Holly Woods

Holly, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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jeff j    2 days ago

how is the course all the ones up here in Saginaw are completely icey,, and very hard to walk on

David Tomlinson   2 days ago

I played it ladt sunday, and it was really muddy, and really icy in certain spots.

Justin Arnett    2 days ago

It's been 8 months now still hoping my lightweight purple h3 or purple pa4 with a star on bottom from ace will come back left both disc in my first round ever there last summer :(

Amanda Watson   1 day ago

good luck buddy! they're gone!

Mark Stephens    January 11 at 7:19am

Teepads were cleared and salted

Kenneth R   January 11 at 8:17am

That just made my thought of going out even clearer thanks mark..

Mark Stephens   January 11 at 9:24am

Gate is closed. Park off Dixie on Tindall. Walk across the road to #6.

Ron Jacobs   January 11 at 5:14pm

Thanks Mark

Mychal Urssing    January 2 at 11:37am

Is the gate open today? It was pretty dicey out there yesterday. Had to pull 2 people out. 😂

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Kenneth R   January 2 at 12:41pm

On my way there..

Justin Hall   January 2 at 5:16pm

Can we park in one of the lots there? Or on the road?

Ben Jackson   January 4 at 9:28am

side of tindall rd. if you park in the lot, i'd go inside and ask the owners of the business.

Justin Hall    January 1 at 6:47am

Left a clear moonshine Freedom with a light blue stamp out on the course on December 30th.
Good karma and disc or cash reward if returned. Assuming it was picked up on New Year's Eve.. :-/


James Gaves    December 30 at 9:11am

Does anyone know if the gate is closed yet?

Mark Stephens   December 30 at 9:23am

As long as the road is clear, the gate will remain open. They just dont plow the road so once it gets heavily covered, the gate closes until it melts.

James Gaves   December 30 at 9:57pm

Awesome. Thank you

Justin Hall    November 16 at 8:47pm

Anybody loose a Wraith out on the front 9 recently? Describe it and I'd like to get it back go you..

Jeff Hulet   November 18 at 4:46am

Yellow or white, about 175g in weight?

Justin Hall   November 19 at 5:12am

Nosirr. Sorry. :-/

Ron Jacobs    November 15 at 7:07pm

Flipped over my tie dye Roc3 to the right on my second shot on hole 15. Name and number on it. Reward $$$💨💨💨💨


Phil Colley    November 3 at 8:30am

Left a red crystal nuke ss lying around somewhere. It has a thrills at the mills stamp on it. No name or number.


Amanda Watson    October 13 at 11:59am

my girl lost a hot pink/orange-ish champion mamba off to the right of hole 8 on the 9 hole layout. Has her name and #on it

Amanda Watson   October 13 at 12:00pm


Tony Turner    October 11 at 10:07pm

$10 reward for lost orange champ Valkyrie on hole 1. Got it from my nephew.


Mark Stephens    September 23 at 11:59am

Next Sunday at Holly Woods Disc Golf Course we are proud to present the Armed Forces Open. Registration is from 7am to 8am. We are playing 2 rounds of 18 holes. Open, Am1, Am2, & Am Masters will play the Jumbo 18, all others will play the Original 18. This years stamp by Dave Lonteen is the first in a series of 5 discs of our military branches. This years stamp features the Army. They are all on Z Buzzz. All past and present members of the U.S. Military will receive a $10 discoun ... more


Jeff Hulet    September 13 at 2:46pm

I lost a new Yellow Westside Underworld on hole #3 today. It went off to the left half way down fairway. I would love to get it back, it has my cell # on it. Thanks!

Mark Jankowski   September 13 at 6:16pm

jeff I found a yellow westside underwold today in south carolina, would be happy to trade it to you. pm me if interested

donny v    September 9 at 9:22am

Holly Woods is way under-rated on DGS. Yeah, she could use a little TLC and longer tee pads, but you guys and gals have a real gem out there. I have a private course about an hour and 15 mins away from there, just a few mins off I-69. I only get a chance to play your course about twice a year, but love it so much, I designed a few holes that are very similar to some you see at Holly State Rec Area. I'm hosting a tourney at my course Mill Creek on Sunday Sept 20th. I hope some of you ... more

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Amanda Watson   September 10 at 10:44pm

the back 6 kick my booty! but they're fun. lol

donny v   September 10 at 11:02pm

yeah my course is not that massive to replicate those ones but there's hundreds of acres of vacant land all around the Mill Creek for me to try out :)

Brett Piziali   September 17 at 10:29pm

Such a great a course. just played there today!

James Myers    August 6 at 10:31pm

How far down grange hall road do you have to go down before you get to the course

Randall Kaszynski   August 6 at 11:04pm

McGinnis Rd is where you turn - when grange hall rd begins to head north; this is when you run into the park- park entrance will then be on your right after .25 mile

Mychal Urssing   August 7 at 1:24pm

Depends where you're coming from. If you are coming off of I-75, it is about 3 miles east I'd imagine. Go past the State Police station, and about a half mile down on the right is the road to the park. Another mile or so on the right is the park entrance. Keep going past the check in shack, and drive all the way back past the lakes, you'll see the sign for the course.

Matt hatchew    July 28 at 11:00pm

Lost white dd2 frenzy faded stamp fell out of bag on front 7 holes out on late night play.ace #11 written on rim.if found plz contact I will reward


donny v    July 17 at 9:25am

http://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Mill_Creek_Classic_2015 90+ degrees this Saturday? Not to worry, we have plenty of shade at Mill Creek and a cool place in our clubhouse to hang with fridges for your cold ones and food. Real restrooms with running water too! You can even dip your feet into the nice, clean and shallow Mill Creek on hole 18 http://www.discgolfscene.com/media/237095_g.jpg Join us for an awesome experience at our private course this Saturday for the Mill Creek Class ... more


donny v    July 9 at 9:26am

2015 Mill Creek Classic disc golf tournament

On Saturday, JULY 18th, come on out to Mill Creek for our tournament the "2015 Mill Creek Classic"
The course is getting bigger and better every week! Play the "Classic 18" holes in the AM round followed by the "Final 9" holes after the Lunch break. Will more course records be broken this time?

Pre-reg here on the scene! Message me for directions! Be here and sign in before 9 AM the day of tourney, JULY 18th.


Ryan Martin    July 8 at 1:35pm

So I walked up to hole 22 today and found 5 discs on the picnic table. If you can tell what they are I'll get them back to you.

Randall Kaszynski   July 8 at 11:34pm

Was one of them a yellow leopard Innova DX fairway driver?

Miles smilez Campbell   August 4 at 12:18pm

any with sMileZ on inside rim?

Ryan Martin   August 6 at 2:48pm

Nope for both you guys sorry.

Randall Kaszynski    June 29 at 8:13am

LOST: Yellow Leopard Innova Fairway driver disc with original DX picture print. On the 8th hole of the short course to the left of the fairway about 10-15 ft into the deep woods (halfway down the fairway). Sentimental value as it was a gift to me. Lost 6.28.15 $$$ REWARD $$$ if Found !!!