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Nate Wheeling    3 days ago

The hanging branches off of hole X have progressively lowered each time I've played this hole. It's almost to the point of being dangerous to throw off the tee. Will anything be done to prop the branches or trim it so that it resembles it's previous position?

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ken "sega salt" moote   2 days ago

Calhounaburger being God.

sheldon bowen   2 days ago

throwshop katana smash!

Ben Calhoun   2 days ago

It's done, kept as much of it as possible without blocking the shot anymore.

tony mitchell    5 days ago

whats the distance on hole 2 from longs??

"J Bluntz" Quiton   5 days ago


Zachary L. Mitchell   5 days ago

it says 990... But I cannot confirm nor deny that distance. lol

Shaun Adkins   5 days ago

did you park it tony?

Kyle Vena    June 22 at 8:13pm

Girlfriend lost a pink mvp inertia by pond on 13 from the second tee box. Name and number is on it. Her name is Erin. Thanks


David Pickle    June 21 at 1:48am

Lost a champion blue-green beast really beat no ink on it , my first ace disc, in the pond . :/

Ben Calhoun   June 22 at 11:28am

Best to let me know directly at the shop in case I don't see this post- I put it on the list.

Zack Cardenas    June 8 at 11:42pm

Lost a glide in the yellow and has my name and number on inside rim...


Ben Calhoun    May 27 at 1:44pm

Hole Z's basket has been moved- about 5 feet short and 30 ft. right of where it was (when facing from the tee). In the trees on the right. This is a mostly permanent change to make the hole more difficult after the loss of the big tree last fall. The distance is roughly the same give or take 5 ft. so the sign/map isn't changing.

Wade TF   May 27 at 2:08pm


richard bell    May 25 at 8:42pm

Left a purple champion wraith on fairway on hole 2.


Just The Tim    May 25 at 4:16pm

Found a pick disc near hole 6 (I think) today around 1pm. No name or number on it. Left it at the throw shop.


Steve Jones    May 9 at 7:16pm

Threw a red gstar teebird un the pound today please return if found!

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Steve Jones   May 25 at 1:13pm

yes sir ill be out there soon did you also find a white pure?

Ben Calhoun   May 25 at 1:34pm

I think you should get a lottery ticket today, yes

Steve Jones   May 25 at 2:22pm

lol awesome ! ill be by sometime this week! thanks!

Shane Bates    April 28 at 8:38pm

Ben- I lost a Gstar BB aviar in the drink today. I don't think it was marked, but is red with a green stamp. This is probably the 6th aviar I've lost in there, it would be pretty cool if I could ever get one back. It would be even cooler if I could learn to control my drives

Ben Calhoun   April 29 at 12:17pm

On the list, thanks

Carl Hall    April 17 at 9:19am

Are you allowed to drink beers on this course?

Jason Kirkaldy   April 17 at 9:24am

**** yeah

Ben Calhoun    April 16 at 12:42pm

Important: As of 4/15/15- Lakeshore is no longer allowing Dogs on the disc golf course. This is entirely Lakeshore's doing and choice and they won't let you back to play if you have a dog with you so please leave your dog at home. We are hoping to change this.

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Joe Paczwa   April 16 at 4:06pm

Hopefully included are the residents who walk thier dogs down the middle of the fairways. But, it aslo sucks for the responsible golfers with K-9 caddies.

samuel smith   April 16 at 5:21pm

they can't ban service dogs

Daniel J Lee   April 16 at 5:48pm

Prediction: Lakeshore will be pulled within the next 5 years. It is absolutely unreal the way they are dictating league/tournament/large group rounds and the overall enjoyment of being on the property. Next bet would be they start p2p and/or annual passes. Everybody is going to stop going to Lakeshore, and that will not be very good for Throwshop business.

Joe Paczwa    April 15 at 8:02pm

Left a green pro wraith on 9, thinking left side near tree by OB. Turned in two discs in last two days, c'mon good karma!!


Nick Oliver    April 11 at 9:26pm

Come out and trade/sell/buy and then toss Belle Isle!


Nate Wheeling    April 11 at 5:51pm

11x KC Teebird in the pond on 13. Name and number are on it, reward for its return.

ken "sega salt" moote   April 11 at 8:31pm


Nick Oliver   April 11 at 9:25pm

Ben goes in there pretty often, no?

Tim Corwin   April 11 at 11:45pm

He tries to get in there but it may still be a little cold for him to get in there. Im sure he will contact you as soon as he can retrieve it.

Steve Albert    March 31 at 8:51pm

Lost pink mvp vector in pond

Nick Oliver   March 31 at 11:19pm

Best place to lost a disc at. Ben and his crew are awesome.

Angel Gilbert    March 29 at 1:47am

Lost a pink crank somewhere on the course didnt notice it til i went use it today and it was gone. Lost it last weekend


Brandon"RedRum" Redmond    March 29 at 1:33am

:::LOST during the tournament over the weekend:::

White Opto Flow, misprint, red and chrome stamps. There is a tiny black dash on the flight plate. I had gone OB on 12, left side, and after my upshot I had forgotten to grab it. There were the MA1 cards behind us So I hope one of them found it, only they didn't turn it in to lost and found. I would very much like to have the disc back please.


Douglas McIntosh    March 25 at 10:06pm

I put a Yellow champ Firebird with factory second stamp in the pond on 13 yesterday. Name and Number on back


Elijah "bawbeast" Wykes    March 24 at 1:31pm

Lost a blue x1 on 13 would love to get it back. Number n name on the the inside rim. $$$ if returned


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