Disc Golf Live #51 pt 1 / Worlds 2012 Sr. Grandmasters and Tali Open

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This episode starts with action among the professional senior grandmaster men at last summer's PDGA World Championships in Charlotte, NC. That's a group of players 60 years of age and older. The scene then shifts to Helsinki, Finland, for a bit of the 2012 Tali Open. Tune into part 2 of the episode as the action returns to Charlotte for coverage of the grandmaster division. That's guys over fifty, for those who don't speak PDGA.

Leading the charge at Sugaw Creek in Sr. Grands is Dr. Rick Voakes, challenged throughout by Alan Beaver, Randy Beers, and Glenn Henry. Former World Champions are all over the place among the grandmaster division and we see several before following the lead foursome of Joe Mela, Kenny Lee, Jay Gobrecht, and Gregg Hosfeld around the Scrapyard at Idlewild. Our early week coverage of both divisions is rounded out by final nine footage.
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