Merrill Park West

Hamburg, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Dale Noel    November 19 at 8:05pm

Lost pair of reading glasses in brown case I think on hole 1 near basket and 2's pad


Matt Clark    September 26 at 4:50pm

Lost a green esp nuke on hole 15 past the basket in the bushes. Name and number is on it

Jake Forster   September 26 at 6:36pm

How many disc are you going to lose today?

Paulie Whitmore    September 23 at 3:22pm

lost a orange old school Innova Proline Bar Stamp Leopard. Has my name and number is on it. Nice reward for return.


Matt Clark    September 16 at 10:25am

lost a blue ace race heat on the left on hole 15. To the guy who found it and called me, i lost your number. call me again hahaha

Dan Whitlock   September 16 at 12:58pm

Oh damn, totally forgot about that drive.... meant to take a gander in the woods for it. Hope you get it back

Josh Cantor    September 14 at 1:40pm

Lost a tye -dye Discraft MRV 30 feet short right of hole 15 in the trees. reward or trade a disc for it's return. I also lost yellow blizzard Tee-Devil on hole 16 . Crap.


John Reifschneider    September 11 at 6:01pm

Jailbreak tomorrow B-Tier $500 added Cash
Innova Player Pack

2 rounds 1 at Indy 1 and Gulch

Amazing Innova Player Pack included Shirt, mini and disc
120% to AM payouts
reg Closes at 9:00pm


Jason S    August 22 at 2:26pm

Lost a bright green Innova with the bat symbol painted on it. Ex made it for me. If anyone were to find it, it would mean a lot to me to get it back.

Jason S   August 22 at 2:55pm

I think it was on hole 3. The one with the long lane of trees. Went off to the right into that thick wooded area.

Patrick O'brien    August 17 at 9:56pm

lost a tye'dye surge on hole 17, to the left of the basket pass the fairway from the drive. will trade if you find it


Jake andrews    August 10 at 8:32am

Left a bright yellow frost saint on hole 15 on the left side at the top of the hill on Friday (August 7th) if you happen across it please message me on here. Thank you!


Amanda Watson    August 8 at 9:41am

Got my first ace on hole 14 last Tuesday!! I made the Gulch my biaatch :)

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Nick Oliver   August 9 at 4:26pm

Nice! Crazy first Ace.

Paulie Whitmore   August 10 at 1:19pm


Robert Wagner   August 11 at 11:54am


Mychal Urssing    July 27 at 10:10am

Has anyone found a clear green Force on 18? I lost it Sunday, and would greatly appreciate its return.


Trevor Hadden    July 22 at 6:28am

Lost a blue champ firebird right side of 18. Has my ink. Reward for return.


"Mag1c" Mike Visger    July 15 at 4:36am

Still nothing for scores for that mvp event held there July 5th?

John Reifschneider   July 15 at 3:05pm

Right, how about you send me a PM i am in a 7 tournaments in 7 weeks run so my posting of scores on non sactioned events have fallen behind, doubles events do no let me import scores so they must be hand entered this is much more involved, many unsactioned events ofter do not post scores at all, but i will when i get a chance

Phil "Puttimus Prime" Common    July 12 at 10:14pm

Lost a plasma tangent on the gulch hole. Circuit stamped gold. Hit the trees on the right from longs. Reward if found.


Rory W    July 12 at 10:17am

Found a disc on hole 1, no name or number. Let me know color /type if it's yours.


Jeremy B    June 29 at 8:49pm

Lost an orange valkyrie in the ravine on hole 8. You find it.. Keep it, you've earned it.

Amanda Watson   June 30 at 9:02am

free valkyrie??? shoooot consider it found! Lol

Jeff Hulet   June 30 at 4:35pm

Hoo Hoo a hunting trip! I wonder how many are in the "Gulch"?? :)

Patrick O'brien    June 28 at 1:17pm

i lost a 150 class pick a3 flick and i also lost a white flex drone,,$$$$ or i have 300+disc to trade if you give them back it will be worth it


Jeff Ponke    June 27 at 1:58pm

Lost white star Valkyrie on hole 15 right of the pin $$ reward


jason callihan    June 7 at 8:00pm

lost a green gstar aviar putter some were around hole 4 pin and hole 5 t pad let me know if found no name or number brand new


Trevor Hadden    May 16 at 7:30pm

Found a disc on 16. No phone number on it. describe it and I'll get it back to you

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Trevor Hadden   June 27 at 3:31pm


Patrick O'brien   June 28 at 3:56am

i lost a pink flick 150 class summer a3 disc

jason callihan   June 29 at 3:19pm

green aviar