Fitzgerald Park

Grand Ledge, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Chris Eberhard    3 days ago

Going to get a round in this afternoon if anyone is interested.


Chris Eberhard    3 days ago

Lost an orange-ish Gstar Tern late last week. It is almost new, hadn't put my name on it. Would love to get it back would be happy to give reward!

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Chris Eberhard   3 days ago

Awesome! Thought for sure I'd never see it again. I've got a bunch of other stuff, what does he like and I'll make sure to trade him something for the honesty and kindness!

Jim Knudson   3 days ago

It's my honesty and he can give it up out of the kindness of his little heart!!

Chris Eberhard   3 days ago

lol, well alrighty then...thanks Jim!

Chris Booker    November 15 at 8:40pm

Lost a Blue First Run Prodigy M4 on hole 13.. Its somewhere behind the basket. Please return. My name is on the back.


Erin Feeley    November 2 at 6:11pm

Lost a tan/skin tone big stamp nuke on 18. I was playing with danger going with the color but it happens. Will reward. Name and Number are on it.


Jeremy Neff    October 7 at 12:23am

Left my Blue Z Nuke-SS on hole 14 on accident. It was on the right hand side about mid way down the fairway standing upright in a group of baby tress. I checked back a little after dark and it was gone. It has my name and # on it so please contact me if you are the one who found it.

Jim Knudson   October 7 at 12:03pm

I didn't see anyone out at fitz last night except my group and the CCR doubles group. Did this happen during doubles?

Jeremy Neff   October 7 at 9:53pm

no it was about 4-4:30 but it didn't dawn on me until much later that I had forgotten to pick it up.

Fred Vocino    September 15 at 9:18pm

Lost- Discraft Meteor, Orange, my name and number on it, hole 13: a tree on the left stepped in front of my drive. It pushed the disc hard to the right. It crossed the tight fairway, as all the trees on the right stepped aside so the disc could enter the deep ravine. Up and down search was futile.

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Fred Vocino   September 15 at 9:34pm

Watch out friend...that slope in the right side forced me to move from one tree-hold to the next. It was quite serene at the bottom. Thanks!

Jim Knudson   September 16 at 11:25am

That river you threw into runs right to Grand Rapids. Your disc may have passed by you in the night. I'll look anyway tonight.

Jim Knudson   September 16 at 2:31pm

Chris grabbed it and I will have it tonight. See you Sunday!

Ian mattoon    September 7 at 1:09pm

Playing today at 630 if anyone wants to join.


Jeremy Neff    September 5 at 8:19pm

simple way to raise the tee pads? Mainly sharing because its interesting even though it would probably work well I'm not sure its would be the most practical way.


Scott Buchholz    August 30 at 6:49pm

Lost white champion beast, with a woody Harrelson stamp on it
Hole 4 back in the woods to the right of the basket. Has my number on the rim, please contact me if you find it


Andew "Chedder" Wonch    August 24 at 2:33pm

Going out to play if anyone wants to play let me know

Harold Fernando   August 24 at 3:47pm

Jim and I will be at Fitz after 5

Andew "Chedder" Wonch   August 24 at 5:02pm

Okay im here lol

Ian mattoon    August 22 at 11:33am

I'll be playing around 430/5:00 today if anyone wants to join.


Jim Knudson    August 21 at 9:13am

Found a putter by hole #16 yesterday. Describe it and I'll get it to you.

Harold Fernando   August 21 at 9:16am

It's mine. It's white and has no name. Haha...gonna be a beautiful sunny day for disc today! What time you picking me up?

Jim Knudson    August 16 at 11:01am

Thanks Matt and Kirby for representing CCR and getting the baskets up. A special thanks to Rae, Harold, John, Jeremy and my other friends who showed up early and got things done. Having Dustin and the Park's tractor waiting for us at 8:30am was awesome and saved us having to dig up the old baskets. He did in 20 minutes what would have taken 3 people 2 hours. Super Job, can't wait to play at noon today!!

Joe DeMasters   August 16 at 11:25am

Awesome.I heard your moving tees also,by chance are there gonna be signs,scorecard maps or? for the new tees?Just curious.Cant wait to play.

Matt Rinker   August 16 at 11:29am

Signs will be sent to print soon. Scorecards with maps is something the park generally handles. I'll check with them

Jim Knudson   August 16 at 2:34pm

A few pads are being raised up a couple inches to unswamp them.

Harold Fernando    August 15 at 12:17pm

All 6 baskets are in at Fitz! Give it a couple days to cure disc golfers. Thanks to all who came to help, particularly No really, Knudson, Kirby, Rinker, John, Jeremy and his kid and particularly Dustin who works for the park pulled out the baskets with his gator. September 26 we'll need more volunteers for a work day, mainly lifting up teepads on holes 2, 6, 10-11 then filling it with sand to raise them. Come help if you can!

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Mike Spagneto   August 15 at 6:49pm

Good job peeps. Thanks. Signs are turned in and waiting to be printed.

Erin Oakley   August 15 at 9:16pm

Thank you to all who helped!

Jeremy Neff   August 17 at 4:39am

Glad to have been able to lend a hand, was nice to meet everyone as well.

Jim Knudson    August 14 at 8:54am

Fitz basket install!! Please bring a shovel or spade. Tomorrow!

Need a few volunteers to help replace 6 baskets at Fitzgerald Park on Sat. Aug.15th at 9am. Please respond to Jim Knudson or Matt Rinker if you are available.
Thanks and see you there!!


Jacob Yates    August 11 at 10:20am

Never played this course, is there a charge to get in park and ate all baskets in right now, wanted to take my kids there today

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Jeremy Neff   August 11 at 1:59pm

Above is the correct layout, the score card pdf has a map for an older layout.

Kirk Dunlap   August 11 at 2:24pm

If you are asking about the new baskets they are not in yet. The old baskets are still in until August 15th

Jim Knudson    August 10 at 9:22am

Fitz basket install!

Need a few volunteers to help replace 6 baskets at Fitzgerald Park on Sat. Aug.15th at 9am. Please respond to Jim Knudson or Matt Rinker if you are available.
Thanks and see you there!!

Chris Booker   August 10 at 10:32am

if i can get off work, im in..

Mike Spagneto   August 10 at 5:14pm

I told rinker I have to work but I have the tee signs done so I don't feel to bad lol. Harold should do all of them.

Jake Messner    July 21 at 9:44am

I was wondering what course par is here? If it's not 54, which holes aren't a par 3?

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Matt Rinker   July 21 at 10:02am

Par is 58. 2,5,6 and 12 are par 4

Joe DeMasters   July 21 at 10:06am

I never knew about the par 4's,thanks.Been playing for years at par 54.Might get GOOD score

Chris Booker   July 21 at 11:58am

The new layout is a par 58

Jerimiah M.    July 2 at 1:21pm

How are the Mosquitos lately? I'd like to bring my kids out from Lansing, but preferably not as blood sacrifices!

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Harold Fernando   July 2 at 3:45pm

Best place to go discing right now in the Lansing area. Every other course has at least double the amount of mosquitoes than Fitz.

Erin Oakley   July 2 at 4:12pm

It is really bad at Fitz

Jerimiah M.   July 2 at 4:23pm

Thanks. We'll wait for things to dry up a little. :-)

Harold Fernando    May 30 at 8:41am

Lost me ace disc somewhere by some bushes/trees to the left of pad on hole 8. Yellow green 11 time champ Firebird with initials HPF and my digits. If found and returned will receive a hearty handshake and perhaps a couple bones.

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Harold Fernando   May 30 at 9:58am

Yeah it's got some idiot's signature on it...Chris

Chris Eberhard   May 30 at 3:25pm

That's crazy, I also have a firebird with some idiots signature on it...except it's Harold

Harold Fernando   May 30 at 7:30pm

Hehe...Jim found it!!!

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