Firefighters Park

Troy, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Joe Mattina    August 25 at 11:25am

Does anyone know the name of the heavyset kid who sells discs up front? He has stolen discs from me and my friends and we are trying to locate him

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John Minicuci   6 days ago

Some beers are worthy of a sip. The beer world is exploding with tasty options :-)

Paul Bunko   6 days ago

Alright I have a gulp, see you in Ludington.

John Minicuci   6 days ago


Tyler alfano    August 20 at 3:18pm

How does league doubles work exactly? Random partners?

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Tyler alfano   August 20 at 5:18pm

Thanks guys! Will be tree with 11 for all the shenanigans haha

John Minicuci   August 20 at 7:02pm

We love shenanigans!

Ben Jackson   August 21 at 12:46am

Captain O'Hagan: I swear to God I'm going to pistol whip the next guy who says, " Shenanigans." Mac: Hey Farva what's the name of that restaurant you like with all the goofy **** on the walls and the mozzarella sticks? Farva: You mean Shenanigans?

Steve Brazel    August 19 at 7:48pm

Forgot to post on here last week after the monsoon hit on the 11th. I lost a red Star Wraith (blue stamp - I think) on Monday. Went in the raging white waters short of basket 18. Name should be faded on back. Lemme know please.


David Wilmoth    August 18 at 9:17pm

I lost a $5 bill on the course today. you're welcome

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David Wilmoth   August 18 at 10:28pm

yea i put my pdga# on all my bills. lol

Ben Jackson   August 18 at 11:17pm

funny enough I did see a $5 bill with a pdga # on it the other day. Right as I paid with it so I never looked up the number

David Wilmoth   August 18 at 11:28pm

I might start doing it. l start a new tracking game.

Tyler alfano    August 17 at 6:32pm

Left my red proto stamp fr archon 167g on the right side of hole 18 plastic or cash reward for return


Jason Thumber Teachey    August 17 at 10:36am

Jake n Jay if y'all would leave my discs w Dj Rob(the guy who's always selling discs w his hockey bag at firefighters) I told him two gentleman might give him a orange pulse n purple avenger for me. Thanks in advance n I hope I get to meet y'all someday n shake your hands!_!

Jake Steinbrecher   August 21 at 10:22am

sorry Jason, I haven't made it to Ff all week. I'll let you know when I head down there. I'm in Waterford if you wanted to pick up

Jason Thumber Teachey   August 22 at 2:46pm

No worries Jake I Appretiate the update I'll wait as Waterford is a bit of a hike but ya just leave it w Dj Rob n again thank you!_!

Jake Steinbrecher   August 25 at 11:25pm

np Jason I'm headed out to ff tomorrow

Jay B INSANITY DGC    August 16 at 10:50am

Sad to say that before we know it the days will be getting shorter and summer will be over...BUT...thankfully we still have some winter GLOW discin to look forward to! the FREAKY FRIDAY SKINS league has traditionally been on Fridays(note the name in case you didn't know) HOWEVER...due to low attendance in the past and the possibility the reason is just because its a friday and most people are looking to start their weekend early throughout the winter, this year I am strongly considering a day an ... more

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Jason "Sasquatch" Sweeney   August 18 at 10:37am

yes, a good idea would be to make it coincide with the ending of Thursday dubs! ya know, for my sake!! lol

My back is killing me   August 18 at 1:07pm

Thursdays Skins 5th anniversary INSANITY DGC

Brian Fahnestock   August 19 at 1:50am

I like Thursdays! Weekends fill up quick.

kelly wright    August 14 at 8:18pm

Left a pink tye dyed blizzard destroyer somewhere while throwin multiples on the back. My name and number is on it and if you return it ill smoke you out;-)


Josh M    August 14 at 10:01am

Need one more for a foursome this morning. Anyone interested?


Jake Steinbrecher    August 14 at 9:28am

Lost an Ace Race Zombee, Pink with Cat Cartoon drawn on back. 3 aces on this disc really want it back, went in the water past 7's basket on Tuesday Night, RIVER was ROARING! We went out yesterday and found a stack but not this one(so if you've lost anything recently I may have it) Please let me know if you've found it or seen it. Major Plastic Reward for Return. THANKS!

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" Young " Tye Krukowski   August 14 at 6:31pm

eleven time orange eagle?

"Mag1c" Mike Visger   August 14 at 7:21pm

thanks man

Jake Steinbrecher   August 21 at 10:24am

no eagle or beast, there must bea million more discs washed down river somewhere

Jason Thumber Teachey    August 13 at 9:28am

Lost 2 on hole 4s water to the left purple z avenger and yellow first run nuke also lost a orange esp pulse on left side of 18s water if you nab them n wanna b awesome let me know on here!_!

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Jake Steinbrecher   August 14 at 9:22am

Jay B is right lol I did find the Avenger. Just logged on to see if I had anyone's plastic. We found a handful but not the one we were looking for. Pink Ace Race Zombee with a cartoon cat drawing on the back, if anyone sees it. I should be out later this week/weekend Jason so I can get you that Avenger.

Jason Thumber Teachey   August 14 at 12:19pm

Thanks jake n jay I'm hoping to get out to firefighters tommarow let me know when y'all's next visit is n I greatly Appretiate y'all!!

Jason Thumber Teachey   August 14 at 12:25pm

Also my buddy lost a star tee devil blue on 15 if that one came up aswell mad love to all you disc returners!_!

Skyler stoker    August 12 at 11:58pm

Is it worth going to league tomorrow or is it pretty much under water?

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Jeff Hollinger   August 13 at 9:28am

ctp for berth, jay?

Jay B INSANITY DGC   August 13 at 10:55am

I will be there with a berth to be awarded

Benny G.   August 13 at 11:27am

Might as well just hand me the berth ;)

Matthew Potts    August 11 at 11:32pm

Threw a fluorescent orangish/pinkish with yellow stamp Discraft Soft Magnet in the creek on the left near the fork of the bridge on 18. Name and number on it. Started rolling and then we could not see it. Would like to get it back... just got it last week at MCCG Monday Evening leagues.


Jason "Sasquatch" Sweeney    August 11 at 11:32pm

You all should have taken a dip, the water was nice.

Jeff Hollinger   August 12 at 3:45pm

Sweeney that was you?? Haha I heard the ruckus as I was walking to the pavilion. Can't beleive I missed it.

Brian Fahnestock   August 12 at 5:04pm

What did we miss?

Jeff Hollinger   August 12 at 5:25pm

I heard someone swam across hole 16 last night as the majority of the hole was under water haha

Brandon Dub    August 11 at 10:51pm

Tossed in a yellow champion destroyer on 18. went in near the fork of the river to the left of the bridge. Name and number on it. Good karma and money/disc for its safe return. thanks


Benny G.    August 11 at 3:09pm

Any leagues tonight?

Jeff Hollinger   August 11 at 3:39pm

you scared of the rain or something?

Ryan ChimChim Bauer   August 11 at 3:39pm

It is Monday so yes they play through almost anything

Brad Fuelling    August 6 at 1:11pm

Did any one pick up a star firebird in the water along hole 4 during Monday night league? I threw it in and went to get after the round but it was gone.had my name number and pdga number on it

David Ciolan   August 7 at 12:31pm

whats your # ? ill keep an eye out

Alec Kennedy   August 8 at 6:16pm

ya i have it i just have it been out of town

Duncan Underwood    August 4 at 7:39pm

On Sunday I left my esp ace race focus on 18. Reward if returned


David Ciolan    August 1 at 11:25am

Someone walked off with my elite-Z bar stamp buzzz on hole 14 yesterday (7/31) , my name and number is on the bottom . Reward if found / returned

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Martin"Beanz" Gonzales   August 2 at 7:31pm

np brother

Benny G.   August 11 at 3:09pm

Any luck David?

David Ciolan   August 12 at 6:24am

Not yet Ben :

Ben Jackson    July 25 at 10:54am

I think I left my elbow compression sleeve there earlier this week. Reward for return

Martin"Beanz" Gonzales   July 25 at 2:18pm

if I see it ill let you know