NorthRidge Church

Plymouth, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Chadd Scruggs    4 days ago

Good news everyone!! Speaking with officials at the church about the event I mentioned a few comments ago they have let me know that they will be upgrading all the baskets this week to a better higher quality basket. (not sure of brand he will let me know on Monday) just figured everyone would like that.

Jeff "Hep-A-Ler" Hepler   2 days ago

So excited. I have been "North Ridged" to many times by those baskets. Have you heard what they're upgrading them to, yet?

Zac Zabolotny    4 days ago

Is it a bad idea to play this course on a Sunday around noon?

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Zac Zabolotny   4 days ago

Okay, thanks for the heads up!

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   4 days ago

Church is going on. But course is empty. And 18 is missing. Word is there putting in new baskets so might be more missing?

Zac Zabolotny   3 days ago

We ended up getting there around 11:15am. No one was on the course, but the parking lot was packed. Holes 2 and 3 were unplayable. Holes 8, 9, and 10 are iffy, as they are right next to the parked cars. We ended up leaving after 8.

Chadd Scruggs    August 15 at 12:28pm

Just so no one misses it...


Jake Pardo    July 11 at 1:43pm

Lost Glo Tee bird Southern Michigan Open stamp on hole 12. Should be on left side by trees. Reward if returned


Jeff "Hep-A-Ler" Hepler    July 11 at 1:34pm

LOST Glo Z Mantis with bowling green 2014 stamp on hole 7 in the water, almost pin high, less than 20 feet out from the shore. It has my signature on the top and HEPLER #61742 on the bottom. Return willl be greatly rewarded. Thanks.

Timmy Redman   July 13 at 2:29pm

Looked for your disc, very murky water, no luck. Bring a rake.....

Jeff "Hep-A-Ler" Hepler   July 14 at 8:20am

Thanks for the effort, Timmy

Andrea Cozart-Lundin    June 24 at 8:20pm

I lost a blue Boss on hole 7. It didn't seem to go very deep into the pond, but either way... It was gone! If anyone finds it, I'd love it back! I bought it the same day I played the course! Which was on Sunday, 6/21/15. Thanks everyone!


Kyle Vena    June 19 at 10:39pm

Lost a green gstar destroyer in pond on 7 name and number on back, does anyone know if the people at the church actually go in there and get them, or am I going swimming?

Patrick Snay   June 19 at 11:19pm

If you decide to go swimming, I'll give you some cash for an old beat-up, yellow, DX Shark if you find it

Kyle Vena   June 19 at 11:33pm

Haha, ill let you know!

Matt Nelson    June 1 at 5:37pm

Since this is my first time out on this course this year, did they pull the basket for 18? Wasn't there this afternoon.


Joseph Contratto    May 19 at 5:41pm

Basket 3 is missing....WTF

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Casey Creason   May 21 at 4:21pm

Been missing almost 3 weeks at least.

Joseph Contratto   May 21 at 6:48pm

I asked a maintenance guy out there he said they will replace it since they are adding 9 more holes soon anyway...

Casey Creason   May 25 at 8:47pm


Shane Bates    May 1 at 6:49pm

Found a pinkish innova disc on 16. Identify it and i will get it back to you

Shane Bates   May 2 at 12:19pm

nope pretty sure it is not an Innova Buzzz SS

Michael Ostrowski   May 13 at 2:34pm


Patrick Snay    April 27 at 12:30pm

lost an extremely beat up DX shark to hole 7. Would love to get it back someday.


Benjamin Pierce    April 18 at 9:08pm

Threw a yellow Thief in the pond on 7. Has my name & number on it, will throw you a couple bucks to get it back.


Samantha Socia    March 24 at 9:26pm

Lost a pink havoc in a shallow water with cattails can't remember what hole.. Name and number on back, reward for return!


mitchell ferrell    October 27 at 4:40pm

Lost star wrath hole 5 I think it roles in the pound has my stamp on it.

mitchell ferrell   October 27 at 4:41pm

its dark blue and is 1067604

mitchell ferrell   October 27 at 4:41pm


james perras    October 1 at 6:23pm

Lost red flick no name no #


Devon Kearney    August 24, 2014 at 3:12pm

Light blue disc in pond, anyone find it?


Jason Kirkaldy    August 19, 2014 at 9:28pm

Ieft a orange nuke is by 18 sat. If anyone has it I will pay a great reward for its return. 3/aces on that bad boy

Jason Kirkaldy   August 19, 2014 at 9:28pm


Jason Kirkaldy   August 19, 2014 at 9:29pm

nuke o s

korey harris    August 10, 2014 at 9:28pm

i lost a nuke in the water. if anybody finds it please call me at 734 377 6168


Jason Kirkaldy    August 10, 2014 at 3:25pm

Tornament at Northridge Church on 8/16/14 this Saturday!!! Be there at 830 to sign up early. Check the Tournament Page for more Details.


Joey "ThaSicknaz" Gulyas    July 28, 2014 at 9:21am

I have learned that my disc was indeed found, but its "new owner"/ person that found it doesnt want to cough it up... So when you learn of this post, please contact me so that I can get you a couple of pieces of plastic for a disc that is irreplaceable to me. Thanks ahead of time.

Matt D   July 29, 2014 at 1:41pm

get my nuber

Matt D   July 29, 2014 at 1:42pm

get my number from mike so we can disc and you can trade him

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