Arboretum-Spiker Park

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Cory King    5 days ago

Found an unmarked disc Wednesday near the practice basket. Message me w/ info if it could be yours.


Kris Keyes    6 days ago

Hey guys. I'm thinking of selling my Innova Skillshot portable basket. Like new. Barely any wear. $125. Still has the bag and flag and everything. Any takers?


Mitch G    March 14 at 8:47am

Glow will be starting up again at Wingfoot on the 24th of March, 8 o'clock start time with 5$ buy in and 1$ optional ace fund. We will be playing from short tees and ace fund is at 25$ All baskets will have lights installed 24/7.


John Franks    February 28 at 3:26pm

It is almost clear. For now!

Mike Hammontree   February 28 at 3:49pm

Thanks John - that's what I was hoping to hear!

Mike Hammontree    February 28 at 3:22pm

Anyone know the course conditions after the snow earlier this week? Just wondering how much total snow is on the course. Thanks!


Bill Palmer    February 27 at 11:26am

Found a blue Innova disc in the fairway/small tree one 4, right by 5 tee, i.d. the model in a pm so I can get it back to you if you're the one looking for it!

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Michael Emerick   February 28 at 2:14am

Matanza I need that for April 20th

Bill Palmer   March 1 at 2:28pm

Nahhh no special markings on it. Sorry Jay.

Jay Kovach   March 7 at 8:04pm

All good thanks for posting

Bill Palmer    February 19 at 7:25pm

Man, I lost a blue VIP Tursas in the river hole 22. Then turned around and lost a yellow MVP Servo in the river on hole 23.

I know it might be a while for the water to go down but reward available, especially the Servo. Neither have name and number because stupid.

Mike C   February 19 at 9:19pm

If you don't get your Servo back I have some with my custom stamp on them if you need a replacement. Tough luck out there....last time I threw I lost 4 or 5 discs in the snow on Spiker. If you see a no name MVP Switch, you know who to message :)

Michael Emerick   February 21 at 11:31pm

Mike I'm looking to get my hands on one of those servos.

Cindy S    January 5 at 1:56pm

Hubby and I have moved to North Canton as new empty nesters. Mixed feelings about that, but looking for activities to fill our time and get us out this year.

Thinking disc golf might be a nice option and provide some exercise! Some of those shots on the videos look like they take a lot of strength. Any special considerations for those over 50, other than get out of your way?!?

How does one get started and where do you get the discs to play?

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Mike C   January 7 at 12:10pm

George Coghill   January 7 at 2:52pm

I'd say start out with just a putter. Drivers can be a bit tricky, especially when you don't know which ones to buy. Putters will fly more like a standard Frisbee. This is a good beginner putter:

George Coghill   January 7 at 2:53pm

And the rules are like ball golf: par is on the tee sign, typical Par 3 for a hole. Each throw is a stroke. Throw into the metal "baskets" (which are the "holes"). The chains help to stop the disc u2014u00a0aim for them.

Mike C    December 27 at 7:17pm

On hole #22 I saw a white KC Roc in the stream. It was along the far sides wall, not the side next to the fairway, and was about pin deep and 2 or 3 feet out into the stream. Meant to retrieve it after my round and call the owner but I forgot about it.


Kris Keyes    December 27 at 1:58pm

Lost a bright yellow prodigy proto m1 in 6 today. Kicked off the wall back towards to the center. I had my retriever on it but there were so many leaves it wouldn't grab. Name and number are on the inside rim.


Kris Keyes    December 2 at 7:44pm

Got my roadrunner back today.

james moose graham   November 11 at 9:54am

this is all about helping restore woosters course. if you can please come out and support it.

Allen Graves    October 9 at 2:50pm

Found a nice new disc yesterday on #3 with no name or number. Rightful owner please identify!


Dwayne Bereziuk    September 27 at 12:32pm

Coming in for the day on Monday Sept 30th. Anyone available to play a round?

[email redacted]



Jon DeCapua   September 27 at 3:21pm

i won't be around during the day on the 30th, but if your traveling to this area i would suggest playing Oak Ledges as well has Arbo. Check the link here:

Kris Keyes    September 26 at 4:24pm

Lost a purple-ish 180 roc3 in 6 today.. Haven't done that in forever. I couldn't see it because of the glare but if you find it, I have a few bucks or a disc or something for ya

Kris Keyes   September 26 at 4:58pm

Never mind. Wader guy showed up while I was searching for it coming back through and he grabbed it out for me.

Allen Graves    September 16 at 8:30am

Left two Classic Aviar's on Thursday either at the pavilion or on practice chains. My name & number are on both of them. I'm kind of new to the sport and when I find a disc with a name or number, I make attempts to reunite the disc with the owner. Am I being unrealistic to think someone else would do the same? Or does everyone just keep the disc they find?

Kris Keyes   September 16 at 8:32am

I always call, been playin for years.. Never have gotten a call on one of my own tho..

Scott Campbell   September 16 at 10:22am

If you lose a disc in canton you can kiss it goodby. There is a crew there that swims the ponds and take the disc they find to play it again sports.

Michael Emerick   September 17 at 12:00pm

The average player does not call, those who play tend to call. if i buy one at play it again i call and they can pay what i did.

Jay Kovach    September 10 at 6:15pm

Wingfoot Lake state park 20 minutes from Portage lakes state park we are pouring the last 9 concrete pads this Saturday information here


dan panfil    August 29 at 9:55pm

Thanks again to the group that helped me fish my opto flow outta 6... wish I lived closer to this course.


Steven Cain    August 28 at 6:26pm

Hello Everyone, I have lost a Cryztal Z Nuke that is blue and has the text "Dirty Dozen Tour" stamped on the top. I was throwing from the pavilion down towards 18's basket. I threw a forhand that faded way hard behind the big "willow" looking tree. If anyone finds it or sees it somewhere please let me know. Thanks!

Tristan "Dirtbag" McBride   August 28 at 11:48pm

Hhahah that;'s exactly what happened to my Surge SS!

Allen Graves   September 27 at 8:07am

Tristan - when did you loose the Surge SS? What color was it? Did you put any of your info on it? The reason I ask is bec I found a Surge at Spiker.

Tristan "Dirtbag" McBride    August 25 at 7:29pm

I lost 3 discs today! If you could find and return them, you will be rewarded! Thanks! Hole 19 I lost a Pink Surge SS in the weeds. Hole 20 I lost a Red Opto Halo in the point tree right in front of the teepad. I lost A Blue Pro- D Magnet on hole 14 in the water right beside the basket! Name and number is on all of them!

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Michael Emerick   August 26 at 12:09am

What time today I was there around 6

Tristan "Dirtbag" McBride   August 26 at 8:30am

11:00 am, it was a tournament

Michael Emerick   August 26 at 2:20pm

Somebody was in the water on 14 around the time I was there.