Belle Isle DGC

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steve nolff    1 day ago

Lost my VIP Air Giant by Westside at the Battle. Gold/yellow color. PDGA number 17958 on the back.


Nick Oliver    October 13 at 10:16am

Scores posted!

Come out and make some more memories Oct. 26th! Fall Finale 2. All about fun, tossing discs, shooting from the bridge, tunes, and those sorts of shennanigans.

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Nick Oliver   3 days ago

I posted a good chunk, but still have about 100 left. Possibly doing it Monday brother.

Derek Tzay   1 day ago

thank u for doing it man

Nick Oliver   1 day ago

NP. I wish I could move faster! But there are a lot of cool pics in there, so I think they will be well worth the wait my friend.

Jeff Novak    October 12 at 12:48pm

I lost a green z Mantis on #10 and a yellow star Wraith on #13. Name and number on both. Reward for their return.


Jeff "Hep-A-Ler" Hepler    October 8 at 10:16am

What are the official hours? I could not find them in "info"

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Jeff "Hep-A-Ler" Hepler   October 8 at 1:50pm

I wish I could

Nick Oliver   October 8 at 6:09pm

Jeff, you're right. At some point it was deleted, but I added them back.

Nick Oliver   October 8 at 6:10pm

M-F 12-8, Sat-Sun 10-8.

Nick Oliver    October 8 at 9:31am

All the beautiful people out here please take notice- ONLY PLAY BELLE ISLE DURING POSTED HOURS.

We are working to get longer hours (earlier start) next season. Until then please check the INFO for times. By breaking these rules you are creating a bad situation for the course and potentially legal troubles for yourself.

THANKS for the support and helping us abide by park regs!

Andy Smith   October 8 at 9:53am

We have let the park know that we've have given no one special permissions I be on the course outside of the posted hours of operation! Only reason I posting this is because last week we had a group that was stopped tell the police that they had permission by one of the staff form DDG. I received tw ... more

Ed Stack   October 8 at 10:58am

Nick we love what u guys r doing down there!! But I have came down there several times during posted hours only to discover no one there. Is there any way you could post a contact number so people can determine when it is ok to play.

Nick Oliver   October 8 at 6:09pm

I'll definitely work on that for you guys. If it happens again please message me.

Brad Fuelling    October 6 at 6:57pm

Lost two out there yesterday. Blue star fire Bird on hole 13 and a yellow misprint champion boss.hoping for good karma considering I found 3 and turned in all of them

Brad Fuelling   October 6 at 6:58pm

yellow boss was lost on#14

Nick Oliver   October 7 at 11:08am

Gotcha. We will keep an eye out!

Brain Evans    October 5 at 11:23pm

Lost my tourney disc on 16 over the fence if anyone happens to turn it in, Red Nuke no markings. Great Job today, had a blast the course was great!

Nick Oliver   October 6 at 8:34am

TY, and we will keep a look out on it. If you cant make it out to the course we can look in the lost and found for it at the end of the week or in a couple weeks. Msg us as a reminder.

Nick Oliver    October 5 at 9:29pm

Pretty damn good turnout, lots of love and smiles. Thank you to everyone who came out. Photos will be uploaded soon so be sure to follow us here and on FB.


Bart Kowalewski    October 5 at 7:40pm

Lost a PFN white Destroyer on Hole 3. Took the Hyzer route from the middle pad, came back inbounds, looked like it went into the river behind the hole. Also a red Gstar Destoyer on Hole 5 in the water before the hole.


Derek Tzay    October 4 at 12:54am

Beautiful course. Longs and shorts are two different courses. A

Nick Oliver   October 4 at 8:30am

How'd you shoot?

Derek Tzay   October 4 at 2:55pm

idk, i just kinda threw multiples to see which routs work best for me. more of a practice round to just keep loose

Nick Oliver   October 4 at 4:16pm

Good strategy. See you out there.

Jeff Bauman    October 1 at 8:21am

Anyone want to shoot here this morning?

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Jeff Bauman   October 1 at 10:24am

Sorry Andy wasnt checking the posts. Im gonna have to come out friday. Thanks.

Andy Smith   October 1 at 11:10am

It's cool! Just so everyone understands I asked the Director of Belleisle if I could leave the gate open for early birds and even to put a box or pole up front for people to donate. Unfortunately that would not fly with them so we at Detroit Disc golf have to employ the folks that can run it. I do p ... more

Jason Kirkaldy   October 1 at 2:39pm

sorry I went to golden rod... still can't wait to check this course out!!

Nick Oliver    September 25 at 6:37pm

The course is dry and very nice currently. We anticipate that to be the case from now until the next mega-storm! lol


Nick Oliver    September 25 at 9:39am

We have a new sister course across the city at Bonnie Brooke. We are proud to know that Detroit has 2 courses now! Who would have thought that to be possible a few years ago.

SO, all you SE Michi discers be sure to check out both courses, and dont forget to come and play in the Battle At The Belle 3 Oct. 5th (and hit the Ace Race on Oct. 4th at Brys!)

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Nick Oliver   September 25 at 11:43am

Amen, Steve. There are a lot of possibilities that are emerging that could not have happened a few years ago. As the sport grows, and Detroit regains traction as a city people want to spend time in, I can see our courses being blessed in a big way.

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD   September 26 at 11:42am

Amen, thanks for the shout-out, Nick!! Lots and lots of big things happening in disc golf AND Detroit!! See ya soon.

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD   September 26 at 11:43am

Brys Ace Race link:

Scott White    September 17 at 9:19am

Windsor Essex Disc Golf are holding the first ever DG tournament in Essex County, Canada on Saturday. $20 includes a sweet Discraft custom stamp disc, one morning round on a former ball golf course. Very open and scenic course, 15 min from Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. Big turnout hoped for trying to show the town this great sport and looking to make this a location for a permanent course. We could use all the support we can get from our Michigan friends.

Fred Vocino   September 19 at 2:25pm

Try to get our Canadian Friends to join the fun at the Battle at the Belle 3 on Oct.5. So far the notion of a Battle has been indefinite. Here's a thought that brings some definition, where the tournament takes on an international form. (not unlike the CanAm tournaments that were held in the 1980's) ... more

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD    September 14 at 7:47pm

***Don't wait too long to sign up for Brys Park Ace Race 4 on Oct. 4th!!*** (the day before Battle at the Belle 3!!) We need 150 players for our Super Event Chainstar basket and Ace Race is only 3 weeks away!! We're currently at 79 players, so if you know you're gonna be there, get registered ASAP!! We have to place our initial order for player packs on the 22nd, so the more players we have paid by then, the better. It's really easy to register with a credit card online using the link below, ... more

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD   September 14 at 8:29pm

15% off all Disc Golf Store items at Ace Race!! - discs, hats, t-shirts, etc!! Right there at the park!!

Jeff Novak    September 9 at 3:42pm

Lost a pink Force on #10. Cash reward.

Jeff Novak   September 22 at 4:52pm

Thanks to a local fisherman this disc has been recovered.

Mark Kassabian    September 9 at 12:00pm

I left behind an orange firebird a few days ago my name and number is on it 2482380032 cash reward


Joey "ThaSicknaz" Gulyas    September 1 at 12:03pm

Yellow 10 yr buzzz got kicked off a tree halfway down the tunnel shot into the h2o. Small smiley face on bottom


Jeff Novak    August 30 at 8:40pm

Lost an orange star Katana on #13 today on the left side of the fairway.


Luke Holtzapple    August 29 at 9:35am

So when is this course opem. From the comments a lot of people have showed up to find it closed. I am behind on the times but would love to play the course. Baskets?

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Ed Stack   August 29 at 8:52pm

Grooming the course every week. It in excellent condition and worth every cent of the $4 charge. For a extra dollar they even supply a pop and a all bag of chips

Ed Stack   August 29 at 8:52pm


sheldon bowen   August 30 at 1:00am

I don't see anything wrong with asking a couple questions before driving a hour to play it.