Holly Woods

Holly, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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cameron green    August 23 at 7:45pm

lost pink metal flake astra on 12 on friday reward

Kevin Hamden   August 25 at 11:54am

played this morning(Sunday) looked for it...sorry no luck...didn't find mine either

Kevin Hamden    August 23 at 3:38pm

I lost my glow MVP ION on wednesday .Contact me if found plz. I can give plastic for a finders fee...8103083243 Ask for Kevin

Jake Steinbrecher   September 12 at 11:43am

What hole Kevin?

Kevin Hamden   September 12 at 5:25pm

number one by the practice tee

Jeremy B    August 16 at 4:31pm

Is hole 9 (long course) par 3 or par 4? Card says par 4 but I think it is referring to the short 9. Anyone know?

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Jeremy B   August 18 at 9:40am

Awesome. Thanks for your help! HOlly is my favorite course. You guys did a great job building it!

Lantz "Lucky Ace" Porritt   August 18 at 1:25pm

Jeremy, you've got to check out Mt. Pleasants Deerfield course. We hit that this weekend for Docs bachelor party.

Mark Stephens   August 18 at 4:10pm

Thanks. We are hoping that the holes will also be renumbered at that time for the extra six to be renumbered to A-F and the original 18 put back in place

Christopher Stenzel    August 14 at 4:31pm

Found a set of car keys on hole 1. Looks like jeep/Chrysler. Left them on the scorecard sign

Jeremy- Hitman- Horton   August 14 at 7:27pm

you have gave them to the parks ppl , they mostlikely will end up in the woods some ware , lots of punk ass kids lately !!

Christopher Stenzel   August 21 at 6:13pm

Next time I will. Didn't think of that

g lane    August 6 at 2:34pm

conditions? fee status?

thanks bros.

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Mark Stephens   August 6 at 6:17pm

Only $10 a year. Great deal...

Jeremy- Hitman- Horton   August 7 at 9:02am

if your down for early morning rounds G I'm down to play if no rain , usely well maintained and 5$ to get in with out a state parks pass , and newer added 6 holes are very challenging about a 3hr round for the full 24 hole

Jeremy B   August 7 at 6:04pm

11 bucks a year. Very worth it!

Jason Van Sickle    July 13 at 2:01pm

I am gonna play here today about 4 pm looking for someone to shoot with.


Taylor Goik -Dirty Mitten Disc Golf-    July 13 at 11:03am

Lost 3 discs this morning. A white Orion LF and yellow Champ Valk on hole 8. And another white Orion LF in between 9 and 10. REWARD for return! Thanks.


Curt McGill    July 11 at 10:19am

Playing here today around 2:00 looking for a FTF to shoot with! or anyone else that wants to.


Jacob Turner    July 6 at 4:21pm

Left a D3 with number o. It green and friend lost a roc 3 glow with party time stamp from a holly tourney on 23


Neil Duffey    July 5 at 2:59am

win a free brand new esp avenger!!! check out dcd for more info! https://www.facebook.com/dcdcustomdiscs


Joe "Chaldean Cannon" Benno    June 30 at 5:45pm

I lost a yellow metal flake Firebird with a red stamp to the left on 24/18 on the throw off for the basket. Reward if found thanks.

Christopher Stenzel   July 1 at 2:25pm

Played through twice. All I found was beer bottles

Joe "Chaldean Cannon" Benno   July 1 at 3:05pm


Taylor Goik -Dirty Mitten Disc Golf-    June 16 at 5:04am

Left Red Champion Rhyno near practice basket/Hole 1 the other day. Please let me know if anyone found it. REWARD!


Mark Stephens    June 12 at 10:49am

Advanced Notice.

The course will be closed for public play on 6/29 until 7pm and 6/30 until 2pm. Signed will be posted at the course as well as the booth to reflect this next week.

Taylor Goik -Dirty Mitten Disc Golf-   June 12 at 9:07pm

um, why?

Mark Stephens   June 12 at 9:51pm

Michigan Amateur Open.

Mike Jaskiewicz    June 9 at 9:06pm

I lost a kc pro roc on hole 9 along the water somewhere, I don't believe it went in tho, it's got my signature and pdga number on the front, if found get a hold of me on here please

Christopher Stenzel   June 10 at 12:50am

I'll check in the morning. What color?

Dj Hunt   June 10 at 5:16am


Christopher Stenzel   June 18 at 6:47pm

No luck. Been through there a few times and that rough is thick. Sorry bro

Jeremy- Hitman- Horton    June 8 at 6:14pm

lost a purple pinnical rampage with a grinder stamp on hole #8 reward if found !! right side in the trees

Nik LEhr   June 9 at 1:22am


Jason Van Sickle    June 7 at 6:58pm

Lost a Yellow Blizzard Dominator on hole 21. If found please inbox me. We can either meet up at Holly Rec or another place if possible.


Robby Hutchinson    May 25 at 11:39pm

Lost a purple nuke on hole three right of the fairway please invoice me if found


Nik LEhr    May 22 at 8:40pm

Friday, May 24, 2013 ...HollyWoods DGC -5:30 TEE OFF Random Draw Doubles - COURSE FUNDRAISER !! CTP PRIZE EVERY HOLE !! $20 Entry Fee - -5$ Will go To an ALL (CASH) Payout -$15 will Pay for the Ctp's (All Profit is Donated To the Cause) - This New course that we are raising money for is in the Silver Lake Area .. And would help out traffic at Hollywoods DGC tremendously ... All & any Attendance Is Greatly Appreciated. Lets get a New Course in Guys ~ !! Alex Villanueva - Host of this e ... more


Alex Villanueva    May 17, 2013 at 12:19am

Alex Villanueva just now

Help Silver lake

20$ Random Draw doubles 5$ goes to payouts

the rest towards the dination to the course

CtPs!!! every hole 18


Mark Stephens   May 17, 2013 at 12:20am

You do realize you say registration starts at 5 but have no ending time...

Alex Villanueva   May 17, 2013 at 12:29am

Darn my davison education

Alex Villanueva   May 17, 2013 at 12:32am

I'm trying this is all stressful makes me really appreciate the events you have Mark