Firefighters Park

Troy, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Zachary Barrett    2 days ago

Lost a Red rainbow stamped outlaw over the water/in water on 18. Reward if returned. Thanks


Chris Vanscoy    5 days ago

Left a champion monster with a one man wolf pack dye with the guy from hangover on it on hole 17 but parked 12 basket... Reward if returned

Jonboy D   5 days ago

Sorry bro I wish I'd been able to return one that cool :(

Jonboy D    6 days ago

Good day fellow disc golfers, just a quick update on my diving in fire fighters creek. I wish I could say I found everyone's disc from hole 4 but sadly I cant, what I found however were 7 drivers, all of them high quality plastic! The river is meaner then I expected to discs all but one are ready to throw, however the stamps a seriously faded on a few of them and there are no phone numbers or pdga numbers :( so if you've lost a driver on hole 4 please reply to this post and I will do my best to ... more

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" Young " Tye Krukowski   2 days ago

an eleven time eagle. orange. virtually brand new

Steve Brazel   2 days ago

Oh please.... an old yellow Juliana Korver Valkyrie with a faded - almost gone blue stamp and a red star wrath with a blue stamp

Jeff Hulet   13 hours ago

How about an Orange Innova Distroyer?

Jay B INSANITY DGC    6 days ago

i will have LEDS for sale tonight before league


Jonboy D    6 days ago

Hello fellow disc aficionados, long time firefighters player and dgs reader, first time post. I'm so sick of the sarlac pit of a creek eating my discs that tomorrow between 7:00am-8:30am "would stay longer but gotta work" that I will be putting on my wetsuit and scuba gear to get back my glow boss and glow destroy along with some of my buddies discs. I know that it's early but if anyone wants to help and bring a long Handle fishing net for me to drag can share in the unclaimed spoils! I will be ... more

Jason Thumber Teachey   6 days ago

Have any luck? I got a buzzz os in there >_<

Jeff Hulet   6 days ago

You are the "Man"!! I have some friends that have "donated" to the muddy creek and would love to hear you found their discs!! :)

Jeremy Matson    October 13 at 4:49pm

Found a disc on 18 today. Color and stamp then it's yours.

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Jeremy Matson   October 14 at 11:01am


Dominik W   6 days ago

Black Champion Beast 2 Time?

Jeremy Matson   3 days ago

no black champion beast.

Ben Jackson    October 10 at 12:59pm

I lost an orange challenger and last I used it was hole 18 here in the dark. It's not a special challenger, but is my main putter and well seasoned. $20(or 2 new discs, your choice) for whoever returns it to me.


Jay B INSANITY DGC    October 9 at 3:11pm

NEXT WEEK! THURSDAY! Come on out and join us for the start of the glow season and play skins with us every thursday night at 630 @ firefighters

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Douglas Fresh   October 10 at 3:11pm

Tom are you going to be ordering the flat wafer LED's or the cylinder ones used for fishing? I used to buy the flat ones and like them more than the cylinders. If you're going to order some online would you be interested in doing a group buy? The place I used to order from had a $45 min. order so I'd get people to throw in and buy a bunch at a time.

Jay B INSANITY DGC   October 10 at 6:47pm

Im placing an order right now so i will have leds

Jay B INSANITY DGC   October 10 at 6:59pm

Ordered! They should be at my door in time for league next week

David Aron    October 6 at 6:55pm

Left a crystal buzzz gt behind on hole 5 before leagues tonight. I'm sure someone picked it up already . Big Reward. $ or Plastic


Jay B INSANITY DGC    October 6 at 5:36pm

Left a pink star tl on 14 at ff on sunday during the top 20 playoff, reward and good karma for return


Nate Buban    September 30 at 1:13pm

Nate Buban 16 hours ago

Lost a green champion boss on hole 18 at firefighters on Monday night. I will reward with a 10th anniversary buzzz.


David Aron    September 29 at 9:30pm

Lost a green prodigy d4 yestersay before leagues. Shooting over river on hole 10, hit bushes and disappeared. $ Reward $


Nate Buban    September 29 at 9:11pm

Lost a green champion boss on hole 18 at firefighters on Monday night. I will reward with a 10th anniversary buzzz.

Ryan Kelly   September 30 at 12:55am

Nate I lost yellow champ 4x jk valk signed by jk on hole #4 I still been looking for it here and there. I'll keep an eye out for you. Let me know if you see that 4x valk up there. $reward$

Ryan Kelly    September 28 at 12:27am

Lost Champion 4x jk yellow Valkyrie signed by Juliana Korver. Disc is a main thrower in my bag! Reward $cash$ or plastic trades!!!

Randall Kaszynski   September 28 at 2:03pm

Ryan, which hole did you lose it on?

Ryan Kelly   September 30 at 12:44am

Hole #4 about 8 days ago. It had rained few days prior. River was murky and the current was flowing. I through straight up the middle and wind cut it left right before the last 2 big trees closest to basket. Will compensate to anyone who finds. Thanks for message

Jonboy D   6 days ago

I'm not 100% sure but I think I may have found your Valkyrie in the creek. It was on hold 4

Joe Altizer    September 27 at 10:22am

anyone wanna meet for a round


David Aron    September 23 at 9:39am

Lost a Blue Metalflake Champion Tern on hole #4's river, it went in about 40-50 feet from the pin. $Reward$

Ryan Kelly   September 28 at 12:24am

Hey David I found your metal flake tern. Lost a champion yellow 4x Valkyrie signed by Juliana Korver. Pulled out yours instead

Ryan Kelly   September 28 at 12:24am

2489538068 shoot me a text, heading out to Stoney or FF tmrw

Jake Swanson    September 23 at 9:35am

Lost an Orange Zone last night at league, I did not have my name and number on it.


Mike Pelamati    September 23 at 3:16am

Been looking for an ace disc of mine. Old avenger tie dye with a non working # on it since I recently moved. Willing to give cryztal buzzz to whomever returns said disc I lost 2 years ago


Chris Vanscoy    September 16 at 11:24pm

Lost a purple gummy 11x teebird on hole 4. Has about 4 dimples on the top of the disc. If found and returned there will be a nice reward!


Jay B INSANITY DGC    September 15 at 12:03pm

WINTER SKINS LEAGUE UPDATE: we are now going to be playing skins on Thursdays this season instead of Fridays, hoping to get some more people out there this year! check out the league page for info

Douglas Fresh   September 15 at 8:02pm

If you've never been to the Freaky Friday glow skins league in past years I can guarantee it is a good time. Jay does a great job running the league and keeping the baskets lit up all season long. Sad to say I have class Thursday nights so I won't be making it out often, but for those who can it is always a fun time with good people!

Douglas Fresh   September 16 at 2:07pm

No worries dude I'll make it out after the semester is over