Chippewa Banks

Midland, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Chris Blackhurst    4 days ago

Going to head out at around 3 to go there off anyone would like to throw a round let me know


Chris Blackhurst    5 days ago

Lost a yellowish green disc. Hole 14 left side. The stamp on it is a j bird discs reward if returned no name or number on back. Really would love to have it back


John Hansen    August 12 at 11:16am

Playing here now, join if you feel so inclined!


Chris Blackhurst    August 8 at 10:02am

Heading out there early this afternoon around 1 if anyone would like to join in let me know


John Hansen    August 7 at 6:22pm

I know leagues are going on right now but I plan to head out there at about 8 to film a little. If anyone wants to stick around after leagues and go for some ace runs feel free to join me.


Craig Clingan    August 5 at 9:52am

Just lost a dark blue (i know, right?) Gstar Valk on Hole 9. Pretty good distance on the drive, then a big skip right. Would like to get it back just so I can lose it again. Thanks!

Craig Prime   August 5 at 10:17am

playing there tomorrow morning so I'll take a look

Craig Clingan   August 5 at 10:23am

Thanks Craig!

Nick C    July 29 at 9:20pm

Lost a red Boss and a purple Champion Valkyrie on hole 15 a while back. Name and number were in both.


David Harrington    July 25 at 3:33pm

Buddy lost a green D4 to the right side of hole 14. There is a white golf is dead stamp on it. Would really like this one back if found.


Chris Blackhurst    July 22 at 8:45am

Someone left a gps and binoculars at the course. Someone was nice enough to put it on picnic table at 1 but someone relieved themselves on it


Chris Blackhurst    July 19 at 7:13pm

Going out in the morning to play a round or two if anyone would like to join in let me know


Ethan Neuenfeldt    July 19 at 11:06am

Lost a red sparkle cfr gator on the left side of the fairway on 4. Reward if found


Kyle Topie    July 19 at 10:23am

Lost a white valkyrie w/ a faint batman symbol on right side of hole 5. 989-948-1965 is my number call me if u find this please!!!


Craig Prime    July 19 at 5:52am

REWARD FOR LOST DISC on hole six at Chippewa Banks. A good friend lost his old school ACE Tuesday night on hole six. He has his name and an old phone number. If found, send me a personal message and I'll provide John's accurate phone number.


Randy Tripp    July 17 at 6:58pm

Lost a set of GMC keys with others on 1 through five. Help! Thanks


Matthew Murdock    July 16 at 5:33pm

lost a bright yellow westside vipuen(giant) on hole 13 reward if found, initials and pdga # are on it

Chris Blackhurst   July 16 at 5:42pm

I'm going out there early in the morning to throw so which side of you know and ill look as well as I can

Chris Blackhurst    July 14 at 8:01am

Thinking of playing a round at around 11am if anyone would like to throw with me let me know


Simon Porritt    July 13 at 9:38pm

Lost a gStar Destroyer on the right side of 13, shanked it over the low trees and into the thick, it is most red topped, with a yellow center splash, and a yellow underbelly. Name and number on it. Thanks bro's!!!

Randy Tripp   July 17 at 11:55am

some drunk guy found it. he had asked me if i lost it. doesnt help much but someone does have it

Simon Porritt   July 17 at 5:16pm

Thanks, ya shoulda putt him in a double chicken-winged, half-nelson and wrestled it away from him. :D its all good, can't hold too tightly to many things in life.

Dave Raymond    July 11 at 3:58pm

Lost a green prodigy d3 on hole 3. Right side somewhere around the second tree line. Might have went in the river. Name and number are on the back. Would love to have it back.


John Hansen    July 9 at 8:54pm

Hey guys, some of you know about my YouTube channel and some don't but basically its built around disc and equipment reviews, tips, and giveaways. I have a stack of discs that I need to do reviews on and this includes filming the flight of the discs. I've always thought it would be cool to get a group of local guys together and head out to the soccer fields in Midland and just film some disc flight for an hour or so. So if anyone is available this Friday (July 10th 2014) I will be out there t ... more


Tony Mapes    July 9 at 1:16pm

Paul Tribble and I are at the course cleaning and yard work if anyone would like to come help it would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU AND HAVE A GOOD DAY!


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