsenal. Lanes and the required throwing styles vary from the 145 ft putt/drive from the hole 6 pad to monster meadow bombs like the 720 ft par 5 on hole 10. The newer lanes are clear enough to somewhat forgive a wayward drive, but these narrow lanes make you earn those birdies. While the first 4 holes stay close to the campgrounds and facilities, players can look forward to lots of privacy for most of the remaining course length. Pack a lunch and plan for a group of 4 discers to spend at least 2 hours for a fast no-nonsense round.Approve · Reject
Main courseNumber of holes:918Approve · Reject
Regular teesLayout par:2963Approve · Reject