Ira Township Park

Fair Haven, Michigan     1 course · 9 holes     Driving directions
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Neil Duffey    2 days ago

lost a quack pack stamped yellow esp crank on 6 in the woods. if found, and returned to me, you will be rewarded very well!

i found a disc on 2 today... name it and it will be returned to you asap.


Matt J    5 days ago

If anybody finds a club stamped k'wood chiefs r pro aviar red ( are u afraid of the dark) // and a lite pink nuke ,,lmk thx!!

Neil Duffey   5 days ago

we'll keep an eye out for them matt. pm me what holes they're on.

Neil Duffey    6 days ago

a white disc was found by the league on wed. name it and ill make sure it gets back to you. no name or number on it.


Brandon Blackburn    July 18 at 5:19pm

any spots left?

Neil Duffey   July 18 at 9:29pm

Yes, 5 spots

Neil Duffey    July 16 at 12:29am

only 9 spots left for the tournament on sunday! cashless pre registration is ok! comment on the page to reg.


Neil Duffey    July 13 at 10:51pm

the tournament next weekend is filling up fast! only 15 spots available. wait list is accepted and so is cashless pre reg.


Neil Duffey    July 6 at 9:37pm

big thanks goes out to scotty v for coming out today w a chain saw. we got a lot accomplished. most all of the poison sumac i wanted to remove is gone. notably on hole 1 right side of the fairway, hole 3 had about a dozen HUGE bushes we removed, and hole 9 and 8 also had some removed. ill be taking out the rest of it along the creek on 8's side. also the giant tree that fell in the storm a few days ago and draped across 9's fairway, we cut that down and chopped it up. things are in motion ... more

Neil Duffey   July 6 at 9:39pm

litts, you'll be happy, we shaved a lot of the thorns off the tree's on 3. still some could be taken out.

Neil Duffey    July 6 at 9:10am

a couple of us are headed out to do some work for a little bit today. if you care to join us, 10am and bring gloves, bug spray and hand tools: shovel, rake, hand clippers or an ax/limb saw. see ya there


Nick Richardson    July 4 at 6:21pm

Lost a green duff dye z wasp on the right side of 2. I think my name and number are a little faded on it.

Neil Duffey   July 6 at 9:38pm

if i can make it out there tuesday, i want to maw 5 and 6 (by hand >.>) ill see if i can't get back there to look for me... i mean your disc w my face on it :P

donny v    July 3 at 9:13am

I just uploaded an updated aerial map for the course. I can update the tee signs as well with the better pics. Let me know if there are any changes from the original design so I can revise it.

Neil Duffey   July 3 at 11:45am

no changes so far donny. thanks!

Neil Duffey   July 3 at 11:23pm

i can't find the pic donny

donny v   July 4 at 11:53pm

its under the hole 1 pics. just click on hole 1 and there should be about 5 pics.

Scotty V    July 3 at 7:10am

Hey there Neil.....I can bring out chainsaw and a weedwhacker and help out for a few hours on Sunday..What are the chances of getting you out there earlier? I have plans in the late afternoon and would only be of some use earlier than later. Plus, I 'd like to get a round of two in also....I'm think 10 am?? They are calling for showers in the afternoon as well. Though that doesn't really mean any in Michigan.. Whatcha think???

Neil Duffey   July 3 at 11:44am

i could do 10, id have to double check w the misses, but i don't see why not. thanks man.

Neil Duffey    July 3 at 3:31am

im in need of a few hands to help out on the course. this sunday should be a good day to get some things done, but i a in diet need of a chainsaw or two, and also a weed whip/brush hog out there. if you have either or all of those tools, we could really use your help! if not, then bring gloves, hand clippers and bug spray. we can get something done out there regardless. say noon? sound good? let me know if you can make it. if no one replies, then i will consider it a no go. thanks gang.


Neil Duffey    June 23 at 3:43pm

found a disc on the left side of the basket in the woods on hole 4 today while i was doing some work on the course getting ready for the league to start this wednesday at 6:30 pm... if you can tell me what it is, it will be returned to you asap. see you guys at league!!!

Adam P   June 29 at 5:00pm

A yellow destroyer with a biggy smalls print

Adam P   June 29 at 5:01pm

I'm also missing a crystal buzzz purple

Neil Duffey   June 29 at 9:37pm

no sorry adam. ill keep an eye for them though

Kevin Hostetter    June 21 at 12:21am

How do I cashelessly pre register?

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD   June 21 at 2:28pm

Hey Kevin, TD Neil Duffey's playing in a tourney right now so I'll answer for him. If you're referring to the fundraiser on July 20th, I'm pretty sure that saying you'll be there is enough. Try to leave a comment on the talk tab: .... and I'll see you there, too. Neil will add you to the players list asap.

Zac Zabolotny    June 19 at 6:49am

How are course conditions right now? Will the recent rain flood any of the holes?

Neil Duffey   June 20 at 1:52am

the course might be a little soggy, but it won't be flooded... however, i was out there the other day and the grass needs to be cut. w/ the new league starting this coming wednesday at 630(hope you can make it) ill have to get them out to cut it asap.

Neil Duffey    June 12 at 12:11am

new fundraiser league starting at ira on wed nights... starts on the 25th of this month! check it out! help to improve and grow this newer course! this is your chance to have a direct impact on growing the sport! thanks gang. hope to see you there.


Neil Duffey    June 3 at 1:22pm

tournament fundraiser coming in july!!! please help us grow the sport!


Neil Duffey    April 29 at 3:40pm

A LOT of changes are in the works. I met w the two officials this past weekend and discussed at length, my goals and plans for the course. This year, I am planning to add, in order of importance to the two as well as my self: a main course signage display w/ posting board(similar to what stony, fire fighters, or brys park have) Concrete full length tee pads, and improving or replacing the baskets so that they are up to date and ample in the chain department. also in the plans is an additional ... more

donny v   April 29 at 3:53pm

nice job Neil :)

Neil Duffey   April 29 at 6:14pm

it should say wood craftsman, not word...

Neil Duffey   April 29 at 6:15pm

thank you very much donny, i hope i don't let you down!

Scotty V    April 16 at 3:42pm

Guys, who is responsible for maintenance of this course? Cause I sure would like to get out there with a chainsaw and clean up a little bit!! Have a giant double ash tree fallen over one of the tee pads and just some general clean up out there would be gr8! How is dealing with the twp. on getting some improvements done out there?? but nonetheless.... AWESOME driving only 7 minutes to throw a round real fast!!

Neil Duffey   April 17 at 3:09am

I'm trying to get in contact w the city. I'm sending out an email in a few mins. I'm running the ace race there this year on sept 20th (find it in the tournaments section!) and id like to get this park improved if not expanded. from what i understand, it isn't maintained often. id be more than happy to meet up w you and head out there to take care of the downed trees. lets set a day?

Scotty V    April 3 at 3:12pm

Guys, I plan on heading out to Firefighters on Sunday for the Strokes for strokes tourny..I would luv to head out earlier and stop by and check this course out for a pre 9 hole warm up... Anyone interested in hookin up out there and showing me the ropes of this place?? Also, if ya plan/want to head out to Firefighters from there too I'll be more than glad to get ya there too!

donny v   April 3 at 9:25pm

park next to the firestation and township offices, course starts right behind them. bring waterproof boots if you go. it takes a while for the water to recide on that clay. good luck man. ill get down there in a few weeks.

Neil Duffey   April 4 at 1:30am

id be there, but i normally stay in fraser on the weekends w my girl friend and we are heading to kensington saturday and may stay the night out there. id be more than happy to get out there w you another time though. you can play longs and then shorts for a full 18.

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