Oshtemo Township Park

Kalamazoo, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Donnie Tarver    2 days ago

back of the score board was a Vulcan hanging.
Please return and I could pick my disk up


Tyler alfano    4 days ago

Lost a white pre Avery destroyer on the right side of fairway on hole 1. Name pdga and phone # inked on rim. Reward for return would reward handsomely for return


Jimmy Jean    June 6 at 1:20pm

My son lost a blue MVP Proton Tesla on hole 9 off the teepad. Went thru the high gap towards the walking trail. Reward for its return.


Ryley Millar    June 2 at 2:57pm

Lost an orange 2014 knollwood stamp meteor on hole 3. I went back for it and couldn't find it so if someone has it pleaae let me know.


Benjamin Overbeek    May 23 at 5:20pm

On Saturday, May 30th I'm running a tournament at 10:00. It's the Vibram Birdie Bash! Sign up here on the scene! For $30, you get to pick two discs, a tshirt, win cool prizes, and maybe get invited to the Vibram World Championships at Coldbrook in July! Also, please be aware that this IS a tournament, so plan accordingly if you will be playing a casual round.


Ben Jackson    May 22 at 3:48pm

Headed here from across the state. Any locals want to show me the ropes? I'll be there about 6:30

Patrick Jouppi   May 22 at 4:21pm

It'll probably be pretty packed by the time you get there. You ought to have no trouble finding some people to play with or at least watch tee off ahead of ya.

Ben Jackson   May 22 at 5:36pm

Thank you. also concerned about getting lost on course

Brendan Cleary    May 18 at 2:11pm

Left my orange big z stamp drone on hole 18 the other day, if anyone happened to come across it


Donnie Tarver    May 17 at 5:05am

Lost my avenger ss...anyone?
A good flyer.....CTP ON A FEW HOLES

name your trade, if I have it...

Dave Davies   May 17 at 1:31pm

Hey Donnie, if you don't get it back I think I have one I used to throw I can toss you for $5

Donnie Tarver   May 17 at 9:00pm

150 Weight grams......? Thanks buddy

Donnie Tarver   June 9 at 7:28pm

hey take a picture of the leaderboard for me....I am not there this week

Curtis S    April 28 at 10:21pm

Does anyone know a Tom Hibbard? PDGA# 51677

Found a disc with his creds on it.

Matt Moerdyk   April 29 at 3:54pm

I know Tom. I can let him know you have it. Do you have a preferred place/time to meet?

Curtis S   April 29 at 4:11pm

I generally play at Oshtemo on Thursday evenings, otherwise evenings during the work week and most times on the weekend - if he can email me (cskeels AT gmail DOT com) I can connect/trade phone numbers.

Ryley Millar    April 20 at 11:16am

Looking for an orange innova condor. It's got a blue reflector stamp and looks brand new. I let a buddy of mine borrow it and he somehow forgot to pick it up during the front 9 (maybe a few holes after). I will trade two discs for it if someone found it.


Tom Bos    April 20 at 10:47am

I believe I left a light purple MVP Volt out there on Friday... :( Would love it back. Can definitely give a disc for a reward.

Larry LaBond   April 21 at 8:35am

I believe that I have it. Josh and Joleen Ryder found it. I'll have it Oshtemo league tonight.

Tom Bos   April 21 at 11:02am

Hey Larry - thanks for your help! Either Nate or Kevin Richmond should be playing tonight and said they would grab it for me. Thanks again for your help!

Larry LaBond   April 21 at 10:46pm

Kevin was there tonight.

Dave Davies    April 10 at 2:06pm

If someone lost a sweet disc last Monday and can tell me what it is I will get it back to you. no name no ink so I usually go 30 days from when I find it before keeping/throwing/selling/trading it away. Its sexy and not a stock stamp which should rule out most discs people may have lost.

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Wade TF   April 11 at 5:47pm

also have been missing a blue veteran limited edition fairway driver. lost it at oshtemo recently as well

Dave Davies   April 11 at 10:26pm

neither or those, sorry. its Discraft to help narrow it down

Dave Davies   May 18 at 11:01pm

Last call on this one, it goes in the trade pile on the first.

Curtis S    March 31 at 11:39am

Anyone know of any other leagues playing at Oshtemo this season? I know/saw K'Aces will be there Tuesday's, but no idea on others.

Wade TF   April 1 at 1:03am

probably wed night match league season. gotta have a partner all season

Curtis S   April 1 at 1:36pm

cool - thanks Wade - I don't have plans to attend, just trying to keep track of which days are league so I plan around them (gets pretty busy out there on league nights) :)

Jeremy Kellogg   April 7 at 9:27am

There is also the Tuesday night league

Larry LaBond    March 30 at 2:49pm

K'Aces Summer League begins next week Tuesday April 7th!!! Lots of prizes, huge ace pool, and a ton of fun!! You don't need to be good to have fun in league and to do well. Membership does not need to be paid in full to start!!


Erich Partee    March 17 at 4:35pm

Lost a purple with a neon green rim axiom crave no name or number just got it. Around 13 and on forgot to pick it up. Disc or reward for return


Lawrence Leonardi essentialdiscs.com    March 14 at 8:18pm

Found on Hole #12 Banshee and on #15 a Buzzz. Neither of these have markings. If one of these is yours please send me a message with the color and plastic and I will be happy to return it to you!

Curtis S   March 18 at 3:52pm

Thanks for clearing those Tee Pads Larry! :-)

Curtis S    March 13 at 2:32pm

Found an Innova Champion Orc on Hole #10. No markings on it, name the color to claim your disc!


Curtis S    March 13 at 2:30pm

Lost an Orange GStar Krait (168g, might have my initials CAS on it) on Hole #10 near the basket.

FYI to others, Hole #10 was the only one where the snow seemed light enough to eat up a disc...we didn't see it skip when it hit, but dug up the whole area and never found it in the snow. Throw was from behind the 3 trees that stick into the fairway on the left, overhand and landed on the right before the basket...

Would very much appreciate a call out if someone finds it! Thanks!

Curtis S   March 14 at 8:40pm

discs are starting to show! ended up finding my own disc today!

Lawrence Leonardi essentialdiscs.com    March 12 at 4:23pm

Anyone Looking to save $5 and sign up for Leprechaun's Last Stand I will be out at Oshtemo this Saturday to clear off teepads and work on the course a bit. I am looking to get out about noon and work until I have all the Tees cleared and Salted for next weekends event.

Wade TF   March 12 at 11:34pm

all the tees are clear Larry

Randy "Shide-arm" Shideler   March 14 at 7:17pm

Beg to differ

Curtis S   March 14 at 8:41pm

great work on the long tees today!