NorthRidge Church

Plymouth, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Steve Albert    3 days ago

League at 10AM!


Trevor "Doppler" Dixon    July 18 at 8:28pm

I threw a max weight flash in the pond on 7, it floated all the way across the pond. Pretty cool.


Steve Albert    July 11 at 7:35pm

Anyone find a pink mvp ion on hole 13?


Steve Albert    July 8 at 1:50am

Come play the new league 2nd shift! It's starting July 9 at lakeshore 10am. League will be every Wednesday at 10am switching between Northridge, Cass Benton, and Lakeshore. Check out the league here on discgolfscene for more details.


mike fichtner    July 7 at 11:29pm

Hey guys found a few discs at this course. Got a few pdga numbers on em so here they are if you lost one come claim it #39164 #38864 #53487 #59180 Also found a few more no namers. If you are on this list or know of one you lost and know where its at roughly let me know I'll see if we can't get these back to they're rightful owners. Cash/ plastic in return is greatly appreciated. Obviously they were lost and left behind with no intention of finding em. Help me to help you. I will continue ... more

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Alex Travis   July 12 at 9:21am

lost a blue star destroyer in the swamp on 17. cash reward

Mikal Morris   July 17 at 10:05am

lost a pinkish/orangish sherwood stamped discraft putter on hole 14 or 15 on the right side of the fairway in the rough.

Alex Travis   1 day ago

i lost a blue star destroyer. will give a few bucks for return if youve found it. lost it in the swamp on 17

Chase Bojan    July 6 at 10:32pm

Lost a cryztal zombee on hole 6 no name or number would love to get it back. Reward if returned


Joey "ThaSicknaz" Gulyas    June 30 at 7:22am

Want my damned white SL with red wing stamp. I know someone found it. lol.


Alex Travis    June 30 at 3:17am

Lost a blue star destroyer on hole 17 no name no number. If found would be awesome to get back. It also has glow tape on the front and back.


Michael Ostrowski    June 27 at 4:05pm


Big Mike

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Michael Ostrowski   July 9 at 3:15pm

avenger ss, destroyer, firebird a few others

Jeff Hepler   July 9 at 7:17pm

glo avenger ss?

Michael Ostrowski   July 10 at 3:26pm

no it was pro d red

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD    June 20 at 9:25am

Hey hey has the course been cut yet? Try to keep us posted here if and when they cut it. Thanks!

Hunter S. Dotson   June 20 at 10:11am

I was there about a week back and it was cut then.

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD   June 20 at 10:40am

Ok cool, thanks.

Joey "ThaSicknaz" Gulyas    June 11 at 11:20am

Lost Star SL on 14 in the long grass. White with a custom red wings stamp. My favorite disc by far. Please contact if found

Michael Ostrowski   June 11 at 4:10pm

have they cut the fairways on the course yet? i played a week ago and the weeds were brutal on like 14&15&16

Joey "ThaSicknaz" Gulyas   June 13 at 8:05am

Not cut. :-/3

Michael Ostrowski   June 13 at 11:51am

That's ****ty!

David Moody    June 7 at 5:03pm

Lost a red avenger ss z plastic in the big fountain pond. 174 weight no name or number. If you find it consider it yours. I figure its lost and got myself a new dyed one anyways.


mitchel kiefer    May 25 at 10:40pm

Hey i am hosting a Trilogy Challenge at Northridge June 28th. Check out this link and tell your friends!


Jeff Hepler    May 22 at 9:43am

Lost Glow CFR Katana hole 17 in the marsh before the pin. Reward for its return.


mitchel kiefer    May 22 at 9:11am How many people would come to a trilogy challenge at NorthRidge!? Do you guys think we can get 25 people?!

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mitchel kiefer   May 23 at 2:20pm

Yes I will set up the registration on here in a few days

Ryan "Ryno" M   May 24 at 5:19am

Awesome. Thank you

mitchel kiefer   May 25 at 9:33pm Heres the link! Tell your friends and lets get people registered!

Steve Albert    May 20 at 2:52pm

lost pink mvp neutron tangent in hole 7 water no name or number.


Jeff Hepler    May 7 at 1:38pm

LOST Glo Avenger SS in the marsh area before 17's basket. Name and Number on the rim. If found, please return.


Hunter S. Dotson    April 21 at 9:38am

They have fixed the tee sign's and now you can throw with out the fear of loosing a hand..

Jason Kirkaldy   April 21 at 10:18am


Hunter S. Dotson   April 21 at 1:39pm

I was very surprised to see it. I think maybe 1/2 out of 18 are still gunna take you hand off at the wrist but at least they listened to some feedback

Jeff Hepler    October 12 at 11:02am

LOST Glow Buzzz on hole 2. Left side in tall weeds over the gravel path. Original glow Buzzz with worn white stamp. I believe my name and number are on the rim, but maybe not. Plastic reward if found! Also lost a FLX GLO wasp (blue) in the water on 7. I doubt I'll ever see that again. But, if found, plastic and/or cash reward.


Ben Tayor    October 4 at 10:48am

FYI they called the cops on a buddy of mine, he had a black guy with him and they reported it saying they "looked suspicious"... So unless you're there with Buddy Christ, be cautious

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Hunter S. Dotson   October 4 at 11:13am

Jesus didn't do it.. Oblivious it was the "Black Guy" in Northville with is totally against code.

Jason Kirkaldy   October 4 at 11:25am

stupid Honkeys!!!

Hunter S. Dotson   October 4 at 1:32pm

I blame the government shutdown

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