Fairmont Park

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Dimond Cutter    March 11 at 3:06pm

LOST!!!! I lost my EAGLE on hole 10 yesterday. I through my drive deep and onto the road by the basket and then walked away without picking it up. It has Alan Fox'x name and number on the back (it's red and yellow flydie)

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A.J Cruz   March 11 at 4:07pm

I got it. Some chucker picked it up. He read the name on the back, heard Fox's name so I snagged it!! ha.

Alan Fox   March 11 at 4:42pm

way to look out bro!

Dimond Cutter   March 12 at 12:58pm

Thanks AJ!

Rick Petrie    March 11 at 1:30pm

Good thing we expanded Fairmont. There was pretty much one group per fairway yesterday while I was there (4pm-5pm)


Adam Johnson    March 10 at 9:17am

Lost disc alert- I lost a yellow C Line PD with purple stamp. I believe I left it in the field but could not find it his morning. Thanks!


Adam Johnson    February 17 at 11:21pm

I left a black towel out on either hole 14, 16 or 17. Let me know if you find it. THANKS

nick samuelson   February 18 at 12:20am

yes I have it

Adam Johnson   February 18 at 11:10am

awesome, will you be at ice bowl?

nick samuelson   February 18 at 12:05pm

yes I'm also playing glow league tonight if u want it sooner

Josh Carroll    January 24 at 8:08pm

If anybody else can believe it, a handful of the K-State team was out playing today. Had already played 18 holes and then played some of the front nine again. Got to Hole 9 where the suggestion was made that we play safari style to Hole 18's basket. Get this... AJ CRUZ GETS IT DONE IN THREE THROWS!

Mark Kewley   January 24 at 8:26pm

If you get time, put up an overhead view of these shots. That's nuts!

Brent DeShazer    November 6 at 5:42pm

Playing here tomorrow morning to prepare for the Cat Clash this weekend, any locals want to meet up with me sometime between 10-11am and show me the course?


nick samuelson    October 14 at 3:54pm

Lost disc!!! I let a bud use a yellow kite DX he thinks he lost it on the front 9.

John Allison   October 18 at 11:13am

hey I found it man! tried calling the number but guess you didn't get the message. my number is 7852301805

Rob Barber    October 1 at 1:09pm

My brother lost a blue Dynamic Discs BioFuzion Truth on hole 3. He threw it somewhere over the fence down into the ditch and couldn't find it. It doesn't have his name or number on it but if anyone is ever over the fence he'd appreciate it if you could keep an eye out for it. Thanks.


nick samuelson    September 22 at 8:24pm

I lost my son's favorite disc somewhere in the front 9 it is a champion super stingray yellow. Please help

Rick Petrie   September 22 at 8:59pm

I played in a group of 5 this afternoon. Fairway 6 got a little hectic looking for Mark's disc... I think Adam might have found some other disc... but I don't know for sure.

nick samuelson   September 23 at 12:32pm

yes he did thanks

Mark Kewley    September 19 at 10:25pm

I noticed that Manhattan KS is one of the latest additions on the ACE Race site: http://discgolfacerace.com/index.html Thanks RevKev!

If you would like to help set up the modified Fairmont ACE Race course and / or have a portable basket that could be used, send me a message through this website with your email address. Start thinking of some good holes we could set up!


Rick Petrie    September 15 at 6:19pm

LIVE: The first ever mass rotation of baskets at Fairmont Park is underway right now!

Come check out the alternate pin placements as soon as you can.

Rick Petrie   September 15 at 9:12pm

Thank you to Adam & Mark for helping get this done. A total of 8 fairways had it's basket rotated/moved today. As soon as we find time to install alt. pin sleeves for #13 & #16 those can be rotated too.

Amber J    September 14 at 7:20pm

Lost white Innova Stingray (yeah, the same one that ended up in the lake earlier this season) on #7 in the massive vine covered tree in the middle. Found someone else's disc in the process, thinking it was mine. Name and phone number is on the back of mine.


Mark Kewley    September 10 at 10:47pm

Discraft ACE Race Earlier in the year there was a scheduled event in the Manhattan area (Tuttle Creek, River Pond). Now that event is not on the Discraft site and nothing has been posted about the event. If there is enough interest in a local ACE Race we could still put this together. RevKev and LCM are on board again if people want to do this. We are almost out of time though. It is looking like either the 19th or 20th of October. This would allow the time for registration and shippin ... more


Mark Kewley    August 29 at 8:58pm

Found 1 disc with no name on hole 17.

Rick Petrie   August 29 at 9:07pm

Orange Avenger SS in Z plastic? LOL

Mark Kewley   August 29 at 9:28pm

No, this would have been a lot better toss than that one.

Rick Petrie   August 29 at 10:55pm

I can believe that... in my defense though, at the time there were 3 steel posts in the way back then.

Alan Fox    August 28 at 3:49pm

Also found 1 with Nathan McDonalds name and number but the number is no longer available


Alan Fox    August 28 at 3:43pm

Found a no name disc on the left side of hole one and a no name over the fence on hole 3 if you know what they are I will give them back to the owner

Dimond Cutter   August 28 at 3:52pm

Lost a red and black orc (no stamp) over the fence on three...

shaun chambers   August 28 at 4:09pm

double stamped fury? gold yellow?

Alan Fox   August 28 at 4:21pm

nope didnt see either of those sorry guys

Rick Petrie    August 18 at 10:14pm

Nice job on the course pictures Mark.


Rick Petrie    August 17 at 4:15am

( hopefully everyone will remove their past few days worth of scores (and the first ace) from the old 9 hole course stats, then add them to this course... )


Rick Petrie    August 17 at 4:04am

Look everyone! The discgolfscene.com Admin set up a new/clean/fresh start course for us to record all of our new scores, aces, pics, & misc. info.

Hopefully, they will be able to retain the old 9 hole course for historical purposes. At least that is our request.