Burchfield Park

Holt, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Justin McElhenie    July 4 at 11:50pm

Would someone be able to tell me why this park is closed this Sunday (July 5)?

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Kirk Dunlap   July 5 at 10:07am

So Andrew the park is open to play today?

Andew "Chedder" Wonch   July 5 at 12:04pm

I would assume its just closed for holiday weekend.

Kirk Dunlap   July 5 at 12:35pm

Kk cause I'm trying to get out there today and play lol

Chris Booker    July 1 at 8:47pm

Lost a yellow M4 on 8 Renegades Trail. left side midway down the fairway, into the water.... please find! love to get this back


Josiah Pearl    June 28 at 9:37pm

Lost a purple crystal jbird tye dye disc off to the right hole 2 around pines like if threw hole one and disc cutt hard left too early. REWARD $$$


Rodney L    June 25 at 11:37am

Lost a day-glow yellow Blizzard Ape in the tall grass on the right, directly across from the bunker short of the short basket. I looked for a while and couldn't find it. If you do find it, please take it to the clubhouse and I'll pick it up there. Thanks!

Matt Rinker   June 25 at 11:30pm

What hole?

Rodney L   June 29 at 10:33am

That might help. Hole 6.

Oscar Judd    June 20 at 7:39pm

Lost a pink river in the tall grass left of the bunker on 6 (renegades) during today's tournament. It's got lots of ink, including all of my contact info. Please let me know if you find it, I'd love to get it back.


Chris Booker    June 19 at 8:43pm

Lost a very important disc to me.. A Red star TL a few days ago. Just noticed. Maybe was in the Pine Tree on short 11. PLEASE i want, no, I NEED this back.. Please.


liz waldorf    June 19 at 11:30am

Lost my dx leopard on hole 6 of renegades trail it's red just short of the sandpit the name on it is Ryan Clark award if found.

Oscar Judd   June 19 at 1:11pm

I think I found it yesterday. Don't have it with me right now, so not completely certain.

liz waldorf   June 19 at 2:58pm

Sweet Ty r u gonna be at the park tomm I'll be there tomm nd Sunday doing lunch

Michael Wagner    June 19 at 10:10am

Lost a gstar destroyer on hole too went over road towards river edges hole number 6 or 7 i think lol but has my name on it


Chris Booker    June 18 at 7:40pm

Lost orange D3 Will S. Signature edition on hole 1 right side middle fairway pine trees. Way to much posion ivy for me to go into. Reward if returned.


Kris Vezino    June 17 at 11:58pm

Lost blue blizzard boss on right side of 6 by the road short of the LONG basket during leagues. Has KKV initials and 67798 PDGA number, reward or trade if found.


Oscar Gutierrez    June 9 at 11:01pm

Lost a green elasto giant in the woods on the left side of hole 1 of devils den. Name and number are on it


Tyler Miller    June 5 at 10:20am

Anything going on here tomorrow? I have yet to play here and I'm thinking about heading that way in the morning.

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Matt Rinker   June 5 at 11:52am

Random dubs

Tyler Miller   June 5 at 12:00pm

Cool. Thanks guys, maybe I'll be seeing you in the AM. Usually a pretty good turnout?

Joshua Siwek   June 5 at 1:42pm

I haven't been in a couple weeks but there's usually a pretty good turn out in good weather. I know a few regulars will be helping out at Disc Girls this weekend though.

Oscar Judd    May 28 at 3:12pm

Think I left a red z predator on rivers edge yesterday. Maybe on 10? Let me know if you find it, I'll buy you a beer.


Ryan Ripaldi    April 18 at 9:10pm

Lost dyed glide somehow after hole 10, not sure where or name or number, reward for return


Matt Rinker    April 13 at 7:22pm

Hey Everybody, Singles league starts this Wednesday, April 15th, Meeting at Grand Woods - sign in starts at 430, tee at 6.
Here's a link with a little more info


Justin Standish    April 3 at 1:49pm

Playing rivers edge with Dillan at 3:30

Matt Rinker   April 3 at 3:02pm

Have fun!!!

Dan Whitlock    April 2 at 7:27pm

I'm moving to the Howell area and work in Lansing now. Any evening leagues here? Already got the year pass and plan on playing here a lot and would love to join a league.

http://www.discgolfscene.com/profile/68636   April 2 at 7:44pm

we have a summer league that starts on April 15th , we will meet grand woods , if you need any more information you can contact Matt Rinker through the CCR website , and look under upcoming events

Matt Rinker   April 2 at 7:48pm

Tuesday pro/am doubles starts next Tuesday at Burchfield. Singles league begins April 15th. Most rounds for singles league are at burch, Tuesday dubs spend the season at burch. For the first few weeks we tee at 530 for dubs, $5 a player with merch payout. Any other questions, shoot me a message. Welcome to the area!!

Chris Booker   April 2 at 7:52pm

look up CCR on the scene. they run many leagues and tourneys. singles start April 15 at grandwoods

Justin Abram    March 30 at 9:43am

Suggestion for Rivers Edge: Add a bridge from 14 to new 15. The course is very playable with the current flooding, but the new 15 location is blocked from 14's pin by a flooded area.

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steve nolff   March 31 at 8:34am

Or head on out and lend a hand building it??

Justin Abram   March 31 at 10:59am

I'm always willing to lend a hand, but Burch has paid staff that will no doubt do a MUCH better job than I.

steve nolff   March 31 at 12:52pm

Lol, I am sure you do your fair share, Justin. More of a general encouragement to get everyone to sacrafice one day of play to put in some local course service. Even a garbage bag round (especially in the spring) is a great endevour.

Corey Kieft    March 24 at 6:24pm

Course conditions on Rivers Edge?

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Michael Wagner   March 24 at 7:19pm


MEAT BABY   March 24 at 9:18pm

national weather service just issued a warning for a severe chin storm heading toward burchfield park. please advise this warning a use proper protection on ur chin...QBG

Matt Rinker   March 25 at 3:07pm

Fyi. When you finish hole 14, you'll need to walk toward the river and then down 15s fairway to get to the pad

Dan Whitlock    March 12 at 9:22pm

Lost a white avenger with a blue tribal skull design on hole 18 at RIvers Edge today. Hit trees before clearing the bottom of the hill and got lost in snow. Number on it is no longer valid but the name remains the same. :) If you find it I'd love to get it back somehow.