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Nick Oliver    February 16 at 1:49pm

Want to sell some of your treasure trove, get some new stuff, and meet cool people, all at the same time? Come check out the next event! Spring Swap 'n' Fling


Nick Oliver    December 11 at 9:16am

Make sure you get yours!

A message from Chris Leo and the Motorcity Chaingang - Just letting everyone know if you are interested in ordering the Glow ESP Buzzz or any of the MDGO stamped discs money is due December 17th. The club will not be ordering any extras so if you would like to get some please e-mail [email redacted].

Zack Cardenas   December 18 at 1:17am

Can Iget one

Nick Oliver   December 18 at 8:14am

Gotta ask Chris Leo. Per the post the deadline is past. But I say contact him anyway.

Zack Cardenas   December 18 at 9:11pm

yeah i saw this so late

Nick Oliver    December 10 at 12:31pm

We are posting some of the photos from the Grand Opening (they sorta got lost in the shuffle). Please feel free to share, snag, or request high-res versions if you like. Thanks to all who came out throughout the year.


Nick Oliver    November 25 at 10:20am

Sweet discs for a cause we can all agree on! From Chris Leo - Discraft are offering the clubs involved in the Michigan Disc Golf Organization (MDGO) by allowing us to purchase the following limited edition discs, an ESP Glow Buzzz and a ESP Banger GT. The proceeds will be benefit the Discraft Michigan State Finals and the club selling them. The logo on both discs will be the MDGO hot stamp which can be seen here: if you or your club is interested in purchasing them c ... more


Nick Oliver    November 24 at 12:23pm

Found a white disc in the water of hole 4 (eastern side of the bridge). Says Brian on it (cant read the rest). Anyone?

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Nick Oliver   November 24 at 12:36pm

Your Destroyer says Brian? lol

Nick Oliver   November 24 at 12:36pm

But no, we didnt find that yes. Was that the one you launched from 3 and it went off to the right? We are going to work through the water in spring and I have my eyes out for that dude.

Bart Kowalewski   November 24 at 12:44pm

Damn. I thought it was that one

Nick Oliver    November 14 at 3:30pm

We will be out working this Sunday, 10am. We will be focusing on tree trimming and opening up some shots on a few holes. If you would like to come please do! Bring tools. We have very limited supplies on saws and all that so...

Look forward to seeing you out there. Those who show will be a part of the illustrious Belle Isle Brigade (details on what that entails will be leaked in the next few months).


Nick Oliver    November 3 at 11:42am

To reiterate what Mr. White has announced - the course is CLOSED UNTIL SPRING. We pulled the baskets to get some work done around the property. We will be having workdays between now and then, so if you would like to come down and help out stay tuned!

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Nick Oliver   November 13 at 8:39pm

Might get out this weekend. I'll post here, and on our home pages. If you prefer a text message me your info.

Nick Oliver   November 13 at 8:39pm

And thanks!

Nick Oliver   November 14 at 3:28pm

Sunday it is. 10am. Bring tools if you have any (saws, trimmers, etc.) Going to be cleaning up some trees and opening up some shots on a few holes.

Scott White    November 3 at 11:05am

Course is closed for the season, FYI


Brendan Livingston    October 31 at 4:21pm

Missing a Blue, Nuke SS, z-plastic. i think it fell out of my bag so its a shot. MY pdga#68222 and initials BML are inked on it. Reward if found, just got this one for my b-day:(

Nick Oliver   November 3 at 11:40am

Ok, we will be sure to contact ya!

Brendan Livingston    October 31 at 11:47am

I've got a threesome coming in around 12:30, will you guys be open on time, or will the rain delay?

Andy Smith   October 31 at 12:49pm

Yeah he's down there if you want to play last day the course is open! Thanks and have fun!

Brendan Livingston   October 31 at 4:18pm

We roughed it out and had a blast, thanks again. I can't wait to see what happens over the off-season. The ratings will only go up from here!

Jim Stack    October 28 at 9:35am

So are you guys closed ?

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Jim Stack   October 30 at 7:13pm

Hey Andy never mind I guess we're just going to go to Bonnie brook because they open at 9 Thanks anyway! !!

Andy Smith   October 30 at 8:08pm

No problem he said he could be there till 10:30 anyways so I'll just call him back and tell him never mind sorry he just called me back like 20 mins ago.

Jim Stack   October 30 at 8:48pm

Thanks for trying !!!

steve nolff    October 20 at 3:15pm

Lost my VIP Air Giant by Westside at the Battle. Gold/yellow color. PDGA number 17958 on the back.


Nick Oliver    October 13 at 10:16am

Scores posted!

Come out and make some more memories Oct. 26th! Fall Finale 2. All about fun, tossing discs, shooting from the bridge, tunes, and those sorts of shennanigans.

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Nick Oliver   October 18 at 9:12pm

I posted a good chunk, but still have about 100 left. Possibly doing it Monday brother.

Derek Tzay   October 20 at 12:20pm

thank u for doing it man

Nick Oliver   October 20 at 12:41pm

NP. I wish I could move faster! But there are a lot of cool pics in there, so I think they will be well worth the wait my friend.

Jeff Novak    October 12 at 12:48pm

I lost a green z Mantis on #10 and a yellow star Wraith on #13. Name and number on both. Reward for their return.


Jeff "Hep-A-Ler" Hepler    October 8 at 10:16am

What are the official hours? I could not find them in "info"

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Jeff "Hep-A-Ler" Hepler   October 8 at 1:50pm

I wish I could

Nick Oliver   October 8 at 6:09pm

Jeff, you're right. At some point it was deleted, but I added them back.

Nick Oliver   October 8 at 6:10pm

M-F 12-8, Sat-Sun 10-8.

Nick Oliver    October 8 at 9:31am

All the beautiful people out here please take notice- ONLY PLAY BELLE ISLE DURING POSTED HOURS.

We are working to get longer hours (earlier start) next season. Until then please check the INFO for times. By breaking these rules you are creating a bad situation for the course and potentially legal troubles for yourself.

THANKS for the support and helping us abide by park regs!

Andy Smith   October 8 at 9:53am

We have let the park know that we've have given no one special permissions I be on the course outside of the posted hours of operation! Only reason I posting this is because last week we had a group that was stopped tell the police that they had permission by one of the staff form DDG. I receiv ... more

Ed Stack   October 8 at 10:58am

Nick we love what u guys r doing down there!! But I have came down there several times during posted hours only to discover no one there. Is there any way you could post a contact number so people can determine when it is ok to play.

Nick Oliver   October 8 at 6:09pm

I'll definitely work on that for you guys. If it happens again please message me.

Brad Fuelling    October 6 at 6:57pm

Lost two out there yesterday. Blue star fire Bird on hole 13 and a yellow misprint champion boss.hoping for good karma considering I found 3 and turned in all of them

Brad Fuelling   October 6 at 6:58pm

yellow boss was lost on#14

Nick Oliver   October 7 at 11:08am

Gotcha. We will keep an eye out!

Brain Evans    October 5 at 11:23pm

Lost my tourney disc on 16 over the fence if anyone happens to turn it in, Red Nuke no markings. Great Job today, had a blast the course was great!

Nick Oliver   October 6 at 8:34am

TY, and we will keep a look out on it. If you cant make it out to the course we can look in the lost and found for it at the end of the week or in a couple weeks. Msg us as a reminder.

Nick Oliver    October 5 at 9:29pm

Pretty damn good turnout, lots of love and smiles. Thank you to everyone who came out. Photos will be uploaded soon so be sure to follow us here and on FB.


Bart Kowalewski    October 5 at 7:40pm

Lost a PFN white Destroyer on Hole 3. Took the Hyzer route from the middle pad, came back inbounds, looked like it went into the river behind the hole. Also a red Gstar Destoyer on Hole 5 in the water before the hole.