Keizer Rapids

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Zac Teuscher    2 days ago

Played first 9.. hit two of the seven tee sign posts that are still present. I've said those are a hazard before and will again!
Two of the posts are missing... speaking of tee signs. When might they be installed?

Any chance to get #1 or others moved while the course is still dry?

Tyler Franklin   2 days ago

Get on it!!!!

Jason "Rooster" Bruster   1 day ago

Its a work in progress.

Nico "Putta Smooth" Lagaso   1 day ago

I'd love to play that alt pin on 1

Meagan Dozier    August 15 at 1:44pm

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Zac Teuscher    August 4 at 1:39am

Huk it @ 9am.. see you there?


Jason "Rooster" Bruster    July 26 at 3:03pm

Well, after working out of town for the past month I hope to get back on track and get tee signs installed along with some new pin locations and backfilling hole 2 and hole 13 tee pads. I will post when work will be taking place so others can join in on the fun...


Jesse Walker    July 24 at 2:00pm

Hey all, this is Jesse Walker. I'd like to ask everyone to keep an eye out for my discs and bags that were stolen out of my car last night. My name is on about half the 80 discs that were taken, about 12 were my daughter's discs with beatrix and my number on them. My grip bag, my wife's dynamic soldier bag and bea's pink fade bag are gone as well. If anyone has any information or sees any of these items please call me. My number is 503-881-2795. Thanks all.


Joel Campos    July 21 at 2:27am

My brother Daniel lost a axiom clash and ti wasp here. His name or # may not be on it. If found please let me know!!!


Zac Teuscher    June 30 at 7:49pm

Does some of those hope locations look off?

L Bledsoe   June 30 at 10:10pm


Zac Teuscher   June 30 at 11:50pm

*hole... stupid phone

Mike Wilson   July 1 at 12:41am

That map look to be from when the course was originally built and includes some alt pin locations that never got installed or ok'd by the city. It's close but not accurate.

Mike Wilson    June 25 at 8:12am

Tonight is the last scheduled work party for our park improvement proposal. Hope to see a lot of volunteers tonight! Meet at the main parking lot kiosk at 5.

Steve Moore   June 25 at 12:48pm

Thanks for all you folks are doing to try to bring course back to life. Sorry I won't be able to attend, today and tonight is planned to finish and install tee signs at Woodmansee course. Zac will be with me helping out so hope you get some other volunteers out to assist you. You guys are on the Hawg Farm Good Guys list for sure.

Matt Bressler   June 25 at 6:49pm

Good luck guys!

Rick Saffeels   June 26 at 1:15am

Sorry I was trying to get my phone to work and with the grandparents. You guys are incredible and great work!

Mike Wilson    June 19 at 12:29am

One last work party next Thursday the 25th!
Would love to have help to finish it up. Hope to see a lot of you out there!!
Keizer is close to having the facelift done!!!!

Jason "Rooster" Bruster   June 19 at 1:42am

We got a ton of work done tonight... Its looking pretty great out there... Fairways mowed. New tee signs are being printed and will be installed next week. New pin locations coming soon too!

Mike Wilson    June 17 at 8:45pm

Tomorrow Thursday the 18th we are holding a work party at Keizer Rapids.
We will meet at the main enterance by the kiosk at 4:45pm.
Bring whatever you think will be helpful!
And thanks!

Steve Moore   June 17 at 11:02pm

Won't be able to join in the fun this time like past couple, have another commitment already tomorrow

Mark McKeever    June 14 at 3:49pm

Also left a white and grey rimmed innova atlas on the course maybe 7 or 8 has my name and number on it.
yeah 2 disc's not a good day at rapids I know.


Mark McKeever    June 14 at 10:50am

lost a dark grey Lat 64 (gold style) River on 10 about halfway to the basket went left maybe way left. has name and number on it in sharpie and silve paint pen would love to get it back.


Mark McKeever    June 13 at 3:54pm

Ok going to play this afternoon to give this course another chance, it really sucked last summer when we went and tried to play it.could some one let me know if the downloadable map is accurate, not sure about the old and new 17/18 holes. hopefully there are some kind of arrows or marker to get around, it was a freaking mess out there trying to find our way around.

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Zac Teuscher   June 14 at 1:13pm

All the trails do need to be Weedeated. The grass under the baskets too and 11, 12, 17 and 18 are only real bad fairways atm. Sorry lost a disc, I'll go look today for it. Also tee posts a little close to pads on some.hit/kicked a couple tee posts on follow throughs little worried about what happens when the signs installed on them.

Mark McKeever   June 14 at 3:47pm

I also left a white and grey rimmed atlas on the course maybe around the basket at 7 or 8 . zac if you read this before you go out there it might be where I almost hit you or your friend yesterday with the atlas. has my name and number on it

Jason "Rooster" Bruster   June 16 at 12:26am

Offer still stands Mark to come help work to make Keizer better... Courses don't get better without hard work

Mike Wilson    June 11 at 10:26am

Hope to see several "helpers" tonight at 4:30!!!

Zac Teuscher   June 11 at 10:45am

you will see me! - where will we be working tonight? meet at main kiosk or by 6/7 pads?

Mike Wilson   June 11 at 6:18pm

Main kiosk

Mike Wilson    June 9 at 11:42pm

Reminder of work party this Thursday:

If at all possible please bring a gas weed eater if you can, that will most helpful!

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Zac Teuscher   June 10 at 4:26pm

The course right now is in the best shape, probably since installation. The other sleeves can now be used so some baskets might move soon!

Zac Teuscher   June 10 at 5:05pm

When you wanna play? Lmk I'll come out

Mike Wilson   June 10 at 6:37pm

Since last time you played H17 is probably new and old 17 is the new 18

Jason "Rooster" Bruster    June 8 at 7:21pm work being done at Keizer... It looks a lot different this evening... Crazy what a Lil elbow grease and money can get done.

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Rick Saffeels   June 8 at 8:17pm

I just played it and some of the holes look like a brand new course!

Zac Teuscher   June 8 at 8:42pm

Great work Jason, Mike and all! It really does look... playable! :-)

Zac Teuscher   June 8 at 8:49pm

And you know... if I won't lose a disc on a course than no one will! :-)

Zac Teuscher    June 8 at 3:35pm

You can see 14's basket from the tee pad now!
This mower is going to town!

Zac Teuscher   June 8 at 6:54pm

Some may not like 15 for awhile... but I think I will! I'm going to Destroyer Hyzer Bomb it and be looking at the basket (I hope lol)

Tyler Franklin    June 7 at 12:17pm

Lost a huk for independence kc pro glow roc on hole 1. Right hnd back hand shot off the tee hyzer'd out over the berm heading twards 16s fairway. AWSOME reward for its return. Not my name and number on the disc.

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Zac Teuscher   June 8 at 5:43pm

I'd swing by and look though. He mowed more than you might think

Russ Brown   June 9 at 12:08am

It may have been longer it was rite before the tiger open so... but should it matter you put a name and a number on your disc, you want it back, correct?

Zac Teuscher   June 9 at 1:30am

After the dubs tourney I went looking for discs and confronted a guy who didn't play but had about 10 discs on him. He's only show me the one with no name on it...

Mike Wilson    June 6 at 10:16pm

Just so everyone knows/remembers on Monday we have a bobcat operator coming out to mow all the scotch broom & all the surrounding areas. (Holes 1 & 2 along with holes 11 thru 18)

Not going to be a day for throwing, just so everyone knows!!

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Zac Teuscher   June 7 at 12:55am

Can we come watch and/or help out in any way?

Jason "Rooster" Bruster   June 7 at 8:28pm

come check it out... these mowers are mind blowing.

Zac Teuscher   June 7 at 8:47pm

Be by after a morning round at woods :-)

Cron Emus    June 6 at 10:06pm

Lost a blue dyed prodigy d3 on hole 10 today. Would be grateful for a call if anyone picks it up. Thanks


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