Firefighters Park

Troy, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Ryan P    2 days ago

Round at 12 anyone?

John Minicuci   2 days ago

League at 6

Jacob Turner    6 days ago

I am pretty sure I just left a TI challenger sitting on hole 9 somewhere. I was running through a quick nine and didn't notice I left it. would love to have it back!

Neil Duffey   6 days ago

won't be there until saturday, but ill keep my eyes peeled. thats a bummer. hope it returns to you!

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond    April 15 at 3:52am

So I tossed in the drink on 18 last night at leagues. Didn't wanna hold other cards up since we teed off a lil late, figured I would swing back after and grab it. It was gone so someone scooped it up mid round. They did not turn it in to the tables nor leave it out on anyone's car. It is a yellow Opto Saint Pro, my name and number are on the rim. Please return it if you scooped it up. I won't be playing next week but I could be able to swing by before tee off and get it back


Nick Richardson    April 12 at 11:08am

Lost a GREEN WASP with a Duff Dyed Face Logo ( the logo ) within the last 2 weeks. It was either @ Stony or Firefighters. I would love to have it back, message me.


Jay B INSANITY DGC    April 9 at 3:30pm

looks like mother nature wants to give us a repeat of last years Monday nights weather, 70% chance as of now for opening day

Nick Oliver   April 9 at 8:06pm

Should be nice for the tourney this Saturday though. Hopefully all this rain passes through!


My back is killing me    April 3 at 1:59am

I have something cool for longest Putt on opening night next week!


Jay B INSANITY DGC    April 2 at 4:56pm

Dubs at 6 random draw


Russ Murer    April 2 at 8:31am

No plans for league play today right?

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John Minicuci   April 2 at 10:45am

league info is posted under the MCCG club...

Russ Murer   April 2 at 1:19pm

I know, though it being nice out was just curious.

Jay B INSANITY DGC   April 2 at 3:47pm

I am doing $5 dubs tonight if youre interested tee off 6, regular Wednesday double starts next Wednesday I think

Jay B INSANITY DGC    April 1 at 9:37am

I just ran into a city worker out here and learned that when they build the walking path around the park they are taking out all the baskets for the disc golf! bummer!

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Douglas Fresh   April 1 at 4:52pm

Dog **** on the course is no joke, Jay.

Neil Duffey   April 2 at 12:07am

im w you doug! even stepped in a heap in the middle of the damn parking lot saturday... looked like a horse left it. I'm tired of the damn dogs running around there off leash.

John Minicuci   April 2 at 12:22am

Seriously, after speaking with the new Recreational Supervisor of my Troy Parks 2 weeks ago, he was very educated in our efforts and was seeking to learn more about what and how we do things, he said that yes, there are plans for a path but none in the foreseeable future. As for the last 2 or 3 mods ... more

Shawn Boucke    March 30 at 8:55am

Are there any groups that regularly meet on Sundays?

Douglas Fresh   March 30 at 9:35am

I think the Christians do. Something about the Lord's day of rest?

Alec Kennedy    March 29 at 5:11pm

does any one know how muddy it is ?

Ben Bobowski   March 29 at 7:53pm

Pretty muddy... Not too bad though. Still has some ice on 4 or 5 holes. Played today

Jeff Novak    March 24 at 7:01pm

Found an Aviar on 18 today. No name.

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William "Wilcone" Fretz   March 24 at 11:26pm

we lost one a while back on the left side over the creek

Alec Kennedy   March 25 at 1:44pm

is it white with green stamp ?

Jeff Novak   March 25 at 6:13pm

Not white and not a glow.

Douglas Fresh    March 16 at 8:27pm

I have an Innova DiscCatcher Sport for sale, used a handful of times. In great condition. Asking $140. In the Rochester/Hamlin area, can meet up. Message me if interested.


David Wilmoth    March 16 at 6:54pm

Didnt find any discs out there today!!


David Wilmoth    March 16 at 6:52pm

Lost a blue champ orc in the river on 17 please return if found. Name and num on it!!


Andrew LaCross    March 15 at 12:02pm

I lost my star boss on hole 18. It hit the small tree just pass the creek and dropped in the snow. Name and # on the disc. Cash or disc if returned.


Brian Hoppe    March 11 at 4:08pm

I lost a blue first run Prodigy D4 on hole 18 in the river so it could be downstream anywhere. Weight is 174. I would really appreciate it back. I will hook you up. My name is Brian Hoppe and # is 989 590 3398. Thanks.


Don Decker    March 11 at 3:36am

Lost blue champ boss on hole 18 near the y in the creek. Name and number on back. Reward if returned.


Tom Carpenter    March 7 at 9:49pm

Lost my epic on 11 in front of the big tree on the right somewhere. Name and number on it along with a red led. Cash or plastic if returned.

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Tom Carpenter   March 25 at 12:48pm

Well do let him know I would like it back. As stated cash or plasric for its return. Have him give me a call, number is on it

Christopher sheldon   March 25 at 12:56pm

I did. he should be calling when he gets home.

Tom Carpenter   March 26 at 12:09pm

Didnt get the call.. Would like to get it back before friday night league