Dallas City Park

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Russ Brown    2 days ago

I lost a mauve/burgundy gateway apache x-out disc on hole 12 in the cam as. It has an old name of Ben on it the phone # doesn't work.


Phil Wright    March 18 at 10:38pm

Anyone know Kai Brees?

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Phil Wright   March 18 at 11:21pm

Cool. If you see him please get his number. Hopefully someone else sees this as well.

Dallas Trower   March 18 at 11:51pm

so looks like kai lives in Colorado. but his brother Chris brees lives in Dallas And plays disc golf. so its prolly his. I hit him up on face book for his number so you can return it to him.

Phil Wright   March 18 at 11:53pm

That would be awesome.

Jessie Sanders    March 9 at 1:12am

Lost my Vibram Ridge putter on hole 6. Lost it in the tournament today I would like it back if possible it has my number and name on it.

Russ Brown   March 10 at 3:08am

we played another round after the tourney and my buddy lost an MVP Tangent name and number on it also

Juan Medina    March 3 at 6:05pm

Lost champion orc in river at hole 6,,, , please call number on disc if found,, thank you

Andy D   March 4 at 1:27pm

If I find it i will give you a call, looking for a couple of mine off hole one.


mike palermo    December 23 at 3:57pm

this is a first stolen discs during a tournament true they were in the water off of hole 1 but to keep the flow of play going you leave them and get them after the tournament or the TD has spotters and people to help you get them.

a couple people said they saw a threesome of casual players who were the likely suspects and known locals of dallas city park

so i ask if there is any information about these stolen discs or the guys seen in the river off hole 1 during the break or after post it on here and do whats right

Slick Willie   December 23 at 7:23pm

It was a kid with a goofy smile on his face and I will not forget it. He took off with a handful of discs and I regret not saying something to him.

Miles Murray   December 23 at 8:50pm

Thanx Mike, its a sad day when my favorite disc gets taken under my nose. I should have gone swimming right then. Hope it shows up.

Miles Murray   January 5 at 10:56am

I got my disc back!!! Thanks Dallas T. for helping in its return.

Miles Murray    December 22 at 11:06pm

Green StarBoss stolen out of creek on hole 1 during Super Sunday Dubs. Please return. Name and # on it.

Miles Murray   January 5 at 10:58am

My disc is safe at home, and back in its spot in my bag. So stoked for its return!

Devin Ellis    November 29 at 7:44pm

Lost orange soft banger in the water by big bridge phone number is old! Please find me on here thanks


Steve Jones    November 25 at 8:50pm

anyone looking to play dallas at 9 am on turkey day fun round side bets dubs,singles,pros welcome to join,or just come out and play we will have a few extra holes set up to make things more interesting steve jones 503-932-9987

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Brian "ole timer" Hausotter   November 26 at 10:32pm

Got it!!!

Tim "Skip" Becker   November 28 at 1:24am

you guys still playing tomorrow steve?

Steve Jones   November 28 at 10:33am

yes we have a fun group of people that should be at dallas around 9 am all are welcome to join

Rick Saffeels    November 21 at 1:04am

Anyone wanting to get paid out on a Dallas Ace come one down to play in the Friday Frolfers. Show up at 11:15 for sign and tee off by 11:30am. One round of 18 holes, optional $1 CTP hole, Turkey pot, and $3 raw score winner. ALSO free CTP hole for a free tshirt with the $5 one time members for Wooden Bagtags! See you then!

Russ Brown   November 22 at 12:02pm

David Cutler and myself will be there today.

Rick Saffeels    September 25 at 4:09am

ALL YOU DISC TOSSERS! If you still wanted to make a Discraft Ace Race, sign up for the Canyonview Ace Race on Oct. 19th. Registration closes Oct. 10 but let me know as soon as possible if you are interested so I know how many players packs to get! Thanks! www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/Discraft_Ace_Race_Last_Chance_for_the_Ages_Canyonview_Camp_2013


Lucky .    July 4 at 11:26pm

Attention disc golfers!!!! I seem To have left my factory flame dyed pro line monster on the disc golf course somewhere. I believe i left it on hole 11 at dallas on sunday during doubles. The name and phone number on the disc is not mine but i baught it totally legit from ebay and have the on line reciept to prove it. I will compensate in a generous fashion forr its return or for info leading to its return. Like i said it is a super destincitive factory dye job. Dark red disc with day glo green flames on it. Please help my disc come home.

Grape Ape   July 5 at 1:13am

Dude! That sucks big time! I know how you feel bro! You know I'll be keepin my eye out!

Lucky .   July 5 at 8:56am

I appriciate it.

Russ Brown   July 5 at 8:49pm

Played there on Tuesday did not see it. I did find a lime green FORCE on the course. Phone was dead and didn't call but left it wedged into the cracked acrylic where the rules are posted in the north parking lot. Good luck!

Carl Boje    August 28, 2012 at 6:14pm

February 16th BAD ACE


ROGUE RIDER    March 15, 2012 at 4:17pm

Dallas city open this saturday if anybody wants to carpool i got roomin my whip?


Brian "NW Discs" Zettervall    January 10, 2012 at 10:05pm

retreived a golden retreiver from the water by the bridge with my homeade disc retreiver today. :) also retreived a disc for another player that was playing there today that threw their disc across the creek. pretty cool helpin them out today, glad i was there to help them out.


ROGUE RIDER    January 9, 2012 at 11:29pm

this park is maintaned by the city with the help of locals. its an awesome course and the city has just recently put in alot of concrete t-pads and made some improvmente to this park. ive played it for years and i asure you, youll be amazed at the work the city has done to this park just recently. so please if youve not played it in the past 6months. go check it out but do it early on the weekends as the disc course is not the only work theyve done. new play structures, moved play ground away fr ... more


Brian "NW Discs" Zettervall    December 12, 2011 at 1:05pm

this park kicks ass. i played here yesterday and lost a disc to the river BUT i went swimming for it. man oh man is that water cold!!!