Chippewa Banks

Midland, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Frank Garcia    7 days ago

Lost a White MVP Circuit off of hole 12, it flew off right in the dirt road next to the course. PLEASE IF FOUND CASH REWARD! I have no name on the disc but it is white with a black rim & with a design of a Circuit Board on it, its one of a kind.


Kenneth Crawford    July 21 at 10:30am

Lost a Purple Katana Blizzard on Hole 12 towards the right in the woods. It has my name and number on it if anybody finds it.


Shane Emmons    July 20 at 12:18pm

This year's Ace Race is August 15 in Frankenmuth.

If you still haven't signed up for this year's Ace Race, here's a reason to signup early. Current prizes include a Grip C15 page, a Westside Black Basket additional plastic and more. Cash prize will also be up for grabs if at least 50 participants signup.

P.S. If you haven't seen it, this year's disc is a Putter! The full player pack will be revealed later today.


Oscar Gutierrez    July 14 at 1:57pm

How bad are the Mosquitos here?

Chris Blackhurst   July 14 at 10:18pm

When I was there Friday they weren't too bad

Frank Garcia   July 16 at 6:17am

They are not bad this year, they spray a lot down there. The worst holes they are bad on is #7, 8, 9, 10. Those are the holes closes to the Chippewa River. Good luck!

Craig Prime    July 5 at 12:48pm

found a disc on the left side of 18, early in the woods. No name or # so identify for a free return...


Nick C    June 18 at 6:33pm

Lost a pink disc with a "CMU Leadership Safari" stamp on it on hole 9 today. Name and number are on it.


Reid ott    June 17 at 3:10pm

lost a blue cryztal buzzz gt on hole 12 off to the right, has name and number faded on it. if returned there is a reward.


Craig Prime    June 9 at 9:50pm

lost on #2, probably not far off of the tee on the left somewhere, Orange disc,Oregon logo on the front (2 words) 151G, inked John B_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and number on the back. disc belongs to a 12 year old female beginner, return by calling or send me a PM, if found. thanks


McKinley Woods    June 3 at 3:56am

I left behind a red champion teebird on hole 18 just in front and right of the tee. It's an ace disc with "freeland hole 13" as the ace hole. I heard someone named "Robby" has it, I don't know if that's accurate or not. I am offering a reward to whoever helps me find it. It has a lot of sentimental value.


Bob Morton    May 28 at 2:41pm

I left my pink stilletto between 16 and 17 on sunday. $$ Reward if returned. Thank you

Calib Stewart   May 28 at 3:15pm

if you don't get it back. I have a pink stilleto for you.

Sean Halloran    April 27 at 2:11pm

Threw an orange Star Destroyer into the river off hole 3. Pretty sure it's long gone but if anyone finds it I'd love it back. No name no number but I can tell you the weight and penning on the bottom


Chris Blackhurst    April 17 at 3:12pm

Sanford leagues can happen tonight 4:45 is latest for start time

Chris Blackhurst   April 17 at 3:16pm

Hope to see some people there

Tony Mapes    April 15 at 10:12pm

Leagues will be starting at 6:00 from now on. I will not be there tomorrow so Hans Schmitt will be taking money and doing pay outs. I will be posting more news this weekend. Neither Bob Morton or I will be running leagues so if someone wants to step up and do it your more than welcome to. Thank You and have fun tomorrow night!

Frank Garcia   April 30 at 3:27pm

when are leagues?

Oscar Gutierrez    April 4 at 8:25am

How wet is the course? I know a couple of holes on the back 9 flood really bad so just making sure I bring the right shoes

Eric Francis   April 4 at 10:05am

was there Thursday I just played front 6 holes plus hole 18. it was fine under hole 3s basket was a mess but that was it. I did not play the back holes so not sure how bad it gets back there

Bob Morton    April 1 at 8:52pm

my work schedule has changed it sucks I'm gonna miss the opener. I don't know if mapes is gonna make it if he doesn't one ofbu guys can collect and run it for the week. If u wanna do an ace pool u can figure that out sorry for the short notice I just found out myself good luck on the first round of 2015. Good luck.


Jim "Got Shark" Schmitt    April 1 at 10:51am

I can't make it this week, but Rays will have a season opener CTP if someone could stop by the shop and grab it please.


Bob Morton    March 31 at 3:24pm

That is Thursday April 2nd


Bob Morton    March 31 at 3:24pm

Dub league starts April 2nd @ 5:30. $5 buy in with $2 optional ace pool. Hope to see everyone there.


Jeff Coates    February 8 at 8:40am

Our foursome lost two discs on 13 in midland yesterday. Wiped blue boss, outta state number and name, right side at the gap. Yellow destroyer on the left corner. Please let me know if you find either.


Travis Moulton    January 18 at 12:12pm

Lost a white star destroyer hole 12. Thanks to the snow.


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