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William "Bullet Bill" Pope    July 19 at 10:02pm

Lost Yellow Sidewinder with custom Eye of Ra dye job that I did myself on right of hole 16. I'll throw someone some cash if found. Name and number are on it.


Floyd Hampp    July 17 at 3:16pm

Lost an Orange esp/flx Buzzz on home 16 to the right. Name and number are on it. Reward if returned!


Brain Evans    July 15 at 3:10pm

I'll be heading up to belle Ilse on Sunday to play round from my BIL from out of town. If an orange blizzard wraith has been found i'll be there to pick it up.


Joey "ThaSicknaz" Gulyas    July 15 at 9:40am

Lost champ tye dye katana, esp flx buzz (orange), white esp buzz with black stamp, red/pink flick.


Alex Travis    July 14 at 9:03pm

Found 5 discs here on various holes. Most were missing names and numbers, I turned them into the shack at hole 1.

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Gabe Cadorin   July 16 at 9:11am

Green magnet??

Gordon Boozan   July 18 at 9:41am

Bright green cowtana?!? Or a purple z nuke with orange stamp? Lost them both during the grand opening!

Jeff Hepler   July 18 at 10:35am

All were turned in to the lost and found with Detroit DIsc Golf at the booth during the grand opening. Please check with them.

steve nolff    July 14 at 9:14am

WOW, the course was in fantasic shape this weekend. Belle Isle has never looked better, got to catch a little of the Gold Cup boat racing. I have played this course a couple different times at tournaments here in the past, and the work done here is staggering. A huge thanks to the many folks who have put in the work, effort, love and attention to make this happen. The Grand Opening was a wonderful family event. We had a group of five, all just blown away by the course, surrounding and the ... more


Paul Doherty    July 13 at 7:58pm

Lost a DX teebird left of hole 12, could have gotten over to 6's basket. Many thanks if anyone finds/returns it.


Jeff Hepler    July 13 at 11:58am

Lost pink Buzzz in the drink on 5 (near the green, hit inbounds on that side and bounced back in near the edge. Couldn't find it by feeling around). Also lost a pink ESP Crank (same hole, in the water under the covered bridge). Name and number on both. Reward for return. I also lost a pink big Z drone in the tall grass on 12 on the right side before the pin, searched for 20 minutes. Name and number should be on it. Would like to get it back.

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samuel smith   July 14 at 6:58am

its not a sterotype.

Fred Vocino   July 14 at 12:36pm

Samuel, OK...why don't you explain how "the locals are robbers" is not a stereotype? If you resort to the revised statement "some locals are robbers" then we can say that about many communities. If the revision is "many locals are robbers", I'd like to hear your thoughts as to why that may be.

Gabe Cadorin   July 14 at 12:51pm

Wow dude

Brain Evans    July 12 at 11:07pm

Lost orange blizzard wraith on hole 18

Andy Smith   July 12 at 11:25pm

We've started a lost&found that I will look in tomorrow and let you know if it's there.

Brain Evans   July 13 at 7:36am

Thank you

Paul Bunko    July 7 at 7:35am

I went and played Wed around 3PM but was asked to leave by the State Police, they said I was trespassing and they were not told that the course is open yet. That being said I was able to get in 5 holes before being caught and although the course is rough it has great potential.

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ken "sega salt" moote   July 7 at 10:48am


Paul Bunko   July 7 at 1:27pm

Thanks Fred and Nick. I just wanted others to know that the course is still not open to play.

Fred Vocino   July 7 at 1:50pm

Sorry about my tone...I reacted to the police "were not told that the course is open" part. I'm a little sensitive concerning my favorite childhood park.

Paul Bunko    July 2 at 2:07pm

I am heading to Belle Isle right now if anyone is interested in playing a round, should be there around 3PM.


Gabe Cadorin    July 1 at 1:33pm

lost green soft magnet hole 17 somewhere within 60 feet of basket

ken "sega salt" moote   July 1 at 8:43pm


Fred Vocino    July 1 at 12:22pm

As you cut into the rough areas, you may uncover a few discs that survive the blades. Where some dredging occurs near the walking bridge, more discs would surface. Those prodigal plastic projectiles would be welcomed.


Scott White    July 1 at 9:02am

Update from yesterday:

Most of the fairways have been mowed as of Monday 6/30. All pads are marked.

18 and 2 fairways are rutted out from heavy equipment the state used this spring and the plan is to lay down woodchips there.

If I had to guess, it's still rough but much more playable than this past weekend.

Latest Course Map is uploaded here

Joe Arnet   July 1 at 10:56am

Kick ass! I'd love to play it sometime next week after work if you have time.

Scott White    June 29 at 11:21pm

Not quite ready to play yet, but there is a lot of work scheduled for tomorrow - Monday.

ken "sega salt" moote   June 29 at 11:25pm


Joe Arnet   June 30 at 3:25pm

Can't wait!

ken "sega salt" moote    June 28 at 11:53pm

Any updates on course?! Are are the holes in? If so is this easy to navigate?

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Andy Smith   June 29 at 12:38am

Thanks Ken It's been our pleasure and luck to be able to get this course on Belle Isle and we WELCOME all to the island.

steve nolff   June 30 at 8:23am

Another quick word of thanks to ALL involved. I know the hoops and red tape had to be enormous. Having played this course a couple times, it will be a fantastic additon to the Metro area golf scene. It's crown jewel in fact. Hope to see you all out there on the 12th. Please pass this message along to all those having put in so much time to make this happen.( I don't do facebook)

Paul Bunko   June 30 at 10:27am

Definately thanks for all the hard work getting this city course open. Gonna check it out this week on the way home.

Nick Oliver    June 9 at 2:58pm

Hey guys (and gals), we felt a quick update would help quell some of the rumors and talk happening about the course. We ARE slated to open and very soon. The course DOES exist and has since last season, however there are still things like tee boxes in the works. Working with the state of Michigan and the DNR has been a great experience, albeit one that takes times. Once we get the legal things done and out of the way we still have some work to be done on the course. Our goal is to get pe ... more

steve nolff   June 9 at 3:03pm

Thanks Nick. Please continue to update us on the scene. In particular, for work efforts and opportunities to volunteer to help. Also, can you pass along the facebook group. I have a couple golfer who do the facebook thing, that are having trouble finding info.

Joe Arnet    June 9 at 1:50pm

Is it permissible to play this course yet? I drove by this saturday and I saw one gate open past hole 1. A section of the fence near hole 1 is gone as well. Last I heard the course wasn't insured therefore wasn't legal to play.

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Joe Arnet   June 9 at 3:35pm

Thanks for the info Nick! Where should interested players watch/look for more information?

Nick Oliver   June 10 at 9:25am

This site for sure, and Facebook. Once it's ready to go we'll be throwing a tournament and doing a media blitz to some extent.

Joe Arnet   June 10 at 3:40pm

Awesome, I live downtown so I'm happy to help out with anything.

Neil Duffey    June 3 at 1:28pm

tournament info!!! please help us grow the sport!


Scott White    May 15 at 3:46pm

Got a few work days this upcoming weekend - Saturday and Sunday both kicking off at 10am. Bring yourself and your tools down to the Isle for some good ole fashioned cuttin & wackin! More details on Detroit Disc Golf on FB

Course proposal with the DNR is gaining steam. Hopefully there is an announcement of some magnitude in the near future. Cheers All


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