Brys Park

St. Clair Shores, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Jason 7-L Ward    2 days ago

I know it is short notice but I am playing today at 530 if anyone wants to play meet me at Tee Pad 1


Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD    6 days ago

***Don't wait too long to sign up for Brys Ace Race 4!!*** We need 150 players for our Super Event Chainstar basket and Ace Race is only 3 weeks away!! We're currently at 68 players, so if you know you're gonna be there, get registered ASAP!! We have to place our initial order for player packs on the 22nd, so the more players we have paid by then, the better. It's really easy to register with a credit card online using the link below, and it's even easier to pay cash or credit at The Disc Golf ... more


Mike Wood    6 days ago

Playing here Sunday morning at 9:00 if anyone wants to join. Maybe do some $5 or $10 singles or doubles don't matter. Just hate playin by myself got to have some competition.

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Jay B INSANITY DGC   5 days ago

Tried to hit up your cell but didnt have any luck..

Bill kink Sicora   5 days ago

you give lessons

Mike Wood   4 days ago

Wtf! Looked at this at 8:30 and never looked back. just realized Moyer msg me wanting to play too. Wish I would of known. By the way, my number changed. I'll change it on my profile rite now

Aaron Morley    7 days ago

Found a disc on 1-13 last night. Name and PDGA # on back. Would like to get it back to the owner. Describe it and its yours

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Aaron Morley   7 days ago

There wasn't a price tag. Color?

Jason 7-L Ward   2 days ago

Was it Blue

Aaron Morley   17 hours ago

@Jason No I already returned the disc. It was a red blizzard destroyer

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD    August 25 at 11:25am

Our 4th annual Ace Race at Brys Park is coming soon!! We'll have a Chainstar basket for our winner, plus Mach Lite portables for 2nd, 3rd and a random winner!! Make sure you stop by The Disc Golf Store to sign up before Oct. 1st, or you can register using the link below. We're doing pre-pays only this year, with extra player packs on hand for the day of the event. Don't take any chances!! You don't want to miss the year's biggest disc golf event!! See you soon!! Registration and Mor ... more


Brandon"RedRum" Redmond    August 23 at 6:52pm

Be on the lookout for a guy going by the name D-Ace. After hitting hole 19 he decided it would be great to write on the granite tee sign with sharpie. Vandalism will not be tolerated on this or any course. Please do your part to keep your course clean and free of unsightly graffiti. We may need to think up a Lil project for him at the course

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Ken Mango   August 23 at 9:58pm

Was it an older guy? I ripped into a guy there a year or two ago that went signed them as Coach D....may be the same guy but that's just a guess.

Robert Kraut   August 23 at 10:41pm

No it was a young guy maybe about 25, light hair he was wearing bright orane shorts and a white tank top. Never seen him there before.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   August 23 at 11:58pm

I remember seeing the group. Bout 5 or 6 I think it was. I didn't see this happen but remember the shorts. have to keep an eye out. I know I usually wear similar stuff when I throw, maybe this guy will too.

Kevin Fradeneck    August 10 at 12:05am

Left a pink prodigy f2 with a DB(disc baron) glitter stamp up there. Hefty reward for its return.

Robert Kraut   August 10 at 4:31am

good luck.

Joseph Henion   August 12 at 9:24pm

I wasn't there to bail you out this time.

Kevin Fradeneck   August 14 at 12:58am

Yea no ****.Any other disc in my bag would of been acceptable.

Neil Duffey    August 8 at 7:42pm

found some ones lions lighter on hole 4. I've got it in my bag, but i can drop it off at the disc golf store.


Brain Evans    August 8 at 6:17am

Heading up about 3ish to play a round, looking to play with am2 am1 pro to help improve my game. If anyone interested helping out and throwing some discs shoot me a message


Robert Kraut    August 5 at 1:10pm

Left a blue and red axiom atlas ont there some where name and number on the rim.

Kevin Fradeneck   August 5 at 2:32pm

Hopefully someone from our league will find it in a few hours. Lately, the casuals don't seems the type to return discs.

Robert Kraut   August 5 at 4:51pm

tell me about it, I left a disc in the baseball diamond closest to the parking lot because I didnt want to disturb the little league team practicing. I watch some guy nearly walk off with it luckly I was watching.

Aaron Morley   August 5 at 6:36pm

Its becoming an epidemic

My back is killing me    July 21 at 4:45pm

Heading up to the course around 630 pm if anyone wants to join Joe and I.


Derek Stockford    July 14 at 2:13pm

Had a boss turned in from the children over the fence... Name the plastic weight and color if its yours


Nick Chmiel - DGS    July 14 at 11:37am

Unfortunately the residents occupying the houses on the North end of the park where most people lose their discs have not been cooperating with the return of discs. I would encourage anyone who throws their plastic over a fence to drive around and ask if they can retrieve them. There has been many calls into The Disc Golf Store about lost discs last week on hole 1. After contacting the owner I was informed he had none in his backyard, even though they we're still visibly there.

Neil Duffey   July 14 at 11:47am

that guy specifically has told many of us to **** off and he will be selling our discs. i hop the fence if i lose it on hole one.

Robert Kraut    July 13 at 5:56pm

Throw a Red Star Archon in a yard off tee pad 3 name and number on the back.


Kevin Fradeneck    July 13 at 3:15pm

Put a pink d1 air into a yard. Hoping it make it to the DGS.


jay moyer    July 11 at 1:45pm

anyone intersted in friday aft/eve. game?


My back is killing me    July 8 at 8:03am

Lost Latitude 64 VISION clear color on hole 5.

Derek Stockford   July 13 at 8:33am

I got your disc bud. Redmond and i played for tags and the kids over the fence handed it over

My back is killing me   July 13 at 9:19am


Jeff Bauman    July 5 at 5:24pm

I took jr here today. wasn't nearly the nightmare course i heard it was. Anyway I found a pretty nice disc just laying in 20's fairway. No name on it except the one that was scribbled out.

Ed Carpus   July 6 at 10:46pm

Respect the Brys love!

Nick Richardson    July 4 at 6:30pm

Lost a Red Star Katana in a back yard during the league. Hope it finds its way to the disc golf store~


Neil Duffey    July 1 at 9:48pm

this tourney is creeping up! 19 days! cashless pre-reg welcomed!


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