Hammond Hill

Hastings, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Chris sias    3 days ago

Lost a yellow orange star eagle on 13 to the right near am pad at Hammond hill.My name and number are not on it but another persons may be on it. 170 weight


Wade TF    3 days ago

Anyone know if the course is in shorts or longs or what? Thanks

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downtown kenny brown   3 days ago

as of today front short back long..tomorrow ill change baskets to front long and back short

"J Bluntz" Quiton   3 days ago

Yeah I was very confused about which baskets I was playing a couple weeks ago. Very fun course though

chad reneau   16 hours ago

Dream 18 is what they are on now

Franklin 4NER Glass    August 27 at 8:30pm

Lost a blue Axiom Insanity off 17. From the tee box, it'll be somewhere on the right field between 17 and 10. Lost it mid flight behind the pine. The name on it is Jason Craven. Thanx.

chad reneau   6 days ago

Good luck

Cassidy Brigham    August 12 at 9:49pm

I lost a white pro line beast on 9 to the right side would really really love it back if anyone knows someone out there with it please let me know


Ryley Millar    August 2 at 10:35pm

Lost a Red rainbow stamp Nuke and a clear/white factory second champ blizzard krait with a american flag stamp on hole 11 to the left. The wind picked up early today and sailed both discs into the brush. Trade or cash reward if returned. Have no idea how deep they went.


Franklin 4NER Glass    August 1 at 4:56pm

Out playing this course today. Did anyone loose a disc? If so, lemme know where and I'll check around for ya.

Franklin 4NER Glass   August 1 at 4:58pm

I've read the previous comments and I'll check around for those...they might not be there since the last posting was july 7th...but just to be sure

Dave Nyhuis   August 1 at 6:51pm

Discraft heat, blue with rainbow stamp.

Brandon Schmuker   August 1 at 8:44pm

I've lost a yellow DX Dragon and my brother has lost a green Daredevil Disc. I think it's a Wolverine.

Adam captain sik Sikkenga    July 7 at 7:04am

Lost a seen thru roc3 with a Brown stamp on it hole 1 hit a tree and dive hard left if the tee pad it's den there a ways


Steve Hedstrom    July 6 at 9:11am

Lost green Champion Destroyer on Hammond Hill hole 15. Should be on right side of fairway in tall grass. Reward if returned.


Dave Nyhuis    July 5 at 4:16pm

Lost a blue w/ rainbow stamp first run Heat on hole 17(I think). Really want that one back. Reward if returned.


Evan Garrett    May 26 at 11:20am

My buddy lost a neon yellow Champion Beast on Hole #3 on 5/25 on the left side of the fairway. Reward if returned. My name and number is on the back.


Brandon Schmuker    May 3 at 5:18pm

Lost a yellow DX Dragon on the course somewhere. I'm pretty sure a group picked it up and lied to me when I asked them about it. It belongs to my 5 year old. Hit me up on here if you see it.


Brad Gee    March 24 at 1:37pm

Playing $5 dubs today at 4:30.


nick vourlitis    March 21 at 10:15pm

Your link for directions is wrong. I keep getting an Aspen Dental when I click on the link.


Mike Clouse    January 27 at 5:08pm

Are there any spring/summer leagues going on this year at Hammond and if so who would I contact?


Rick Marritt    September 21, 2014 at 7:40pm

Hi Hammond Hill peoples. I need to be in contact with administrators of the course as soon as I can. I will be holding the annual Fall Color Classic on October 4 and need to know what you have intended for Pin Placements. I will try to come for your league night play on Tuesday if you don't mind my company. I just checked into some information on it, but cannot determine if you are still holding your Tuesday night doubles. Please contact me back when you can. I apologize for not being in contact earlier. Thank you!


michael kensington    September 6, 2014 at 9:48pm

Doug what hole did you lose it on and whereabouts on that hole so others know if they look for it.

Doug Diekman   September 6, 2014 at 10:09pm

On hole 17 on the right side Thanks!!

michael kensington   September 11, 2014 at 5:18pm

I will look when I am out there periodically.

Doug Diekman    September 6, 2014 at 9:29pm

Lost my Crystal Avenger SS lime green - $20 reward if returned !!!!!

michael kensington   September 6, 2014 at 9:51pm

Doug what hole did you lose it on and whereabouts on that hole so others know if they look for it.

Brad Gee   December 14 at 1:13pm

Looks like you owe Kenny Brown $20 :)

Brad Gee    September 4, 2014 at 9:16pm

Tuesday dubs start at 5:00.


Scott Stacey    September 3, 2014 at 7:46am

I lost a orange giant yesterday. I think it was on 13. It has 616 disc dyed on the top of the disc.

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downtown kenny brown   September 8, 2014 at 10:08pm


Scott Stacey   September 9, 2014 at 4:45pm

Go ahead and keep it. Probably be a while before im back over there.

downtown kenny brown   March 22 at 7:52am

scott i found your 616 disc

Chase Wisch    June 24, 2014 at 9:17am

I left a green cryztal buzz/transformer ghost stamp out on the course last week if you find you will be compensated


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