Firefighters Park

Troy, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Ryan Koeppen    8 hours ago

Lost a yellow Gale Vaughn G* Teebird3 in drink on hole 4. Has my pdga #36727 on the rim. Would really like this one back. I'll give a disc to whomever returns it! Thanks!


Brad Rowe    4 days ago

Lost a red esp predator with rainbow stamp no ink maybe around hole 13 must have fell out of my bag... reward!!

Brad Rowe   5 hours ago


Tyler alfano    December 5 at 5:35pm

Lost a yellow champ valk with an X in glow tape on 17. Much appreciated on return


Samantha Socia    November 30 at 7:44pm

Lost a blue enforcer on 4, should have my name and number on it I believe.


Kevin Eggy Egnatoski    November 26 at 1:31pm

Pullled 18 discs from the river today will get the ones with names or numbers back to the right owners . If you lost something without your name or number let me know what it was and you will get it back. Happy Thanksgiving . On that note only about 5 with names and 2 with pdga numbers

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Jeff Bauman   November 26 at 9:12pm

I lost a blue champ tee bird and a pink champ TL a while back Kevin.

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski   November 27 at 10:50am

pdga 63547

Kevin Eggy Egnatoski   November 27 at 10:51am

Red zone found in the leaves MANNI on back

Benny G.    November 13 at 11:17am

Lost yet again another dark blue David Feldberg boss. Can someone please return my ****ing discs?! It's firefighters for Christ sake!

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Douglas Fresh   November 13 at 5:19pm

It's a pretty long teepad, Jay. Anything can happen in 10 feet...

Jay B INSANITY DGC   November 13 at 10:10pm

the river is only 175ft BEHIND the tee...yea i guess youre right it could be in the drink....did you check the river benny?

Benny G.   November 16 at 10:37pm

I threw a few at one caught some head wind and flipped me over.

Jay B INSANITY DGC    November 13 at 9:38am

GLOW SKINS TONIGHT! Cmon dont let that snow scare you away from playing, those flurries are nothing! 630pm @ firefighters...Come out and play some glow skins with us tonight, ace pool is at $439, playoff pot is $182, 100% cash ctp and longest putt prizes too!

Jessica Jaworski   November 13 at 4:55pm

mmmmm I might need to get some glow.. I never bought them BC then I def wouldn't sleep lmfao

Jay B INSANITY DGC   November 13 at 5:01pm

I have leds for sale that you can put on your everyday discs if you dont have glow discs

Robert Kraut    November 2 at 12:01am

Lost a red Star Archon on 17 2 weeks ago(just looked in my bag and realized it was gone) name and number inside the rim.


Ryan Kelly    October 28 at 1:35pm

Lost orange Barstamp buzzz
My number is not on disc
Large reward message me on here if you see it

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Jeff Hollinger   October 28 at 2:59pm

Great color disc to be throwing this time of year

Ryan Kelly   October 30 at 7:25pm

Thanks Jeff

Ryan Kelly   October 30 at 7:26pm

7# between pin and pad over on 6

Jeremy Matson    October 26 at 5:21pm

Lost a neon yellow-green Zombee on 7 due to leaves.


Ben Jackson    October 24 at 7:54pm

If anyone lost a yellow disc on 15 let me know

David Aron   October 28 at 10:18am

Legacy Rampage?

Ben Jackson   October 28 at 2:08pm

nope it was a innova pro disc

Robert Kraut    October 24 at 5:44pm

Heading up tomorrow afternoon around 1-1:30 if anyone want to join, meet me by the practice basket ;D


Benny G.    October 24 at 11:46am

Lost a baby blue champion boss off hole 4 fairwa. Anyone find it I have a reward for you! Thanks


Jay B INSANITY DGC    October 23 at 1:03pm

GLOW SKINS TONIGHT! Teeing off at 7pm at firefighters...Come out and play some glow with us tonight, ace pool is at $323, playoff pot is $102, cash ctp and longest putt prizes too!


Ben Jackson    October 22 at 3:40pm

The Waterford Putting League starts tonight (Wednesday nights). Sign up by 6:45pm, 1st round starts at 7pm. $5 buy in random seeded doubles tournament. 2100 Scott Lake Road, Waterford Township, MI 48328

More details here:


Zachary Barrett    October 20 at 3:50pm

Lost a Red rainbow stamped outlaw over the water/in water on 18. Reward if returned. Thanks


Chris Vanscoy    October 16 at 5:51pm

Left a champion monster with a one man wolf pack dye with the guy from hangover on it on hole 17 but parked 12 basket... Reward if returned

Jonboy S   October 16 at 8:17pm

Sorry bro I wish I'd been able to return one that cool :(

Jonboy S    October 16 at 3:49pm

Good day fellow disc golfers, just a quick update on my diving in fire fighters creek. I wish I could say I found everyone's disc from hole 4 but sadly I cant, what I found however were 7 drivers, all of them high quality plastic! The river is meaner then I expected to discs all but one are ready to throw, however the stamps a seriously faded on a few of them and there are no phone numbers or pdga numbers :( so if you've lost a driver on hole 4 please reply to this post and I will do m ... more

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Steve Brazel   October 20 at 3:19pm

Oh please.... an old yellow Juliana Korver Valkyrie with a faded - almost gone blue stamp and a red star wrath with a blue stamp

Jeff Hulet   October 21 at 4:46pm

How about an Orange Innova Distroyer?

Joe Altizer   November 27 at 3:16pm

blue xcaliber with lots of ink designs?

Jay B INSANITY DGC    October 16 at 3:34pm

i will have LEDS for sale tonight before league


Jonboy S    October 16 at 1:18am

Hello fellow disc aficionados, long time firefighters player and dgs reader, first time post. I'm so sick of the sarlac pit of a creek eating my discs that tomorrow between 7:00am-8:30am "would stay longer but gotta work" that I will be putting on my wetsuit and scuba gear to get back my glow boss and glow destroy along with some of my buddies discs. I know that it's early but if anyone wants to help and bring a long Handle fishing net for me to drag can share in the unclaime ... more

Jason Thumber Teachey   October 16 at 8:27am

Have any luck? I got a buzzz os in there >_<

Jeff Hulet   October 16 at 4:56pm

You are the "Man"!! I have some friends that have "donated" to the muddy creek and would love to hear you found their discs!! :)