HP East Park

Boise, Idaho     1 course · 6 holes     Driving directions

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Main courseCourse description:Looking at the pics, hole five is actually hole one and then goes in order. Lot's of trees and employees walking around the course. Approve · Reject

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Main coursePrivacy rules:HP employee course. Employees can bring a friend but there is a huge issue with parking. Approve · Reject

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HP East ParkLongitude:0.0000000-116.320288Approve · Reject
HP East ParkLatitude:0.000000043.65597Approve · Reject
HP East ParkFees:unspecifiedFree to playApprove · Reject
Main courseParking lot latitude:0.00000043.65597Approve · Reject
Main courseParking lot longitude:0.000000-116.320288Approve · Reject