Ira Township Park

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donny v    July 17 at 9:32am 90+ degrees this Saturday? Not to worry, we have plenty of shade at Mill Creek and a cool place in our clubhouse to hang with fridges for your cold ones and food. Real restrooms with running water too! You can even dip your feet into the nice, clean and shallow Mill Creek on hole 18 Join us for an awesome experience at our private course this Saturday for the Mill Creek Class ... more


donny v    July 9 at 9:24am

2015 Mill Creek Classic disc golf tournament

On Saturday, JULY 18th, come on out to Mill Creek for our tournament the "2015 Mill Creek Classic"
The course is getting bigger and better every week! Play the "Classic 18" holes in the AM round followed by the "Final 9" holes after the Lunch break. Will more course records be broken this time?

Pre-reg here on the scene! Message me for directions! Be here and sign in before 9 AM the day of tourney, JULY 18th.


Neil Duffey    June 22 at 8:47pm

I'm doing a give away of some premium collectables over at the ace race page... you can have a chance to win 3 discs, a hat and sticker simply by registering for the second annual ace race at ira township dgc... head to this link to see the package deal, but hurry... its only going until friday!


Jason Thumber Teachey    June 11 at 1:19pm

Lost a green hornet w a totem bird stamp on hole 3 no name n number but reward if returned!_!

Mike Burton   June 11 at 5:01pm

Found it.

donny v    June 8 at 8:35am

Anyone up for a fundraising tourney this Saturday at Mill Creek?
Cashless Pre-Registration here on the scene. Shoot me a message and I'll give you the address and add you to the event! Mill Creek is a private course approx. 35 mins north of Ira Twp Park. Come on up and meet the guy who built Ira Twp DGC! Thanks for your support! donnyv


Jason Russell    May 14 at 6:02pm

Found a disc on 9. Tell me what it is and I'll get it back to you.


Neil Duffey    May 1 at 3:42pm

WORK DAY!!! NEED SOME HELP!!! May 16th at Ira, the township will have back fill dirt a plenty, mulch and a crew and tools to get some course work done. i intend to fill the low space between hole 3 and hole 4 to eliminate the standing water, and ultimately reducing mosquito breeding. also will need to spread fill dirt near both of hole 6's tee boxes to make a level tee area... I'm wondering if any one might have a water roller they can bring to pack down the dirt. I need a ... more

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Jason Russell   May 4 at 12:36pm

I think they said at Sage yesterday we were off next week for Mother's Day and the following week we will be back at Holland. That's for the PH League, you may be referring to another one.

Neil Duffey   May 4 at 8:01pm

i can't do sunday morning due to quack pack league or that would be great. has to remain the 16th. as well, thats the day the township has the crew available... i think its some sort of community service group or something. lol

donny v   May 8 at 1:47pm

Hopefully they give you a full crew. I had them spread mulch all day a few years ago. Make sure you have extra wheelbarrows unless the twp fixed their broken ones.

Neil Duffey    April 14 at 2:07pm

tournament time! brought to you by Roots Disc Golf.


Mike Burton    April 2 at 4:12pm

Found a disc on the right side of 3 Wednesday. Let me know what it is and you can have it back.


Steve A    April 2 at 3:46pm

What kind of shape is the course in? Has anyone played there recently?

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Steve A   April 3 at 4:49pm

Thanks for the PH info. I played 18 at Ira today. Hole 8 was pretty much the only unplayable hole. It was a muddy mess around the basket. Other than that the entire course is in fairly decent shape.

Neil Duffey   April 4 at 8:28pm

probably due to the rain

Steve A   April 5 at 3:26pm

Are those wood chips free game for the course? I have the week off and could drive my gator to the course and dump some wood chips in certain areas.

Brian Schoening    March 14 at 9:09pm

Lost a red gstar TL3 on hole 1 on the right hand side - close to behind the church. initials are on back. Also, lost a gstar teebird3 on hole 2 in the woods along the left hand side.


Scotty V    February 6 at 7:57am

Looking for a 'eastside' Master Open double's partner to hit up some double's tourney's this year.... We got anyone out there??? Hit me up! #6527


m h    November 15 at 11:35am

Found disc on hole 1. No name or phone number. Name the disc and it will be returned

Jason Moran   December 2 at 4:23pm

orange innova tbird in cat tails

m h   December 6 at 10:22am

that was not the disc. i have already returned the disc i found. i will let you know if i find it.

joshua orsborn   June 7 at 6:51pm

if it was a glow nuke with a condom dyed on it that said play it safe that was mine, I would love to know who claimed it

donny v    October 17 at 2:34pm

Looking for a few people this Saturday to help finish a couple holes for Mill Creek. We're just 15 mins northeast of sage creek. Round of 18 to follow.

Still great fall colors out here! You won't be disappointed. Text me 5865312510 for directions.


donny v    October 7 at 3:52pm

Some updated pics of the progress of Mill Creek are in my album "Mill Creek" under my profile. Check them out if you'd like.

Looking for some volunteers to help tidy up the course for a couple hrs this Saturday afternoon. We'll play a rd afterwards. Let me know if your interested.


Steve A    September 23 at 10:25pm

Hey Neil- thanks for putting on the Ace Race. Saturday was a ton of fun. Also, thanks to all of the sponsors. The work and effort that you put into Ira is appreciated!

Neil Duffey   September 24 at 1:48am

thank you so much for coming out and for supporting all of the efforts out at the course! it was a blast and i love having these events for all of you! there will be many many more in 2015! thanks again!

Neil Duffey    September 22 at 4:50am

did any one pick up my ar disc? goldish color, green stamp w my name and number. i left it by my truck, came back and it was gone... idk, i personally didn't care for the disc, but since it was the first one i ran, id like to find it for a souvenir of the day.


Neil Duffey    September 19 at 5:27pm

registration starts at 9am. first come first serve on discs... please show up, get in line and if you need to, have your cash ready. at 10am all players packs not spoken for, will be available to walk ups... i do not anticipate more than 2 or 3 extra packs, as they have all been spoken for or pre paid for... so there very well may not be any available. if you show up as a walk up, i will give you a number in the order you show up in line. at 10am, i will begin selling the extra packs to you ... more

Anthony Litts   September 19 at 8:15pm

Dubs sound like a good idea.

Neil Duffey    September 17 at 9:01pm

all baskets have been upgraded to have inner chains now.

Anthony Litts   September 17 at 9:08pm

They grabbed them putts so good tonight.

Neil Duffey   September 17 at 10:17pm

nothing makes me happier... glad you liked them. thanks for your help today

Matt J   September 18 at 8:07am

Nice, I was workin yesterday would've helped throw them up!... Ready for the race!!!

Neil Duffey    September 15 at 3:26pm

looking for any willing help wed around noon. ill be needing to hit the hardware store first, but, I'm planing to do the first phase of major work to the course. i will be adding inner chains to all 9 of the baskets on the course.

i need a few able bodies to bring a bucket, a heavy hammer, and a set of vice grips. need to be able to clamp down S hooks. if you can help, please let me know here and i will confirm w you. thank you.

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Neil Duffey   September 17 at 8:58pm

sorry mink, i don't get notifications about these posts.

mike mink   September 17 at 9:31pm

no worries. son was excited to play today anyway and made it through all nine w/out whining. bonus

Neil Duffey   September 17 at 10:18pm

very nice man! glad you two had a good time. see ya saturday

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