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PK Deaner   1 hour ago

2014 NEO Point Series Awards - Winners

2014 NEO Point Series Awards - Winners
please contact me to pick up your Award
I will be at Sunday Dubs in Parma
I will have the awards with me at FFFT tourneys
and I live in the Parma area
2015 NEODGA Member Bag Tags will be available soon..


Bill Vaughn   4 days ago

5th Annual FFFT Series Payout

For the series, we pay out about the top third of series participants in each division, just like for individual events: In Open, Advanced, and Intermediate divisions only. But “series participants” means every player who played in 2 or more events in that division- not just one event in a division. For example, if I play only one event in Open and the rest of the events I played Advanced, then I don’t count towards the Open Field for the series, nor should my points earned in Open coun ... more


Bill Vaughn   4 days ago

5th Annual FFFT Point System: Long Blurb...

... or the exhaustive concordance to the FFFT Point Ssytem... The Frozen Fingers Fairway Tour’s Point System is a slightly modified version of the basic point system- 1 point for everyone in your division that doesn’t beat you, per event. Therefor in that basic system you get a point for yourself and anyone that you tie, in addition to everybody that you beat. Each event point total added together = series point total. Modification 1: 2 points for everybody you beat or tie in your divis ... more

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Bill Vaughn   4 days ago

It took me so long to post, I had to make it worth it! Glad folks are reading it!

James Humphrey   4 days ago

YYAAWWNN!!!! I dozed half way through! I'll just show worry about the points...LOL

Ryan Kolbus   2 days ago

yay im in open hahahha

Bill Vaughn   4 days ago

5th Annual FFFT Point System: Short Blurb

You get 2 points for everyone you beat or tie in your division, counting backwards from 100 for 1st place, 98 for 2nd place, 96 for third, etc, in each individual event you play leading up to the final in Hudson. The Hudson event will be 3 points per slot counting backwards from 150 for 1st, 147 for second, 144 for third, etc. In this 6 event tour, your top 5 point events will count towards your total. Top third of series participants cash in Open, Advanced, and Intermediate divisions.


Jon DeCapua   4 days ago

5th Annual Frozen Fingers Fairway Charity Tour

FFFCT 2015 Locations and Dates: #1 Wingfoot State Park – Suffield, OH – 1/11/15 #2 Sims Park – Euclid, OH – 1/25/15 #3 Clarence Darrow Park – Warren, OH – 2/7/15 #4 Punderson State Park – Newbury, OH – 2/22/15 #5 Lincoln Park – Massillon, OH – 3/7/15 #6 Hudson Springs Park – Hudson, OH – 3/22/15 After donating nearly 10k to charitable causes the past 4 years, this year proceeds will be donated back to NEO disc golf! If you have any i ... more


eric centanni   November 24 at 5:34pm

Frozen Finger Fairway Tour Contacts

Interested parties from the listed courses, please Personal message me your email address for an off line volley.





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James Humphrey   December 10 at 4:09pm

Yes, I'm running a point series but it's a year long series. It started at the Lakeview Open 11-1-2104 and will run through to the Parma Open in October. It will include sanctioned and un-sanctioned events at least once a month. Stay tuned!

James Humphrey   December 10 at 4:12pm

By the way...LOOKING FORWARD TO THE PUNDERSON ADDITION!! Possibly the top course in Ohio!!!!

Sam Beall   December 10 at 8:38pm

I along with Tiger Town DGC look forward to hosting the Massillon portion at Lincoln Park (Oak Ledges)

eric centanni   November 10 at 12:10pm

Frozen Finger Fairway Tour 2015

All interested parties that are willing to host an event during this winters FFFT. Post to this thread. Planning will begin very soon. All previous events will have priority.

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Jon DeCapua   November 12 at 10:17am

i reached out to a buddy in Massillion, trying to get that course on the list this year. Also i hope the portage guys will run one.

katie meloy   November 19 at 11:35am

Is anyone in Medina willing to help out?

Jay Kovach   November 24 at 8:12am

Dragon ass people....

PK Deaner   October 20 at 9:29pm

2014 NEO Point Series Results

OPEN : 1. Mike Gastin 2. Tyler Horne 3. Brian Marcinkowski OPEN WOMEN: 1. Mel 2. Lori Merriman 3. Maria Montano ADVANCED : 1. Ben Bramwell 2. Greg Garrett 3. PK Deaner ADVANCED MASTER : 1. Spiggy 2. Don Bates 3. Derek Bonner ADVANCED GRANDMAST ... more

Larry Bright Jr.   October 2 at 3:43pm

is there a payout included in this points series?

PK Deaner   October 20 at 9:34pm

No payout just Trophy for top 3 in each division

Larry Bright Jr.   October 20 at 11:12pm


Bill Vaughn   September 2 at 7:14pm


You'll need a Yahoo account in general, and specifically for this league you need a pdga number and NE Ohio address unless we need to fill a spot late! $25 to join, with proceeds going to help the NEO DGAlliance. Over $15 of each entry fee to payouts, then less than $10 ea goes to NEODGA after expenses- which should only be a Stanley Cup style trophy that I can think of. Here's the link: Send me a message for alternativ ... more

Josh Cleveland   September 2 at 9:42pm

Is it to late to get in?

eric centanni   June 20 at 7:07am

TV Crew at Hudson Springs this coming week

We will have a Camera Crew out on the course with us at ** SCRAMBLE ON TUESDAY 6-24-14 **shooting for a segment that will air on local broadcast and be posted on all official Hudson websites. They will also be out on ** SATURDAY 6-28-14 FOR A LARGE WORKDAY ** that will also be a part of the segment. They want to show the game and all of the volunteer motivation behind it. HELP US MAKE A GOOD SHOW... COME ON OUT FOR SCRAMBLE ON TUESDAY AND WORKDAY ON SATURDAY 6-28-14. The Saturday 6-2 ... more

Nick Bacon   June 23 at 12:57pm

out of curiosity what tv crew is it

eric centanni   June 26 at 10:05pm

random lady... it should be cool though.