Merrill Park West

Hamburg, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Jeremy B    6 days ago

Lost an orange valkyrie in the ravine on hole 8. You find it.. Keep it, you've earned it.

Amanda Watson   5 days ago

free valkyrie??? shoooot consider it found! Lol

Jeff Hulet   5 days ago

Hoo Hoo a hunting trip! I wonder how many are in the "Gulch"?? :)

Patrick O'brien    7 days ago

i lost a 150 class pick a3 flick and i also lost a white flex drone,,$$$$ or i have 300+disc to trade if you give them back it will be worth it


Jeff Ponke    June 27 at 1:58pm

Lost white star Valkyrie on hole 15 right of the pin $$ reward


j calli    June 7 at 8:00pm

lost a green gstar aviar putter some were around hole 4 pin and hole 5 t pad let me know if found no name or number brand new


Trevor Hadden    May 16 at 7:30pm

Found a disc on 16. No phone number on it. describe it and I'll get it back to you

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Trevor Hadden   June 27 at 3:31pm


Patrick O'brien   June 28 at 3:56am

i lost a pink flick 150 class summer a3 disc

j calli   6 days ago

green aviar

John Reifschneider    May 1 at 5:31pm

Course will be closed at 3:00 pm Saturday May 2nd (tomorrow) for course cleanup and repairs. If your able to give a helping hand join us or txt john 810.923.6751


Josh Cook Broken Oak    April 19 at 5:20pm

Broken Oak Disc Golf presents the Broken Open 2015 at Addison Oaks! One of the best events of the summer! We are well sponsored and will have great players packs and free food from Thee Office Pub! Awesome prizes and raffles too.

Robert Labuschewsky   April 20 at 5:40pm

I take it this isn't at the gultch?

Doug Prizer    April 2 at 6:34pm

anyone know conditions on the course?

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Angel Gilbert   April 2 at 7:35pm

played sunday was fine not too muddy

Doug Prizer   April 2 at 8:21pm

Cool thanks

mark ellis   April 2 at 8:21pm

Played yesterday. Course is in fine condition. Gulch hole is a swamp but that is no surprise in the spring.

Angel Gilbert    March 29 at 3:03pm

Just lost a fly dye champ valk on hole 8 no name in back dark blue on top reward if found


Miles Campbell    March 22 at 10:18am

Gonna play there at noon 30. How's it look out there?


Corey Kieft    March 11 at 10:20pm

Lost a blue Verdict on hole 10 right side 15-20 ft. short of the basket. Reward for return. Buddies also lost a yellow Destroyer and an Orange D1 on 18 also reward for those.


Lee Thomas    December 30 at 11:02pm

↓↓↓ also shoot me a message if you want


Lee Thomas    December 30 at 11:01pm

Found blue metal flake firebird I believe. It has dtnamic discs stamp. Called and left voicemail. Check your voicemail if you lost it


Ryan Ripaldi    November 29 at 7:57pm

lost purple blizz boss factory 2nd on hole 15 with no stamp left side of fairway on bottom/beginning of hill, reward for return! hit a tree and was too dark for its return

Ryan Ripaldi   November 30 at 4:29pm

no name/number

Floyd Hampp    October 31 at 9:55am

Lost a Red Glo Flx Drone. I think I forgot to pick it up on Hole 2 in the dark. Went over the basket into the area that could be considered 17's "rough". Reward if returned!!


Jeff Hulet    October 29 at 4:31pm

I found a disc on hole 7 a few days ago with no # or name. Describe it and I will meet you to give it back.

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Joshua Dingeldey   October 29 at 5:26pm

i hope it is my light blue avenger ss?

Jeff Hulet   October 30 at 2:43pm

Sorry, it is not one of those.

Floyd Hampp   October 31 at 9:53am

I know it wasn't lost on that hole, but if someone picked it up, it could have moved. I lost a red Z Glo Flx Drone. I can't remember if I penned my PDGA number on the inside rim, but I think I left it there during a glow round...

James Mayes    October 19 at 6:06pm

Hi All, WARNING! My wife and I played there today and three teens grabber our disks on 14. We saw them at the basket and thought they were finishing the hole. Then we drove and both discs were maybe 8 feet from the basket and visible from tee. Got up there and no disks. Figured they had been snagged and went looking. Saw the kids from a distance and when they saw me they took off running! Couldn't catch them, but want everyone to know. Three kids: One was just under 6' skinny ... more


Joe 'Dirt' LaPerna    September 5 at 10:35pm

Lost greenish blue cannon left side of 16. Really not sure where it went tbh. Went into the trees on the left. never saw or heard anything after.


Jeremy Matson    August 4, 2014 at 1:52pm

Did anyone find a white Westside Sword. Lost one on Saturday. If found please contact.


Scott Nelson    July 22, 2014 at 1:41pm

Found a disc today on #14 right next to the basket. Describe it and I'll get in touch...

Ryan S   November 24 at 7:35pm

Was it a red focus putter?

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