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Bart Kowalewski    November 16 at 9:22pm

New course has been added to this page. Devils Creek! That is the current new layout!


Bart Kowalewski    November 16 at 1:48pm

Pulled out 3 discs out of water today. Tell me what u lost and maybe i got it.

Ryan Ripaldi   November 16 at 3:02pm

vibram driver on 16, discraft dyed glide in the river on 13

Bart Kowalewski   November 16 at 8:43pm

got the glide

Christian Doman    November 10 at 6:06am

My friend Phil lost a red/orange cryztal zone on 11 this past Thursday. Hit the crest of hill, then disappeared. We looked for a long time, kicking the leaves around with no luck. I will have a $ or plastic reward for its return. Thank you.

Bart Kowalewski   November 10 at 10:03am

I will look

Christian Doman   November 10 at 3:33pm

Thank you, Bart! Also, thanks for stopping and hooking me up with that course map. Very cool...

Bart Kowalewski   November 11 at 2:30pm

Anytime, i did not see the Zone :/

Bart Kowalewski    November 9 at 10:03pm

There is a 4x4 Tee Sign at every hole now! No reason anyone should get lost if they have the map and the tee signs being there.

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Bart Kowalewski   November 10 at 10:00am

Yeah it happenes

Tony Vidal   November 11 at 4:12pm

if you paint black they'll write in white

Bart Kowalewski   November 11 at 6:15pm

They always find a way!

Ron Jacobs    November 9 at 7:14pm

Lost my disc on hole 12, after my drive I started poking the deer carcass with a red stick and forgot where my disc went. #stonerproblems

Bart Kowalewski   November 9 at 9:13pm

What Disc?

Ron Jacobs   November 10 at 1:21pm

Disc mania hysteria s line white with a rainbow stamp

Bart Kowalewski   November 10 at 1:39pm


Bart Kowalewski    November 5 at 6:54pm

Make sure you review the course and rate it! Or redo your old rating/review! Teesigns are going in.

Mike Wood   November 5 at 8:07pm

When are tee pads goin in? I heard this course is awesome, but I hate not having tee pads to throw from

Bart Kowalewski   November 5 at 9:28pm

Tee Pads are unlikely because the area is protected wetland, so we will never have concrete. The tee zones are flat and not bad to tee off of!

Ryan A   November 6 at 9:31am

There is one tee pad currently at tee 11, and it's pretty nice. I felt much better there teeing off than before.

Bart Kowalewski    October 27 at 8:58pm

Course Map has been Posted into Hole 1 Pictures


Bart Kowalewski    October 22 at 8:53pm

Uploaded new pictures for each hole besides 11. I need people to take previous photos down if you have uploaded them. Please it is important for the success of the course.

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Bart Kowalewski   October 25 at 6:45pm

Ryan Ripaldi? Brendan Livingston?

Ryan Ripaldi   October 26 at 12:13pm

ill be there

Bart Kowalewski   October 26 at 12:35pm

we are teeing off at 3

Bart Kowalewski    October 18 at 7:14pm

So with Hole 17 being stolen, im fundraising for a new basket. Using funds from the LTU open that i made and the money from the LTU open discs that im selling. Hole 17 will be taken out because it was so close to the road. I have a new redesign in mind and quite possibly an idea for teepads!

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Bart Kowalewski   October 18 at 7:32pm

Ill check it out Tommorow

Jeff Novak   October 18 at 7:50pm

If you're short on funds, maybe get an online fundraiser going.

Bart Kowalewski   October 18 at 7:59pm

We will see Jeff. I will check tomorrow to see if the basket is with maintenance because the guy will be back tomorrow.

Bart Kowalewski    October 2 at 2:19pm

Yet again hole 17s basket has been stolen. It was a brand new chainstar. If u know anything let me know

- br33zy -   October 2 at 3:25pm

That's terrible news. I was just there trying to navigate from 16 to 17 and gave up. Now I know why. Sorry that some people are so selfish they have to spoil it for everyone else.

Jeff Novak   October 2 at 10:33pm

That's messed up. I was hoping the construction guys moved it.

Brendan Livingston   October 6 at 11:14am

wow it was there for a whole week, this is ridiculous.

Bart Kowalewski    September 23 at 8:17pm

I got all 18 Baskets in. No tee signs till friday/Saturday. If anyone is interested in a round message me, and i can play with you to show you the new course. You can give me some tips/suggestions too!

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Jeff Novak   September 24 at 7:51pm

I won't be able to play until Saturday.

Bart Kowalewski   September 25 at 9:16am

brendan is 1130 still on

Matt Oller   September 26 at 3:20pm

Thanks for showing me around the course Bart. Nice work keeping the course going. Holes #17 and 18 will be feature holes when the pond fills in.

David Tomlinson    September 17 at 7:42am

What is the new layout like? Is there still a hole bordering the freeway?

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Bart Kowalewski   September 18 at 10:08am

no. we are planning on picking them up monday from discraft

Jeff Novak   September 18 at 10:29am


Bart Kowalewski   September 18 at 12:18pm

yeah im gonna try to get one in today. and see if i can fix up the dented one

Bart Kowalewski    September 10 at 12:32pm

New course design is being implemented. New baskets are being ordered for the ones that were destroyed because of construction. I may need help trying to fix one that's a little banged up. Will keep updating with any progress.
Thanks for your patience.

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Bart Kowalewski   September 10 at 1:40pm

Thanks Scottie, im excited too. There are some sweet new holes!

donny v   September 10 at 5:42pm

you the man Bart! nice job bringing her back bigger and better :)

Bart Kowalewski   September 10 at 5:48pm

Doin my Best!

Jeff Novak    July 28 at 11:50pm

Any word on the course?

Ryan A   July 29 at 9:15am

The course will probably not be fixed until next season.. construction is still underway.

Bart Kowalewski   July 29 at 11:28am

yes. complete redesign is coming

Jeff Novak   July 29 at 2:37pm

Thanks guys.

Chris Trumbull    July 4 at 1:28pm

Any updates on course condition? Is the construction over? Signs and baskets up? Never played here but looks like a good course.

Chadd Scruggs   July 4 at 6:47pm

constructuion will probably have the course tore up till august at which point we will be working on a vourse redesign with some awesome new holes

Chadd Scruggs   July 4 at 6:48pm

and by that i mean through august probably since they are never on time

Jeff Novak    May 22 at 5:33pm

Anyone know the status of the course? Are the baskets still pulled?

Bart Kowalewski   May 22 at 10:19pm

yes. not playble

Chadd Scruggs   May 22 at 10:50pm

15/18 holes are still playable... new holes 16-18 are not

Jeff Novak   May 23 at 8:37pm

Thanks guys. I'm waiting until construction is done and the baskets are back in.

Michael Ostrowski    April 21 at 10:30pm

Is the course playable now? Last time construction made it difficult!! I'm playing here tomorrow. Where's the new hole 1 compared to the old joke one 1? Any info would be helpful. Thanks!!

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Michael Ostrowski   April 22 at 11:11am

Yea I feel u, I love that course. It's fun to play and it's never really packed. Even before all the BS const. Where is hole one now? The old 15? Is it pretty easy to follow from there?

Bart Kowalewski   April 22 at 9:46pm

Hole 1 is by the feild it would be old 15 yes. And kind of. After old 18 there is one more beyond that along the road, but its behind the huge lawrence tech sign. then after that you have to make it to the field to play old hole 4.

Bart Kowalewski   April 22 at 9:47pm

We can play it if you want.

Jeff Novak    April 11 at 8:48pm

Baskets are gone on 15, 17 and 18. Quicksand-like mud on 16.

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Brandon Schick   April 11 at 9:48pm


Jeff Novak   April 14 at 12:39am

It looks like the construction will be ongoing for the next 2-3 months

Ryan A   April 14 at 8:43pm

I work in housing at Lawrence. I found the basket for 18 laying outside the door so we pulled it inside so it wont get stolen. the basket for 16 is under a pile of dirt and 17 is still intact but unplayable. The course will need lot of work. Although I played it today and the rest of the course is doing well. We need new tee signs and eventually pads.

Bart Kowalewski    March 15 at 8:26pm

Hole 15 or old 10's basket has been destroyed thanks to the construction company. We are working on fixing this

Jeff Novak   March 16 at 1:33am


Jeff Novak    March 13 at 8:43pm

Holes 15, 16 and 17 are unplayable due to construction.


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