Ira Township Park

Fair Haven, Michigan     1 course · 9 holes     Driving directions
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Neil Duffey    17 hours ago

all baskets have been upgraded to have inner chains now.

Anthony Litts   17 hours ago

They grabbed them putts so good tonight.

Neil Duffey   15 hours ago

nothing makes me happier... glad you liked them. thanks for your help today

Matt J   6 hours ago

Nice, I was workin yesterday would've helped throw them up!... Ready for the race!!!

Neil Duffey    3 days ago

looking for any willing help wed around noon. ill be needing to hit the hardware store first, but, I'm planing to do the first phase of major work to the course. i will be adding inner chains to all 9 of the baskets on the course.

i need a few able bodies to bring a bucket, a heavy hammer, and a set of vice grips. need to be able to clamp down S hooks. if you can help, please let me know here and i will confirm w you. thank you.

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Neil Duffey   17 hours ago

sorry mink, i don't get notifications about these posts.

mike mink   16 hours ago

no worries. son was excited to play today anyway and made it through all nine w/out whining. bonus

Neil Duffey   15 hours ago

very nice man! glad you two had a good time. see ya saturday

Neil Duffey    September 10 at 5:32pm

7 players packs are available first come first serve as of now... you can pay me before hand or pray and show up day of w cash.


Neil Duffey    September 2 at 4:13pm

last day to register for the ace race that will be held on the 20th, is the 4th of sept... thats THIS THURSDAY!



Jason Moran    September 1 at 10:13pm

Hey guys im still new at this 2nd year. Is it possible to come out and watch the ace race to try and get some pointers on throwing

Kevin Hostetter   September 1 at 10:23pm

just pay and throw. Its a great deal. 2 discs alone is worth $25 and you have just as good a chance as anyone to hit an ace!!!

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD   September 1 at 11:05pm

Kevin's right. A VERY common response I hear from newER players: "I wish I would've played last year." You'll have a blast and with a little luck, you could win the whole thing, no joke. The holes will be shortened too so everyone will have a good chance at an ace on every hole. Just let some rip and hope a couple go in!!

Neil Duffey   September 2 at 4:37am

jason the ace race is designed w new players in mind! and thats half the fun!!! but hurry! you only have two more days to register. registration closes on sept 4th at 11:59pm

Neil Duffey    August 27 at 11:45pm

lost a white X avengerSS, blue shimmer triple stamped. name and number are on it... reward for safe return.

last day to register for ace race on the 20th of sept, is the 4th. you must pre reg in order to participate as this is a pre pay event only. thank you!

Neil Duffey   September 3 at 10:48pm

disc was returned to me, thank you.

Anthony Litts    August 27 at 9:50pm

Found a disc today on hole 3 before leagues. No name no number. Let me know what it is, and I'll get it back to you.


Matt J    August 16 at 10:21pm



Matt J    August 16 at 10:16pm

Yo Neil , is there anyway to slap on those extra chains b4 the ace race!?! I will deff. Help!!!lmk

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Matt J   August 18 at 5:52am

I like the sounds of that!!

Neil Duffey   August 18 at 3:06pm

I've been working on finding one or many hardware stores to donate or cut a huge discount on chains for just the purpose, as long as a few members from the ira fish fliers club and my other league, stony creek quack pack... none of us have found one willing to help out yet. its shocking the hoops ... more

Neil Duffey   September 3 at 10:51pm

just an update to this. today i used course funds to buy one baskets worth of extra chains for a trial... these cost $63 in materials. imo, thats a TON of money to spend. 9 baskets x $63 is $567 worth of materials. thats 2 new baskets. just a bit of info. ill be looking into cheaper sources. they will be added before ace race. we ran a trial run on my modification tonight at league.

Neil Duffey    August 7 at 4:15am

found two discs on the course tonight during league. neither have a name or number or any marks at all. name em and ill get em back to you.

Neil Duffey   August 7 at 4:15am

both base line plastics, not discs previously mentioned as lost in other comments.

Neil Duffey    July 23 at 10:23pm

lost a quack pack stamped yellow esp crank on 6 in the woods. if found, and returned to me, you will be rewarded very well!

i found a disc on 2 today... name it and it will be returned to you asap.

Matt J   July 27 at 6:11am

Well I found a beauty of a disc in the woods on hole 6 :)))) hmu

Neil Duffey   July 27 at 1:42pm

pm'ing you! you had to have been deep back there!

Matt J    July 20 at 7:57pm

If anybody finds a club stamped k'wood chiefs r pro aviar red ( are u afraid of the dark) // and a lite pink nuke ,,lmk thx!!

Neil Duffey   July 21 at 1:28pm

we'll keep an eye out for them matt. pm me what holes they're on.

Neil Duffey    July 19 at 9:05pm

a white disc was found by the league on wed. name it and ill make sure it gets back to you. no name or number on it.

Jason Moran   September 1 at 10:04pm

innova boss or pro boss off leftside of 2nd fairway

Neil Duffey   September 2 at 4:36am


Jason Moran   September 2 at 12:35pm


Brandon Blackburn    July 18 at 5:19pm

any spots left?

Neil Duffey   July 18 at 9:29pm

Yes, 5 spots

Neil Duffey    July 16 at 12:29am

only 9 spots left for the tournament on sunday! cashless pre registration is ok! comment on the page to reg.


Neil Duffey    July 13 at 10:51pm

the tournament next weekend is filling up fast! only 15 spots available. wait list is accepted and so is cashless pre reg.


Neil Duffey    July 6 at 9:37pm

big thanks goes out to scotty v for coming out today w a chain saw. we got a lot accomplished. most all of the poison sumac i wanted to remove is gone. notably on hole 1 right side of the fairway, hole 3 had about a dozen HUGE bushes we removed, and hole 9 and 8 also had some removed. ill be taking out the rest of it along the creek on 8's side. also the giant tree that fell in the storm a few days ago and draped across 9's fairway, we cut that down and chopped it up. things are in motion ... more

Neil Duffey   July 6 at 9:39pm

litts, you'll be happy, we shaved a lot of the thorns off the tree's on 3. still some could be taken out.

Neil Duffey    July 6 at 9:10am

a couple of us are headed out to do some work for a little bit today. if you care to join us, 10am and bring gloves, bug spray and hand tools: shovel, rake, hand clippers or an ax/limb saw. see ya there


Nick Richardson    July 4 at 6:21pm

Lost a green duff dye z wasp on the right side of 2. I think my name and number are a little faded on it.

Neil Duffey   July 6 at 9:38pm

if i can make it out there tuesday, i want to maw 5 and 6 (by hand >.>) ill see if i can't get back there to look for me... i mean your disc w my face on it :P

donny v    July 3 at 9:13am

I just uploaded an updated aerial map for the course. I can update the tee signs as well with the better pics. Let me know if there are any changes from the original design so I can revise it.

Neil Duffey   July 3 at 11:45am

no changes so far donny. thanks!

Neil Duffey   July 3 at 11:23pm

i can't find the pic donny

donny v   July 4 at 11:53pm

its under the hole 1 pics. just click on hole 1 and there should be about 5 pics.

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