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Paul Bunko    March 28 at 10:46am

Any chance the state is going to open up the course this summer?

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Nick Oliver   March 28 at 11:29am

Thanks, Scott. I wanted to make sure we are properly represented. There's a meeting today. Expect news soon.

Andy Smith   March 28 at 11:51am

Meet was moved but things look good now that the state has taking over the island. Going to be a great season for this course!

steve nolff   March 28 at 11:56am

You guys continue to rock the free world. Please holler if you need any help.

Scott White    January 18 at 6:27pm

Tournament at Belle Isle Sunday 1/26 - Come see the Isle under control of the State.

Nick Oliver   January 18 at 7:05pm

I can't wait!

Nick Oliver   January 28 at 1:47pm

Hey Scott, where is my score from this? I see the record was set by Hoppe but I had the lowest round of the day! :)

Paul Doherty    November 4 at 8:10am

If anyone goes fishing, I lost a yellow star teebird on hole 5. Hit the far side of the bank and rolled in the water. # on the rim.


Up In The Air Disc Golf    October 30 at 4:01pm

This Sunday Nov. 3rd will be the last chance to join us this year on the Belle Isle DGC!

Fred Vocino   October 30 at 9:24pm

I'll be there, or I'll have my area calculated: y height (y width)

Up In The Air Disc Golf    October 25 at 3:52pm

The Belle Isle Disc Golf Course has been a lot of hard work on the property all volunteered and thank you to everyone who has been down there on the course working with us. I appreciate it very much as do most of our local disc golf community. The fact is Detroit City is what it is and we all knew that after everything we spend and sacrifice on for disc golf on belle isle it might not stick. We have always been given permission by who is required to give it to us to do everything from cutting th ... more

steve nolff   October 25 at 3:56pm

You work and intentions are above reproach. I too hope all can understand the vastness of this undertaking. Patience and understanding are the only options available and I think all involved have done nothing but exercise them in volumes. Please accept this as a vote of support and appreciation for all the work toward making this dream a reality.

Fred Vocino   October 26 at 12:08pm

Few, if any, things do not have sport as the key to meaningful success and failure. This goes for generals and chefs and all who wish to learn from their struggle. It is the piece that reconciles the competition / cooperation polemic. You will succeed because you touch the sporting instinct that is present everywhere.

Thomas Krembs    October 23 at 5:06pm

Is this course even open or just for the tourney on Nov. 3rd?

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steve nolff   October 25 at 10:23am

All leads back to facebook, not really into that. Thank you Paul. I guess I will just show up and see.

Up In The Air Disc Golf   October 25 at 3:28pm

Hey Steve sorry this pre reg page hasn't been set up yet. We just got confirmation by the park a couple days ago. Come Play Detroit from Detroit is actually hosting this event so they want the pre-registrations. Normally I would take them here but it's not coming to me. You can register on the day o ... more

steve nolff   October 25 at 3:52pm

Thanks a ton. Should be great with Up in the Air handling things. I have intentions of gettingout there. I will just reg the day of. I appreciate the response.

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race    October 16 at 11:19pm

Say something ...Join us at Brys Park in St Clair Shores this Saturday as we attempt to break the all time record for Ace Race attendance, 309 players!! Sign ups are currently at 342 players, so come be a part of history and help us get the record in Michigan where it belongs!! <-- Use the Talk Tab to sign up, and walk ups are welcome also!! Mark Ellis, John Minicuci and a 3rd instructor will be giving a skills clinic at 11am so be there at 10:30, see you then ... more


steve falwell    October 16 at 10:37am

is the course now open ?

Nick Oliver   October 16 at 11:29am

No. With the state persumably taking over, and the EMF, we are sorta in a holding pattern. We are doing our best to keep things updated. Stay tuned on here or on the Facebook.

Fred Vocino    October 4 at 8:26am

Good luck on the newest "sea change": the lease to the State. Change can be opportunity.

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Fred Vocino   October 4 at 9:07pm

It is hopeful to note that people could speak about disc golf on the island, even as so many other strident voices of change and resistance were competing. Discgolf advocates should be viewed as models of diplomacy useful to the next conversations about the future of the island. Do not hesitate to c ... more

Up In The Air Disc Golf   October 25 at 3:23pm

Thanks Fred for all your positivity! We have been in touch with the state and they sound like they will be a big help to us and the course. What was said about the golf course was only speculations set out by the media using the property as an example without knowing that we are already in talks with the state about the disc golf course.

Fred Vocino   October 26 at 11:47am

Press rarely gets it 100%. btw- Mackinaw ctr. has video on web re: turning Belle Isle into private soverign state where Detroit gets to have crumbs that roll off their banquet tables.

Jeff Novak    September 1 at 12:14am

What is the status of the course?

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Nick Oliver   September 10 at 4:17pm

We wil be having a couple more tournaments there before the end of the season. With the situation the city is in we are just biding our time as we move forward with the new people in office. The city has been very helpful in general, but as we all know there is a transitional period happening, bankr ... more

Nick Oliver   September 10 at 4:31pm

If you have any more questions feel free to message me and I will do my best to answer. And if I cant I will get with one of the other guys to do what we can. Check on our events and Facebook to stay updated on the next event. THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!!!

Jeff Novak   September 10 at 9:02pm

Thank you and good luck.

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race    August 27 at 4:48pm

East Side Ace Race Round Up!! Currently, we are 199 players strong for the St. Clair Shores Ace Race on October 19th at Brys Park!! If you don't see yourself on the list below, please use the TALK tab of the event to sign up (link below), including how many players might be joining you. Even if you're "probably" going to make it, that's good enough for right now, to get a feel for our turnout and to know how many player packs to order. Please note that Mark Ellis' skills clinic will sta ... more


Scott White    August 22 at 1:41pm

Dear Disc Golfing Friends, Somewhat last minute due to the ever-changing situation out on Belle Isle. But, as of this week everything is clear for the 3rd annual Battle at the Belle for this Sunday August 24th. The organizers have tweaked a few details in effort to make this a very fun and casual event. It is not a sanctioned event, and the players pack is awesome. Check it out, and play this amazing course as it will only be open this Sunday before the gates are locked up again for the fores ... more

Ted Stoebling   August 24 at 1:54pm

Why cant we play here scott? kinda bummed since its my closest course

Ted Stoebling   September 10 at 2:29pm

anyone there?

Ted Stoebling   September 10 at 2:29pm

maybe someone from detroit disc golf could chime in? whoever that may be

steve nolff    August 21 at 10:39am

Perhaps updating the course here on the info page to CLOSED will help keep some of the scufflaws from hopping the fence.

Scott White   August 21 at 10:58am

Thanks Steve. I've tried updating the course info but it doesn't seem to save.. I have contacted the site admin for help

Scott White   August 21 at 11:33am

OK, course info updated.

steve nolff   August 21 at 5:08pm

You da man. Thanks Scott, keep us informed if you can.

steve nolff    August 21 at 10:39am

Thanks to Scott for reposting the communications made via facebook. I have no interest in facebook, but do have interest in this course. Though, Chris seem hesitant to provide any detail on the progress or hudles to this project, I will hope that someone involved would. Perhaps there are those of us out here that are in the position to assist in whatever barriers are preventing the course from moving forward. Or at least sate the curiosity of the anxious masses. Please keep the lines of c ... more


Jesse Whitlock    August 14 at 7:09pm

I have personally thrown and explored this course! I absolutely love the idea, location, and layout. The course on Belle Isle has unlimited potential. That is the truth! We, fellow disc golfers, need to come together and truly help flourish the seed of this idea. Local professional Disc Golfers, right down to league players and us weekend warriors need to pool our efforts and get some dirt under our nails. In two years this could become an elite course. I'm on board with anything you guys, Belle ... more


Fred Vocino    August 14 at 4:58pm

Nobody who runs did not first stand and tumble.


Scott White    August 14 at 4:49pm

Here is a follow up from Chris Haag - On of the main persons responsible for bringing the course this far: "This is Chris Haag posting. Somebody else was responding to the earlier posts on this thread because we have multiple admins on this page. The issues we are having are nobody's fault but our own. To be specific, I am the one who made the mistakes. Thankfully, the city and the park have been very understanding. We are going to resolve the issues. It may take some time though. It doe ... more


Scott White    August 14 at 4:45pm

** A message from Detroit Disc Golf regarding the course on Belle Isle ** I'm just re-posting here. Everybody, We know that you are very eager to play this course, and we apologize for all the fanfare of a grand opening to be followed with the current complications of the course being locked and closed. We have been hearing that people have been breaking in and playing it anyhow. Somebody, although it has not been confirmed as a disc golfer, even cut the lock off of the gate. Please und ... more


Ben Tayor    August 13 at 2:43pm

well, i just got kicked out by the cops while i was looking for my pink titanium force on hole 11. big hyzer from the long tee that came back left (shouldnt be in the water...), couldnt find it as the piggy was threatening tickets and ink, ph#313-618-3490

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Brandon W   August 13 at 8:05pm

cops? haha dont they have bigger fish to fry in Detroit? Whats going on?

Fred Vocino   August 14 at 1:40pm

Taking the long view here...I am not unhappy with the idea that police patrol the island. In the Grand Rapids area a remote public course had its baskets stollen by creeps who had no fear of police patrols. Once the course status is resolved I expect that good relations with the cops will contribute to the long term success of the clubs/leagues/tournaments.

Ben Tayor   August 15 at 8:34am

I made sure he understood there was no malicious intent, and he accepted that it was a misunderstanding on my part. since i refuse to take part in the facebook craze, i had no idea the course closed the day after it opened. i had been hearing since may "baskets should be in next week" so i just got ... more

Al LaCroix    August 8 at 9:31am

Will the course be open this weekend, August 10-11?

Nick Oliver   August 8 at 1:09pm

Technically it is closed. That being said...