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Jason Adamski    22 hours ago

Night Moose League today, tee at 4. Everyone welcome.

Nick Oliver   21 hours ago

Get a few pics of the crew out there tossing if you would. In fact anyone who can take pics please do. Love to share them. You can post them here, on FB, or text me.

Jason Adamski    3 days ago

Wondering if I could move our Thursday league to Belle Isle this week. Bugs are bad at Willow and we would like to come out there. Probably 4-5 tee time.

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- br33zy -   3 days ago

Yesterday was nasty. Gallinipper (Giant) mosuitoes were out there as well. Should have seen the blood that came out of the one i squished.

- br33zy -   3 days ago

Everywhere this year has been bad though. Not trying to knock on the course. :)

Al LaCroix   20 hours ago

With all the rain the last few weeks, even my backyard, with two bug zappers, is filled with bugs. That being said, Willow is usually buggier than most places in the summer.

Neil Lobocki    4 days ago

Hi Did anyone have a chance to dredge out the river by the yellow bridge for discs? Reward if you get my First Run Suspect. Thanks!

Nick Oliver   4 days ago

Not something we do often but I'll definitely keep an eye out and we're calling anyone whose discs are found and returned to the clubhouse.

Jeff Novak    August 18 at 4:39pm

Lost a white dx Cobra on 10 and a tie dye championKatana on 14. Name and number on both. Reward for their return.


jeff johnson    August 16 at 10:29am

What time does the course open on sunday?

Fred Vocino   August 16 at 4:51pm

Look below a few lines. Sunday will be open pretty early I bet. Wish I could make it. I'm sure all are welcome to join the fun.

jeff johnson   August 16 at 8:25pm

All I see is information about a league round. Unfortunately that doesn't answer my question. Will rec players be allowed while

Fred Vocino   August 16 at 10:14pm

I read the notice about the Canadian league coming as an invitation to all USA players to join in as a "welcoming" group. Remember Disc golf knows no borders and players of all ability play on common ground (literally) ;)

doug granby    August 16 at 12:52am

Coming out tomorrow just wanted to make sure someone is going to be out there

Nick Oliver   August 16 at 3:30pm

Yes sir. We're staffed every day barring weather.

Andrew LaCross    August 13 at 6:55pm

Does anyone want to throw here tomorrow morning around 10?????


Scott White    August 11 at 9:26pm

Join us this Sunday 8/17 10:30am at Belle Isle DGC for a Windsor Essex DG league round. That's right, Canadians are plundering the Isle!! So bring your US "A" game, eh? This may be the first in a series of international (un)friendlies. All are welcome to join, format will be based on the whim of the mob. Chaaaaaaaa!!


Ed Stack    August 10 at 2:55pm

Lost pro yellow katana left side of hole 8 name a number on it

Lost purple champ boss in water on 5


Cody Barz    August 10 at 10:47am

Went out with a group of friends, everyone lost a disc lol

- orange prodigy on hole 5, to the left of the bridge

- blue blizzard boss on hole 7, wide right into the woods

- reddish/orange reaper on hole 9, left of the fairway


Ed Stack    August 10 at 9:16am

Lost a brand new champ tyedye tern on hole 6 in rough past basket. Reward if returned

Found a blue gator on 10 turned it into the office


Eric D    August 9 at 7:13pm

Lost Daedelus Gstar Plastic Yellow.. name is on it and number. Please call or text


Eric Guimond    August 8 at 3:37pm

any word on leagues?


Brian Morba    August 8 at 2:54pm

Found an orange dx firebird and an orange innova factory second something, turned into the lost & found.


Fred Vocino    August 5 at 3:36pm

Keeping my fingers crossed for some news about an event before the cold sets in. Also noticed comments suggesting that access depends on regular daily volunteer gate opening. That's dedication all right. Perhaps a less intense schedule will suffice where people can learn the pattern.

Andy Smith   August 6 at 10:52am

Yes we will be having the 3rd Battle of the Belle coming soon we are picking the day in September not locked yet. We feel we've come up with the best schedule we can accommodate right now for playing out on the course but understand that doesn't work of everybody. We have had to commit to a lot of h ... more

Scott White   August 11 at 9:09am

Joins us this Sunday 8/17 at Belle Isle DGC for a Windsor Essex DG league round. That's right, Canadians are plundering the Isle!! So bring your US "A" game, eh? This may be the first in a series of international (un)friendlies. All are welcome to join, format will be based on the whim of the mob. Chaaaaaaaa!!

doug granby    August 5 at 2:42pm

Here right now but everything its locked up tight. Dont wanna jump the fence. Was told the police have became Nazis since the state took over. Not complaining about the police or state though. Its seems safer and better maintained

steve nolff   August 5 at 2:56pm

Bad news, doug. This is Up in the Air disc golf facebook. Might want to reach out to them.

steve nolff   August 5 at 2:56pm

Or here: [email redacted]

Andy Smith   August 5 at 2:57pm

Sorry about this we had someone sick and couldn't make it down there.

Brad Fuelling    August 3 at 9:29pm

lost a maroon champ boss on hole 10 to the left of the pin also found one there too and turned it into the shack


Andy Smith    August 2 at 10:28pm

We cut the course the most it's ever been cut

today 2,17,&18 have finally been done. All

holes have had a fresh cut. We have plans

to keep cutting more&more till we have

maxed out fairways. We would like to thank

everyone who has kicked in by paying to play

and for all the donations to keep improving this

great course in the makings! Come out and play!

Ed Stack   August 2 at 10:54pm

Great job guys !!! Love the course !! Challenging but fun!

Jason Kirkaldy   August 3 at 11:17am

can't wait!!!

William "Bullet Bill" Pope    July 19 at 10:02pm

Lost Yellow Sidewinder with custom Eye of Ra dye job that I did myself on right of hole 16. I'll throw someone some cash if found. Name and number are on it.


Floyd Hampp    July 17 at 3:16pm

Lost an Orange esp/flx Buzzz on home 16 to the right. Name and number are on it. Reward if returned!


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