Firefighters Park

Troy, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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William Goeringer    15 hours ago

Lost my pink Z Crank in the river on 4. Phone number on inside rim, but if it got washed for whatever reason, contact 248-494-0715 if you find it please. Reward if returned.

Jacob Turner   1 hour ago

Dylan got that back to you right?

Ben Jackson    6 days ago

I think I left my elbow compression sleeve there earlier this week. Reward for return

Martin"Beanz" Gonzales   6 days ago

if I see it ill let you know

Benny G.    6 days ago

Lost my cherry red champion ORC somewhere on the course. PFN with no name or #. Would love it back!!


Robert Kraut    July 18 at 5:42pm

Left a light blue star archon 175g on the river bank of 18 Thursday around 9pm. No ink


William Goeringer    July 9 at 8:24pm

Lost a purple Avenger SS on the edge of the river on hole 4, phone number is on the inside rim. Reward if found.


Bruce McCallister    July 9 at 11:10am

Lost a red champion katana in the river yesterday on hole 18. Reward if found.


Jay Simon    July 9 at 10:15am

I lost a purple VIP King in the river today by hole 18. My friend lost a red Hall of Fame Aviar in the river on this hole as well. Water was moving fast so discs are probably way down the river. Would love to get these back if found.


Shea Norling    July 5 at 1:01am

Lost a discraft nuke today around hole 16. Says ace hole 5 wagner on the back. If found pleaseeee let me know! Message me


Neil Duffey    July 1 at 9:49pm

this tourney is creeping up! 19 days! cashless pre-reg welcomed!


Sam Wallace    June 30 at 1:09pm

First time throwing this course on Saturday. For my monthly round, shot a +9. It was brutal, but got a good feel for the course for July 20th.


Steve Brazel    June 30 at 12:59pm

Anyone interested in playing 9 holes of best shot today before league at 4pm? Also for those interested we might be going to CK Diggs after league tonight?

Steve Brazel   June 30 at 3:22pm

Ok no replies, but I may still be up there if anyone wants to shoot

Sam Wallace    June 25 at 3:01pm

Playing a round at 9 on Saturday if anyone is down. It's my first time at this course, so any pointers are appreciated.

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Anthony Litts   June 25 at 10:39pm

Good course to work on your mid range up shots and putts.

Michael Ostrowski   June 26 at 8:03am

i'll be there at 9

Sam Wallace   June 27 at 2:08pm

Thanks all. I'll be there at 9 with two others. Anyone is welcome to join.

Ben Bobowski    June 23 at 6:56pm

Playing a round at 9am tomorrow if anyone wants to join us

Bruce McCallister   June 24 at 7:13am

I'd love to if I didn't have to work. Are you playing this weekend Ben?

Ben Bobowski   June 24 at 7:44am

Possibly Sunday. I'll let you know

Bruce McCallister   June 24 at 8:26am

That would be cool.

TJ Gabriel    June 23 at 10:42am

heading up there now to play before work if anybody wants to join


Jake Swanson    June 20 at 3:42pm

I was just told the weld broke on the basket at hole 5...

Branden Fulton   June 20 at 7:13pm

that would be correct just played it today it sits ok but if you bump it or grab the basket it pitches and doesnt sit flat

Thor Batchelor    June 19 at 1:07pm

hole 4 at league yesterday I lost a bright yellow west side sword. it won't say sword on it it will say Kalevan Miekka. it was about 70 short of the basket in the creek. reward if found


Justin Lewis    June 9 at 12:02am

Hole 18 at firefighters my buddy threw a yellow star katana with a name and number and slipped off the tee pad and cut it hard right over the creek hit a tree and fell somewhere in the brush. A reward if found and returned. Call 2489772890 or the number on back


Robert Kraut    May 31 at 11:54am

Heading out around 1 130 if anyone wants to join.


Jason Thumber Teachey    May 30 at 10:13am

Is there leagues here tonight? Looking to play w some friends later n don't wNna piss off the league jerks lol

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John Minicuci   May 30 at 11:01pm

I have yet to see a casual disc golfer pick up a rake and or do anything positive to the course to improve it or keep it clean. I do see a lot of league players picking up half drank bottles of Mountain Dew or Monster cans that casuals continue to opportunistically forget. This thread started off ba ... more

Neil Duffey   June 1 at 11:20pm

leagues aren't the problem, its people w your attitude, who are the problem. throwing out insults is a great way to divide your self from some of the best players in the area... imo, thats huge mistake. respect is given where respect is recieved. i hope you find your self some respect in the near future. good luck out there.

Jason Thumber Teachey   June 2 at 5:39pm

For the record I do pic up trash that's not mine I do pay to play at some coarses and make side bets w my buddy's I also have played in a league or two and enjoy the organization and of coarse all the effort that I'm not aware of that goes on. I am greatful and thankful for all that we all do for th ... more