Air Zoo

Portage, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Steven Stafford    7 days ago

Lost my orange Mako3 to the pond by the parking lot. Reward if found


Ken B    March 29 at 4:05pm

There is a little more than a week remaining until the first annual Rusty Chains Open. We will be accepting online registrations until Friday April 4th. The tournament is scheduled for Sunday April 6th. All people who register online will receive a players pack which features a brand new Innova Champion Tern (12/5/-2/2) or a new Innova Nova, the first overmold putter from Innova! This is going to be a very fun and casual, but competitive, tournament for players of all skill levels. Here is t ... more


Ken B    March 14 at 11:29am

Hello. If you are looking for a fun, competitive, but chill tournament to participate in this spring, look no further. The first annual Rusty Chains Open is here. It is taking place at Robert Morris Park on Sunday April 6th. Top prize is a 100$ gift certificate to Lee's Adventure Sports. Please follow this link to register:

Registration is open now and the next 32 people to register will be guarenteed either an Innova Nova, or an Innova Champion Tern. Hope to see you all out there! Happy throwing!


Dean Cugs    March 12 at 9:40pm

Recently lost green Frenzy hole 10 brand new one ace on it Please return disc reward.



Nicholas Ruggles    March 10 at 11:13pm

Recently lost my Blue Nuke SS on hole 2. There is no markings on it. Its not an expensive disc but still would like it back due to having some really good rounds with it. it got covered in the snow so i couldn't find it at all. Let me know. Thanks

Zoltan Kocsondy   April 4 at 3:31pm

Nicholas, I have your Nuke SS. My buddy found it in the snow on 2. I told him you posted so he gave it to me to give back to you. Let me know when/where

Larry LaBond    January 24 at 8:10pm

2015 Am Worlds meeting this coming Tuesday, 6:30pm, at the Holiday Inn West, inside of Old Burdick's. The meeting will mainly focus on getting started on course improvements and a little bit on sponsorship. If you are interested in helping out, please try to attend.

David Hedstrom   February 13 at 6:16am

Hey Larry, would you give me a call when you can so we can discuss w/e I can do to help you in your efforts to get ready for the worlds...which i would like to be playing in Advanced....# is 269-552-8368

Tom Bos    November 16 at 11:26am

Lost a pink champion sidewinder with name and number in the far pond on 18. Would love a call if someone found it! Thanks.


Matthew Babineaux    October 11 at 3:44pm

haven't be to the course in months. I hit the course yesterday and its looking a lot cleaner then before there were a few bottles near tee pads but its looking a lot better out there


Chris"teerex" Davis    September 16 at 8:10pm

OK FIRST, i want to apologize to who ever threw from tepbad 11 into the road with a z buzzz american flag stamp. Secondly i had a great round so i sped up to 25 really fast, but you threw your disc right under my car and i crunched it. Lastly you already know but im sorry.


Joel Cook    September 8 at 3:49am

There are a couple of young guys that come out early mornings fishing discs out of the pond. Didn't sound like they are trying to get them back to their owners.

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Jeremy Schuett   September 17 at 8:36pm

I would love to get my Purple Pure ace disc back from that pond :( Paying $20!

Double D   September 18 at 1:44pm

bought my friend a brand new champ firebird for his birthday, no ink thrown twice - if you find it I would like to get it back to him!

Floyd Genovese   September 19 at 8:29am

If you want your disc. Go into the dirty, nasty water yourselves.

Molly Hooper    September 6 at 8:37pm

lost a blue valkyrie with lumberjack open stamp on it in the pond on hole 18, unfortunately no name or number on the back...


Dan Winchester    September 4 at 4:58pm

Found a disc on hole 14 today.... Let me know if ya lost one so I can return it to the rightful owner since there's no name or number on it.


Toyo ohtsuka    August 18 at 6:23pm

If anyone is brave enough to look for disc's in the water on hole 18 there is a red z storm in there. There is a reward if anyone finds that for me. Hit me up!!

Dan Winchester   August 26 at 12:39pm

Did you get this back?

Paul Bunko    August 15 at 8:43am

Is this course still open, I had heard rumors that it may be closed. I am heading out that way on Friday and looking to play a solo round.

Ben Goodrow   August 15 at 8:57am

It's still open as of now

Paul Bunko   August 15 at 10:54am

Thanks, saves me from back tracking if it was closed.

Joel Cook   August 16 at 12:35am

They have talked about closing if people don't start picking up after themselves and just acting right at a family course. It has gotten better, but some people just don't care.

Joel Cook    August 15 at 12:02am

Lost a red star wraith in the bushes on the left hand side of #14. No name on it.


Dan Winchester    August 11 at 10:27pm

To te ones that dive for discs in the pond on hole 18... I lost a gold colored 2013 ace race disc that has my name and phone number on the back and I would really love to get it back since its the disc I got my first ace with.


Steven Stafford    August 11 at 1:47am

I was playing a round yesterday and lost a blue Champion Sidewinder on Hole 18 to the second pond on the left hand side. Landed about right in the middle. There is no name on it but offering a sizeable reward for anyone willing to dig it out!


Chris"teerex" Davis    August 8 at 4:08pm

FOUND AT AIRZOO. basket 16, old school yellow xs blue stamp.


Lawrence Leonardi    August 6 at 9:02am

Somehow my Blue Hornet got out of my bag somewhere on the course friday. Just noticed it was missing. On front says Ace #4 Brys Park Hole 7. Back says It is a very special disc as it has special memories of discing with my 3 year old this past april. Reward if returned.

Lawrence Leonardi   August 6 at 9:02am

Also it has a Bowling Green Tech Doubles Hotstamp on the front.

Sean Duthler    August 1 at 11:20am

Lost my orange ace bottom stamp star boss on hole 15, will reward if returned!!!

Brian DeVries   August 1 at 2:15pm

****ty. why on earth did you throw a driver on hole 15?